Series 9

216 :09x01 - Series 9, Day 1

Brendan waits for a new set of passengers to join the in Blackheath, London. They soon get to know each other better as they are given an Essex style makeover including fake tan, vajazzling and fish pedicures. At the end of the day they have to take part in the first vote of the series.

217 :09x02 - Series 9, Day 2

The coach makes it's to Amsterdam and with tension still rising following the first vote, Brendan attempts to improve the mood with a spot of flower arranging. After the lunch the group takes to the slopes.

218 :09x03 - Series 9, Day 3

Some of the passengers are suffering with hungovers following last night's pole dancing antics. The coach makes its way to Utrecht and, after a quick lesson in the art of flirting, the group have to use their best chat up lines on some locals. There is more friction in today's vote.

219 :09x04 - Series 9, Day 4

The coach amakes its way into Germany and the town of Essen where the group attempt to make some traditional local bread. After lunch the group go indoor sky diving where a new couple join the group.

220 :09x05 - Series 9, Day 5

The coach makes its way to Koblenz where an art instillation tour isn't popular with everyone. After lunch the group are given fa cheerleading lesson. Today's vote is ruthless.

221 :09x06 - Series 9, Day 6

The coach makes its way to Mannheim in Germany. The passenges battle it out in to see who can handle the hottest curry sauce as a local sausage factory. After lunch they take part in a game of baseball. There is a tiebreak in today's vote.

222 :09x07 - Series 9, Day 7

The coach makes its way to Stuttgart. The passengers take part in a spot of beer tasting. After lunch there's a boat race down the river Neckar. There is more friction in today's vote.

223 :09x08 - Series 9, Day 8

The coach makes its way to the town of Friedrichshafen and a new couple join the group. The passengers take part in a Segway race. After lunch another new couple joins the group and get the cold shoulder from the tourists during an afternoon trip to the Zeppelin museum.

224 :09x09 - Series 9, Day 9

The coach crosses the border as it enters Austria, heading for the town of Innsbruck. The passengers are given a lesson in the ancient art of Tai Chi. They later have to take part in a Bungee Jump. There is a surprise in today's vote.

225 :09x10 - Series 9, Day 10

The coach makes it's way to the Italian town of Val Gardena where the passengers are given a wood carving lesson from a flirty Italian. After lunch they go lama racing.

226 :09x11 - Series 9, Day 11

There ends up being plenty of tears, tantrums and shock exits in the Italian holiday town of Lake Garda.

227 :09x12 - Series 9, Day 12

The coach makes it's way to Padua, where the passengers are in for a morning full of biblical history and they later paint frescoes. They then get the chance to spend some time at a local spa.

228 :09x13 - Series 9, Day 13

The coach amkes its way to Treviso in northern Italy. The passengers make some rabbit pasta and later play a round of golf where some are more interested in driving the golf buggies. They then catch a ferry to Venice.

229 :09x14 - Series 9, Day 14

The passengers spend some time sailing on the Adriatic and then take part in a limbo dancing competition. After lunch, Brendan becomes judge as the passengers become the ship's cabaret act.

230 :09x15 - Series 9, Day 15

The coach arrives in Greece where a a divided group are olive picking and after lunch not even the beach can bring a smile to some of their faces.

231 :09x16 - Series 9, Day 16

The coach makes its way to the Greek town of Arta where the passengers spend the morning fishing, before they take part in a dance class. There is friction in today's vote.

232 :09x17 - Series 9, Day 17

The coach makes its way to the ancient theatre of Dodoni where the passengers perform their own Greek tragedy. They later take part in a goat milking competition.

233 :09x18 - Series 9, Day 18

The coach makes its way to Ioannina. The paseengers take part in a rafting trip, but there is a nasty surprise waiting for them after they return. After lunch Brendan introduces a new couple at a jewellery workshop. There is a big shock in today's vote.

234 :09x19 - Series 9, Day 19

A new couple joins the coach as it makes its way to the Greek town of Grevena. The group go truffle hunting, followed by a peaceful afternoon painting in a church yard.

235 :09x20 - Series 9, Day 20

Following a trip across Greece the coach arrives in Thessaloniki on the shores of the Aegean Sea. A new couple join the group before they take part in a snorkel race, After lunch the group make cocktails. Emotions reach new heights as one couple leaves the coach following today's vote.

236 :09x21 - Series 9, Day 21

The coach makes it's way to Kavadarci where the passengers enjoy a traditional Bulgarian dance lesson. Things end up getting messy though sfter they take off their shoes for some grape squashing. There is another elimination in today's vote.

237 :09x22 - Series 9, Day 22

The coach makes it's way to in Skopje where the passengers spend a spiritual morning at Mother Teresa's birthplace. After lunch they are given a language lesson and kite-flying session.

238 :09x23 - Series 9, Day 23

The coach crosses the Bulgarian border and makes it's way to the town of Kyustendil. The passengers aren't impressed by the local baths, but everyone gets their hands dirty after lunch making clay sculptures. There is more friction in today's vote.

239 :09x24 - Series 9, Day 24

The coach makes it's way to the Bulgain capital of Sofia where the pasngers become zoo keepers for the day. A new couple also joins the coach.

240 :09x25 - Series 9, Day 25

The caoch makes it's way to is in Plovdiv in Bulgaria where Brendan has planned a day of gymnastics and rowing for the passengers.

241 :09x26 - Series 9, Day 26

The coach makes it's way to the ancient Bulgarian city of Haskovo, where a famous chef creates the group a meal that they find hard to stomach. They later go go-karting, and one of the new arrivals ends up being targeted in the vote today.

242 :09x27 - Series 9, Day 27

The coach makes it's way to the Turkish city of Edirne. The group enjoy a lesson in the craft of soap moulding, and are later left battered and bruised after visit to some local baths. There is friction in today's vote.

243 :09x28 - Series 9, Day 28

The coach makes it's way to Silivri, where the passengers make a really bad attempt at belly dancing. They later oil themselves up for some traditional Turkish wrestling. The group take part in the final vote of the series.

244 :09x29 - Series 9, Day 29

The coach arrives in the city of Istanbul on the final day of the trip. The group take a look around one of the city's most impressive spice markets, and fulfil their dreams of swimming with dolphins.

245 :09x30 - Series 9, Day 30

Brendan takes a look back at some of his favourite moments from the trip as the coach returns home.
Classification: Reality
Genre: Travel
Status: Returning Series
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 05:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 07, 2005
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