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How many online spin-offs airing along with the show Medium msd85• 3
• 4
• 5
• 6
Each episode titled started with what two word phrase Easy msd85• Chuck Battles
• Chuck Versus
• Chuck And
• Chuck Goes
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 91
• 92
• 93
• 94
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 3
• 4
• 5
• 6
In what year did the show air its final episode Medium msd85• 2010
• 2011
• 2012
• 2013
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2005
• 2006
• 2007
• 2008
On what broadcast network did the show air Easy msd85• ABC
By what nickname is Chuck's car known Medium tvlover2008• The Geekster
• The Herder
• The Nerder
• The Geeker
What kind of car does Casey drive Medium tvlover2008• Ford Crown Victoria
• Chevy Caprice
• Dodge Charger
• Chevy Impala
Who designed Chuck's watch Medium tvlover2008• Cole Barker
• Roan Montgomery
• Laszlo Manhovski
• Tyler Martin
What is the code name for the underground base facility under the Orange-Orange Medium tvlover2008• Tunnel
• Mansion
• Castle
• Moat
Who created the game Missile Command Hard tvlover2008• Goya
• Manhovski
• Zarnow
• Morimoto
Which agency did Sasha Banicheck work for Medium tvlover2008• NKVD
Who was Chuck assigned to shadow as part of his final spy exam Medium tvlover2008• Anatoly
• Cole
• Casey
• Roan
What is Chuck's father's code name Medium tvlover2008• Otto
• Orion
• Cobra
• Zebra
What is the Ring's version of the Intersect called Medium tvlover2008• Intersect 2.0
• Cipher
• Ring
• Decrypter
Who is the DEA agent who slept with Morgan Medium tvlover2008• Sasha Banicheck
• Alexandra Forrest
• Carina Miller
• Kathleen McHugh
Where does Lou Palone work Medium tvlover2008• Lou's Diner
• Lou's Drive-In
• Lou's Deli
• Lou's Cafe
What is the acronym for the French secret service Hard tvlover2008• DSGE
Who is the CIA agent sent to evaluate Sarah's performance Medium tvlover2008• Ilsa Trinchina
• Alexandra Forrest
• Carina Miller
• Sasha Banicheck
What is the name of Otto von Vogel's bengal tiger Hard tvlover2008• Sasha
• Sandy
• Shelly
• Sadie
What is Sasha Banicheck's nickname Hard tvlover2008• The Black Widow
• The Black Spider
• The Black Serpent
• The Black Cat
How much is the Nadan-I-Noor diamond worth Hard tvlover2008• 22 million
• 24 million
• 28 million
• 26 million
Who is known as the Icelandic Archer Hard tvlover2008• Cole Barker
• Alejandro Goya
• Magnus Einerson
• Roan Montgomery
By what term are spies and intelligence assets not identified as part of the ring or Fulcrum reffered to Medium tvlover2008• AWOL
• Rogue
• Scamp
• Scoundrel
By what nickname did Ilsa Trinchina refer to Casey Medium tvlover2008• Sugar Bee
• Sugar Bear
• Sugar Buns
• Sugar Bean
Who portrayed Heather Chandler, Sarah's high school nemesis Medium tvlover2008• Nicole Richie
• Paris Hilton
• Kim Kardashian
• Kate Winslett
Where does Chuck hide Ellie's engagement ring Medium tvlover2008• In his jacket
• In his locker
• In his lunch box
• In his pants
Who is the leader of the Ring Medium tvlover2008• The Owner
• The Boss
• The Director
• The Producer
What products do Jeff and Lester specialize in Medium tvlover2008• Windows
• Apple
What rank is Diane Beckman Medium tvlover2008• General
• Lt. Colonel
• Brigadier General
• Colonel
Who is Sarah's father Medium tvlover2008• Jack Burton
• John Burton
• Jeff Burton
• Josh Burton
What game did Jeff Barnes become world champion of in 1983 Medium tvlover2008• Spy Hunter
• Missle Command
• Dragon's Lair
• Pole Position
What is the name of the neural supercomputer containing all of the government's secrets Easy tvlover2008• Cipher
• Intersect
• Centersect
• Jipher
Which retail electronics chain employs Chuck and Morgan Easy tvlover2008• FYE
• Best Buy
• Circuit City
• Buy More
Which character was Chuck's college girlfriend Medium tvlover2008• Lou Palone
• Jill Roberts
• Heather Chandler
• Carina Miller
From which high school did Sarah graduate Hard tvlover2008• George Washington High
• Thomas Jefferson High
• James Buchanan High
• John Adams High
Which fraternity did Chuck belong to Hard tvlover2008• Gamma Delta Phi
• Gamma Phi Delta
• Alpha Delta Phi
• Alpha Phi Delta
In Season 1 Episode 6, What Halloween costume do Chuck and Morgan wear Medium tvlover2008• Sandworm
• Dragon
• Horse
• Mule
What is Chuck's middle name Medium tvlover2008• Isaac
• Ivan
• Ian
• Irving
What is the name of Chuck's alter ego Medium tvlover2008• Chuck Carmichael
• Charles Bartowski
• Charles Carmichael
• Chuck Bartowski
In Season 1 Episode 1, Chuck has a poster of which Alfred Hitchcock movie hanging in his room Medium tvlover2008• Psycho
• North by Northwest
• The Birds
• Dial M for Murder
Who is Chuck's best friend Easy tvlover2008• Lester
• Morgan
• Jeff
• Cole
Who sent Chuck the Intersect Easy tvlover2008• Bryce Larkin
• Cole Barker
• Jack Burton
• Roan Montgomery
John Casey works for which governement agency Easy tvlover2008• NCIS
What is the codename of the of the hostile espionage organization that is trying to obtain the Intersect Medium tvlover2008• FULCROM
• Rogue
• Ring
What is Devon's nickname Easy tvlover2008• Captain Awesome
• Captain Cool
• Captain Able
• Captain Agile
What is the name of Jeff and Lester's band Medium tvlover2008• Lester!
• Jeffster!
• Jester!
• Leffster!
Chuck was expelled from which ivy league university Medium tvlover2008• Yale
• Harvard
• Stanford
Where did Ellie and Devon attend medical school Medium tvlover2008• MIT
What is Chuck's footwear of choice Medium tvlover2008• Nike Air Jordan's
• Converse Chuck Taylor All Star's
• Addidas
• Doc Martin's
What is Sarah's middle name Medium tvlover2008• Lisa
• Lilia
• Lilly
• Lea
What is John Casey's rank Medium tvlover2008• Major
• General
• Captain
• Colonel
Sarah Walker works for which government agency Easy tvlover2008• NSA
Chuck works as a computer expert in which department at a consumer electronics chain Easy tvlover2008• The Geek Squad
• The Nerd Herd
• The Nerd Squad
• The Geek Herd
What is the title of the theme song Medium tvlover2008• Long Skirt / Short Jacket
• Short Skirt / Long Jacket
• Short Jacket / Long Skirt
• Long Jacket / Short Skirt
Who performs the theme song Medium tvlover2008• Cake
• Bare Naked Ladies
• Train
• Tea
The phrase ending season 2, "Guys, I know kungfu." is taken from popular movie series _____. Easy Anonymous• The Hendrix
• The Beatrix
• The Matrix
• The Dominatrix
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 2007
Ended: January 27, 2012
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