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Cold Case Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Look Again

First aired: Sep/28/2003
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Tim Choate (Charlie), Bree Turner (Ellen Pearsons), Charles Duckworth (Isaac), Sherman Howard (Tim Dorn), Kip Martin (Todd Whitley (1976)), Becki Newton (Melanie Whitley (1976)), Lisa Waltz (Melanie Whitley), Lillian Hurst (Bonita Rafael), D.W. Moffett (Todd Whitley), Elizabeth Franz (Evelyn Shelby), Finn Wittrock (Eric Whitley (1976)), Diana Burbano (Bonita Rafael (1976)), Mo (Burke Kelvin), Michael Reilly Burke (Eric Whitley), Kate Mara (Jill Shelby), Robert Walters (Young Charlie), Croix Lazzara (Brayson)

Lilly Rush investigates a 1976 case involving a teenage girl that was beaten to death on a tennis court during a party at a well known estate.

2 :01x02 - Gleen

First aired: Oct/05/2003
Writer: Jan Oxenberg
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: DeLane Matthews (Lorraine), Brian D. Johnson (Rob Deamer (1983)), Dorian Lopinto (Pauline), Brett Cullen (Rob Deamer), Julia Vera (Maria Sanchez), Mark Bernier (Albert Miller), Jerry O'Donnell (Frank Lawson), Doug Spinuzza (Lab Tech Louis Amante), Nadia Axakowsky (Adrian Martin), Madeline Carroll (Gwen Deemer (1983)), Bianca E. Conchas (Maria Sanchez (1983)), Jamie Brown (Gwen Deamer), Jack Galle (Frank Lawson (1983)), Sara Arrington (Dana Deamer)

Lilly is asked by the fiance of a fireman to help prove that a convicted felon, who is about to be paroled on an unrelated crime, is the murderer of the fireman's first wife.

3 :01x03 - Our Boy Is Back

First aired: Oct/12/2003
Writer: Stacy Kravetz
Director: Bryan Spicer
Guest star: Jenni Blong (Nicole), Bree Turner (Ellen), Brooke Bloom (Tania), Christopher Shea (Larry), Greg Zola (Bruce), Gwendolyn Whiteside (Gail Chimayo), Sara Rosenberg (Bridget), Joy Hooper (Anna Berlin), Brooke Swift (Caitlin Young), Joel Bissonnette (Carl)

A serial rapist is back in Philadelphia and sends a letter to the squad announcing his return after five years and that he plans to strike again.

4 :01x04 - Churchgoing People

First aired: Oct/19/2003
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Daisy McCrackin (Tina Bayes), Isabella Hofmann (Caroline Bayes), Douglas Smith (Ryan Bayes (1990)), Kerrie Keane (Judy Enright), Kevin McCorkle (Det. Gil Sherman), John Walcutt (Mitchell Bayes), Jimmi Simpson (Ryan Bayes), Todd Berry (Tom Walsh), Liz Davies (Delores), Aimee Teegarden (Tina Bayes (1990)), Kelli Dawn Hancock (Ashley), David Forsythe (Officer Silvan), Tisha Frazier (Dani), Danny Oberbeck (Jeff)

An investigation gets re-opened after a woman with Alzheimer's begins having flashbacks of her murdered husband's death. Lilly's investigation gets harder when both Mitchell's son and daughter start demanding that she close the search for good.

5 :01x05 - The Runner

First aired: Oct/26/2003
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: David Straiton
Guest star: Rif Hutton (Mason Tucker/Runner), Aldis Hodge (Mason Tucker/Runner (1973)), Cory Hardrict (Joe Washington), Matt Bushell (Butch Rinaldi (1973)), Marlene Warfield (Samuela Robbins), Cheselka Leigh (Jessica), Dee Freeman (Samantha (Sammy) Robbins), Barbara Eve Harris (Diane Washington), C.J. Jones (Junkie), Sheila Jerome (Diane Washington (1973)), Steve Ryan (Butch Rinaldi), Tianna Danielle Kenney (Samantha (Sammy) Robbins (1973)), Ophelia Turner (Gloria Munez), William Stanford Davis (DeAnte), Ryun Yu (Ray Leung)

Lilly reopens a 1973 murder case after a drug addict brings in an audio tape that she found that had a fatal shooting recorded on it.

6 :01x06 - Love Conquers Al

First aired: Nov/09/2003
Writer: Kim Newton
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Guest star: Summer Glau (Paige Pratt), Charles Duckworth (Isaac), James DuMont (Will Harrell), Kevin McCorkle (Det. Gil Sherman), Saxon Trainor (Jane), Vincent Ventresca (Dr. Bennett Cahill), Jeanette O'Connor (April), Lacey Beeman (Jane (1981)), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Jessica Burrows (Woman/Blair), Dylan Cope (Al Clarkson (1981)), Doug Kruse (Al Clarkson), Ben Lang (Will Harrell (1981)), Howard Halcomb (Bennett Cahill (1981)), Isabelle Dahlin (Heidi Busch), Tim De Zarn (Ricky Stockvis)

Lily reviews the case of a man who has been falsely imprisoned for the murder of his then girlfriend a, high school track star.

7 :01x07 - A Time to Hate

First aired: Nov/16/2003
Writer: Jan Oxenberg
Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest star: Kathleen Lloyd (Deborah (2003)), Lisa Long (Helen Holtz (1964)), Michael Potter (Kenny O'Brien (2003)), Patrick Gallo (Anthony), Bruce McGregor (Clyde), Chelcie Ross (Henry (Hank) Phillips (2003)), Bill Henderson (George Polk/Tinkerbell (2003)), Barbara Tarbuck (Helen Holtz (2003)), Mimi Savage (Shelly), James Michael White (Howard Holtz (1964)), Brandon Routh (Henry (Hank) Phillips (1964)), Mark Nordike (George Polk/Tinkerbell (1964)), Melissa Yvonne Lewis (Deborah (1964)), Paul Vincent O'Connor (James Nelson (2003)), Caleb Moody (Kenny O'Brien (1964)), Carlo Michael Mancini (Anthony (2003)), Patrick MacManus (Daniel Holtz), Jack Guzman (Bartender), Alicia Ziegler (Coed #1), Sean Neff (Teammate), Willam Belli (Drag Performer #1), Kelly Mantle (Drag Performer #2)

A 1963 case about a young gay baseball player is reopened when his mother comes to town.

8 :01x08 - Fly Away

First aired: Nov/30/2003
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Beata Pozniak (Tammy), Laura Regan (Rosie Miles), Svetlana Efremova (Landlord), Christian Meoli (Angel Rivera), Meera Simhan (Dr. Anita Khosla), Victor Togunde (Philip Williams), Kathleen Gati (Irene), Aynsley Lemon (Toya Miles), Chris Fogleman (Tom Sterling), K.J. Penthouse (McLean Wyowski), Don McManus (Josh Freely)

The case of a young woman who was thrown from a second story window. Putting her in a coma and killing her daughter is reopened.

9 :01x09 - Sherry Darlin'

First aired: Dec/07/2003
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Rachel Talalay
Guest star: Silas Weir Mitchell (James Hogan), Merritt Hicks (Sherry Stephens (1989)), Lois Hall (Krystal Hogan), Brent Huff (Lonnie Gable/Hogan), J.P. Pitoc (Brad Meyer), Steve Seagren (Tommy Burke), Linda Castro (Joan), Jake Bern (James Hogan (1989)), Christina Cox (Sherry Stephens), Sarah Buehler (Dana Meyer)

Lily gets a cryptic call from a man claiming to have murdered his grandmother in 1989. This call starts a chain of events that leaves Lily in a very dangerous position.

10 :01x10 - The Hitchhiker

First aired: Dec/21/2003
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Marita Grabiak
Guest star: Fredric Lehne (Sam Royal), Victor Z. Isaac (Blaine (1993)), Joel Anderson (Robert Mills), Marco Rodriguez (Manny Fernandez), Suanne Spoke (Katie (2003)), Betty A. Bridges (Dorothy), Rafael J. Noble (Bob), Franklin Dennis Jones (Examiner), Nathan Baesel (Blaine (1997/2003)), Brianna Osborne (Katie (1994)), Chris Beckwith (Matt Mills (1997)), Garrett Strommen (Matt Mills (1994)), Pat Destro (Beth Mills), Sagi Jessie Degon (Joey Taggy), Rhino Michaels (Henry Floyd), Trish Coren (Fay Mills), Arthur Darbinyan (Ivan Medvedenko)

The case of a teenager who was shot while hitchhiking from Atlanta to Philadelphia.

11 :01x11 - Hubris

First aired: Jan/11/2004
Writer: Kim Newton, Stacy Kravetz
Director: Agnieszka Holland, Agnieszka Holland
Guest star: E.J. Callahan (Archie), Robert LaSardo (Jesus Torres), Larry Brandenburg (Mike Rickter), Tressa Pope (Gretta), Lisa Dean Ryan (Barbara Carise), Blake Shields (Barry Tepler), Elizabeth Greer (Monique), Kaitlin Doubleday (Holly Rickter), Mary Kathleen Gordon (Susan Rickter), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Jeffrey Nordling (Roy Minard), Stacy Arnell (Trish)

A professor who's career ended in disgrace asks Lily to reopen the case that lead to his downfall.

12 :01x12 - Glued

First aired: Jan/18/2004
Writer: Tyler Bensinger, Peter Markel
Guest star: Chelsea Field (Nicole Barnes (2003)), Ray Campbell (Latrell Richmond (2003)), Ridge Canipe (Tim Barnes (1980)), Jordan Wood (Tina Barnes), Todd Waring (Sean Murphy (2003)), Michael McGrady (Greg Barnes (2003)), Eden Rountree (Nicole Barnes (1980)), Emily Yancy (Wilma Johnson (2003)), Marc McClure (Father Declan (1980)), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Jason Alan Smith (Sean Murphy (1980)), Jhaton Robinson (Lisa Johnson (1980)), Nicholas Mitchell (Kid), John Lawlor (Father Declan (2003)), Candace Edwards (Candice Russell), Anne Thomas (Wilma Johnson (1980)), Jordan Wooden (Tina Barnes (1980)), Terry Wilkerson (Junkie), Sean Carrigan (Greg Barnes (1980)), Trent Cameron (Latrell Richmond (1980)), Asa Bernstine (Michael Russell), Sonia Jackson (Brenda), Anthony John Crane (Young Stillman (1980))

Lily and Scotty look into the 1980 case of an eight year old boy found dead in an alley snow drift.

13 :01x13 - The Letter

First aired: Jan/25/2004
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Tim Hunter
Guest star: Thomas Knickerbocker (Clive), Lillian Lehman (Blanche Debbins (2004)), Geoffrey Lewis (Nathan (Jonesy) Jones (2004)), Sven Holmberg (???), Adam Weiner (Nathan (Jonesy) Jones (1939)), Ryan Francis (???), Grant Garrison (???), Dan Desmond (Barnsley), Lou Beatty, Jr. (Manross Delaney (2004)), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Leslie Silva (Sarah Tucker), Shacolby Randell (Manross Delaney (1939)), Zoe Cotton (Arletta Marion (2004)), Keke Palmer (Arletta Marion (1939)), Nadine Ellis (Blanche Debbins (1939)), Meta Golding (Sadie Douglas (1939)), Dennis W. Hall (Clerk), Matt C. Rochester (Woman #3), Ryan Alosio (Pierce McClintock), Anne Marie Howard (Jennifer Reilly)

The case of a 1935 black woman who was murdered and assumed to be a prostitute is reopened at the behest of the granddaughter she never new.

14 :01x14 - Boy in the Box

First aired: Feb/15/2004
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Karen Gaviola
Guest star: Bruce Gray (Dr. Thayer (2003)), Jason Frasca (Young Man (1958)), Autumn Reeser (Sister Grace (1958)), Lyndon Smith (Arnold (1958)), Charles Noland (Walter (2003)), Andrew Heald (Roger/"Cowboy" (1958)), Molly Cheek (Gretchen (2003)), Samantha Eggar (Sister Vivian (2003)), Jacqueline Scott (Sally Bower (2003)), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Delaney Williams (Fred Baker (1958)), Ryan Tasz (Clayton Weathers (1958)), Brent Schraff (Dr. Thayer (1958)), Gathering Marbet (Young Woman (1958)), Dave Michael Beaudrie (Walter (1958)), Johanna Watts (Sister Vivian (1958)), Blaire Restaneo (Gretchen (1958)), Justin Roney ("Indian" (1958)), Garrett M. Brown (Roger (2003))

Lilly and Scotty reopen the 1958 case of an orphan found dead in a field. While investigating a strange connection between the boy and the nuns who cared for him is discovered.

15 :01x15 - Disco Inferno

First aired: Feb/22/2004
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Michael Fairman (David Rosen (2004)), Robin Riker (Doreen Denova (2004)), Nichole Hiltz (Doreen Denova (1978)), Lorna Raver (Myra Rosen (2004)), Robert Cicchini (Paul Chaney (2004)), Amanda Wyss (Sonya (2004)), Robert Maffia (David Rosen (1978)), Conor Dubin (Benny Rosen), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Johnny Palermo (Ken Mazzacone (1978)), Ameenah Kaplan (Leticia Castillo), Mala Wright (Market Shopper), Joey Diaz (Ken Mazzacone (2004)), Justin Meloni (Paul Chaney (1978)), Ciara Hughes (Sonya (1978)), Rick Foster (Mark Rigley)

A young man thought to have died in a disco fire is reopened after evidence suggest the man was shot before burning.

16 :01x16 - Volunteers

First aired: Mar/07/2004
Writer: Jan Oxenberg
Director: Allison Anders
Guest star: Michael Harney (Charlie Rinzler (2004)), Karen Austin (Terri Maxwell (2004)), Chris Sarandon (Adam Clarke (2004)), Maggie Grace (Renee (1969)), Elayn Taylor (Colette Ferguson (2004)), Riley Schmidt (Adam Clarke (1969)), Mary Joan Negro (Renee (2004)), Trever O'Brien (Charlie Rinzler (1969)), Garland Whitt (Gerard Gary (1969)), Katee Sackhoff (Terri Maxwell (1969)), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Scott Caudill (Eliot Karp), Danny LaCava (Jason), Amber Benson (Julia Hoffman (1969)), Jocko Sims (Lionel Royce (1969)), Terrence Flack (Lionel Royce (2004)), Milauna Jackson (Colette Ferguson (1969)), Jim Gleason (Dr. Leo Linden (1969)), Watson Watring (Dr. Leo Linden (2004)), Doug Spinuzza (Lab Tech Louis Amante), Jason L. Miller (Jonny)

When the skeletal remains of a couple are discovered under the foundation of an old building. The case progression leads Lily to believe the two may have been professionally killed.

17 :01x17 - The Lost Soul of Herman Lester

First aired: Mar/14/2004
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Tim Matheson
Guest star: Tommy Hinkley (Billy Berkenpass Sr. (1987)), Mehcad Brooks (Herman Lester), Sam Scarber (Big Ed Brown (2004)), Charles Hoyes (Bobby Lein (2004)), Ray Clay (Announcer (voiceover)), Kyausha Simpson (Tanya Williams (1987)), Shawn Woods (Big Ed Brown (1987)), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Tyrone Burton (Ray Lester), Rick Kelly (Billy Berkenpass Jr. (2004)), Jamison Haase (Billy Berkenpass Jr. (1987)), James Martin Kelly (Billy Berkenpass Sr. (2004)), Jo D. Christopher Jonz (Freddie (1987/2004)), Monnae Michaell (Tanya Williams (2004)), Mick Orfe (Bobby Lein (1987))

When a prominent high-school basketball player gets a death threat. Lily reopens the case of his father who was murdered after receiving a similar letter.

18 :01x18 - Resolutions

First aired: Mar/28/2004
Writer: Kim Newton
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: John Kapelos (John Butler), Cameron Dye (Mel Davis), Kevin McCorkle (Det. Gil Sherman), Jeff Bowser (Trevor McKai), Stacy Edwards (Susan Cardiff), David Andriole (Gregg Cardiff), Noelle Evans (Jill Davis), Ian Nelson (Gary Cardiff (2004)), Chuck Carter (Attendant), Gage Hanks (Gary Cardiff (1999)), Victor McCay (Russell Brinkley), Leigh Kelly (Tami Franklin), Tom Roach (K-9 Handler)

A drunk driver's hit-and-run confession leads the detectives to discover that foul play may have killed the victim.

19 :01x19 - Late Returns

First aired: Apr/04/2004
Writer: Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie
Director: David Straiton
Guest star: Joel Stoffer (Aaron Dutra (2004)), Jade Carter (David Lake (1992)), Lee Garlington (Carol Prosser), Blake Robbins (David Lake (2004)), Lauren Stamile (Abbey Lake (1992)), James Mathers (Marvin Dobie), Terri Garber (Abbey Lake (2004)), Kathy Christopherson (Beth Reardon (2004)), Hilary Angelo (Beth Reardon (1992)), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Jon Hershfield (Aaron Dutra (1992)), Jim Meskimen (PJ Prosser), Seth T. Walker (Darren Kleeman?), Laura Allen (Vanessa Prosser), Eva Frajko (Reporter)

The 1992 murder of a woman on her way home from the Democratic National Convention. Leads the detectives to a present day Congressman and his sister.

20 :01x20 - Greed

First aired: Apr/18/2004
Writer: Stacy Kravetz
Director: Karen Gaviola
Guest star: J.P. Hubbell (Beau Munger), T.J. Thyne (Kip Krowley ('85), Sam Ball (Randy Price ('85), Martin Grey (Stu Livermore), Patricia McCormack (Mavis Breen), William Bumiller (Charlie Danville), Claudette Roche (Victoria), Mat Hostetler (Beau Munger ('85), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Michael Paré (Randy Price), Barbara Niven (Mavis Breen (1985))

The 1985 case of a wealthy stockbroker is reopened. Originally thought to have died during a car-jacking new evidence suggest otherwise.

21 :01x21 - Maternal Instincts

First aired: Apr/25/2004
Writer: Laurie Arent
Director: Kevin Hooks
Guest star: Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Michael Nouri (Dr. Kyle Silver (1985/2004)), Neal Matarazzo (Jeff Gordon (2004)), Bahni Turpin (Lindsey Dunlay), Jim O'Heir (Ned Ryan (1989/2004)), J. Downing (Leon Kincaid), Heidi Bohay (Sally Frandsen (1987)), Channing Chase (Sally Frandsen (2004)), Debra Sullivan (Mia Gordon (2004)), Stephanie Pearson (Lilly Rush (Age 17)), Elan O'Connor (Mia Gordon (1987)), Tracy Middendorf (Rebecca Morgan/Linda Frandsen), W. Earl Brown (Vic Lake (1985/1987/2004)), Ashton Holmes (Sean Morgan/Bobby Gordon (2004))

The 1989 murder of a woman is reopened when the only witness her son starts to show behavioral problems.

22 :01x22 - The Plan

First aired: May/02/2004
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Guest star: John Mahon (Colonel), Noel Fisher (Jerry Kasher (2004)), Sam Witwer (Sgt. James Creighton), David Zepeda (Company Commander #1), Jason Dohring (Dominic LaSalle (2004)), Alec Medlock (Dominic LaSalle (1999)), Robert Rusler (Nash Cavanaugh), Spencer Daniels (Jerry Kasher (1999)), Nate Parker (RJ Holden (2004)), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Christian Shipley (Boy #7), Jordan Moser (Boy #6), Sean Michael (Boy #1), Tequan Richmond (RJ Holden (1999)), J.R. Villarreal (Boy #2), Derek Kai (Company Commander #2)

An anonymous letter claims that the death of a well known swim coach at a local military school, may not have been the accident it was previously thought.

23 :01x23 - Lover's Lane

First aired: May/23/2004
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Nelson McCormick
Guest star: Larry Joshua (Wayne Larkin (2004)), Luke Eberl (Wayne Larkin (1986)), Ronne Troup (Rita (1986/2004)), Ronald Hunter (Jim Larkin (1986/2004)), Rob Moran (Max Tanner (2004)), Blue Deckert (Sam Tarrance (2004)), Patricia Sill (Wendy), Robin Weigert (Anna Mayes), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Marisol Nichols (Elisa), Carrie Armstrong (Carrie Plummer (2004)), Gavin Black (Shopper (1986)), Amy Halloran (Carrie Plummer (1986)), Anson Scoville (Max Tanner (1986)), Timothy Slaske (Sam Tarrance (1986)), Michael Bierman (Mark Adams (1986)), Mae Whitman (Eve Kendall (1986)), Ben Parillo (Mark Adams (2004))

DNA evidence prompts Lily to reopen the case of a fifteen year old girl when her convicted murderer is exonerated.

24 :02x01 - The Badlands

First aired: Oct/03/2004
Writer: Chris Mundy
Director: Tim Matheson
Guest star: Jesse D. Goins (Frank Johnson), Vicellous Reon Shannon (Joel), Aloma Wright (Della Lincoln), Harold Sylvester (Tom Lincoln), Arjay Smith (Derek Lincoln), Tangi Miller (Nora Lincoln), Dempsey Pappion (Tre Walker), Josh Hopkins (ADA Jason Kite), Indigo (Tyra), Aaron Grady (Teenage Boy), Faruq Tauheed (J.T. Simms), Franklin Ojeda Smith (Old Man), Kinga Philipps (Ann Walters), Dex Elliot Sanders (Jammal), Nathan Corbett (Kid)

Lily is forced to re-investigate her first case a mass murder at a once popular diner.

25 :02x02 - Factory Girls

First aired: Oct/10/2004
Writer: Meredith Stiehm, Stacy Kravetz
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Joseph Campanella (Nelson), Curt Lowens (Richard), Chad Morgan (Alice (1943)), Rance Howard (Buddy (2004)), Stacey Scowley (Martha (1943)), Lukas Behnken (Buddy (1943)), Shirley Knight (Dottie (2004)), Anne Bellamy (Martha (2004)), John Marzilli (Henry (1943)), Lois Smith (Fannie (2004)), Michele Hicks (Fannie (1943)), Jenna Fischer (Dottie (1943)), Myndy Crist (Dana Hunter)

The 1943 case of a factory worker who died under suspicious circumstances is reopened. When a friend of the victim revels a connection between her and an obsessive manager.

26 :02x03 - Daniela

First aired: Oct/17/2004
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Brian Cousins (John (2004)), Cody McMains (John (1979)), Robert Catrini (Pops (1979)), Fritz Greve (Chris (2004)), Terrence Evans (Lester Hughes (2004)), Nina Hodoruk (Kaitlyn), Julanne Chidi Hill (Marquette (1979/2004)), Christopher Allen Nelson (Lester Hughes (1979)), Ryan Templeton (Cassie (1979)), Onahoua Rodriguez (Daniela), Nick D'Agosto (Chris (1979))

The missing persons case of a woman who disappeared in 1978 is reopened when a film of her murder is found.

27 :02x04 - The House

First aired: Oct/24/2004
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Richard Bakalyan (Wendall Floyd (2004)), Chad Lindberg (Johnny), Pat Healy (Warden Wilbur (1965/68)), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Seamus Dever (Hank Dempsey), Blake Clark (Tom Jaden (2004)), Howard Mungo (James Upshaw (2004)), George Gerdes (Warden Wilbur (2004)), Roxanne Hart (Bobbi Olsen (2004)), Gail Bearden (Claudia Valez (2004)), Meeghan Holaway (Claudia Valez (1968)), Matt DeCaro (Lyle Olsen), Travis Clark (Tom Jaden (1965/68)), Fiona Gubelmann (Bobbi Olsen (1967/68)), John Griffin (Wendall Floyd (1967/68)), Ray Stoney (James Upshaw (1967/68))

When bones are found at the excavation site of a former prison. The 1968 case of a prisoner who went missing during Johnny Cash's famous Folsom Prison concert is reopened.

28 :02x05 - Who's Your Daddy

First aired: Oct/31/2004
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Guest star: James Kiriyama-Lem (Arun Prak), Brett Wagner (Construction Worker #1), Akiko Morison (Mei Prak), Joel McKinnon Miller (Brad Atwater), Michelle Krusiec (Kara Dhiet (2004)), Tony Colitti (Mark Millbank), Rodney Holland (Construction Worker #2), Sung Kang (Sen Dhiet), Doan Ly (Channary Dhiet), Orlando Ashley (Dolla Bill Whiting (2004)), Bruce A. Young (Daryl Booker), Bridgette Ho (Kara Dhiet (1991)), Dawn Saucier (Addict)

In 1991 the Cambodian parents of Kara were murdered in cold blood. Kara was 6 years old at the time and always wanted to find out who the killers were. Now that she discovered a priceless armband of her mother's on E-Bay, she begs the detectives to find out who the seller was.

29 :02x06 - The Sleepover

First aired: Nov/07/2004
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Emilio Estevez
Guest star: Abigail Mavity (Rita Baxter (1990)), Daveigh Chase (Ariel Shuman (1990)), Fred Koehler (Neil Beaudry (2004)), Judy Prescott (Kelly Baxter), Nicholas Guest (Jason Beaudry), Ashley Rose Orr (Tiffany O'Connell (1990)), Kevin McCorkle (Det. Gil Sherman), Mary Chris Wall (Holly Beaudry), Emma Bates (Ariel Shuman (2004)), Carly Schroeder (Brandi Beaudry (1990)), Virginia Williams (Brandi Beaudry (2004)), Dawn Stahlak (Tiffany O'Connell (2004)), Chaffee Graham (Neil Beaudry (1990)), John Benjamin Martin (Det. McElroy)

The case of Rita Baxter is reopened when a body having the same secret markings that were on her. Is discovered in a park by local sheriffs.

30 :02x07 - It's Raining Men

First aired: Nov/14/2004
Writer: Jan Oxenberg
Director: Paul Holahan
Guest star: Pete Gardner (Russ (2004)), Cliff Weissman (Vince Parisi (2004)), Michael Kagan (Barney (2004)), Spencer Garrett (Ben Kern (1983)), Sam Vance (Vince Parisi (1983)), Brian Wedlake (Paul Kern (1983)), Randy Mulkey (Carlo (2004)), James Morrison (Carson Finch), Neil Vipond (Ben Kern (2004)), Chad E. Donella (Jeff Kern (1983)), Jay Karnes (Artie Russo (2004)), Gail E. Bianchi (Ellen Kern (1983)), Albie Selznick (Paul Kern (2004)), Paul Parducci (Barney (1983)), Russell Sams (Carlo (1983)), Paul Ganus (Banker (1983)), Scot Davis (Russ (1983)), Erik McDowell (Artie Russo (1983))

The case of a man who was murdered in 1983 is reopened at the behest of his former partner. Upon further investigation it's found that he was an outspoken aids awareness activist and was disowned by his wealthy family because of his sexuality.

31 :02x08 - Red Glare

First aired: Nov/21/2004
Writer: Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie
Director: Tim Matheson
Guest star: Josh Randall (Elliot Garvey (1953)), Bob Papenbrook (Wade Ribble (1953)), David Grant Wright (Mr. Jenkins (1953)), Randy Oglesby (Howard Lang), Johnny Sneed (Harland Sealey (1953)), Dion Anderson (Dean Lang (2004)), Gilbert Glenn Brown (Renaldo Copely (1953)), Ellen Geer (Kay Lang (2004)), Rita Zohar (Reina Kraus (2004)), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Emily Montague (Heather (1953)), Kimberly Quinn (Kay Lang (1953)), Patrick J. Adams (Dean Lang (1953)), Iva Hasperger (Reina Kraus (1953)), Orson Bean (Harland Sealey (2004)), Wyatt Smith (Boy (1953)), Stephanie Patton (Girl (1953)), Bucky Dominick (Norman (1953)), Kendre Berry (Robert (1953)), Patricia Forte (Claire Copely)

The son of a man murdered in 1953 asks for his case to be reopened. It's learned that the victim was in danger due to his supposed membership with the Communist Party of America.

32 :02x09 - Mind Hunters

First aired: Nov/28/2004
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Jamie McShane (Leroy Lambert (1985)), Mike Kimmel (Driver), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Lyne Odums (Thea), Blake Lindsley (Susan Lambert (2002)), John Patrick Hayden (Mark James), Jackie Debatin (DeeDee), Hedy Burress (Janet Lambert), Ted Sutton (Herb), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), John Billingsley (George), Morgan Flynn (Susan Lambert (1985)), George LePorte (Jack (2004)), Jack Stahlmann (Jack (1985)), Amanda Thorp (Tina James)

When a body is found in a wildlife preserve it mirrors a case from 1985. It's then discovered that eight more victims died in the same fashion and that an unknown psychopath may not be the killer.

33 :02x10 - Discretion

First aired: Dec/19/2004
Writer: James Whitmore, Jr.
Director: Henry Robles
Guest star: Anthony Diaz-Perez (Greg Vizcaino), Geoffrey Rivas (Salvador Martin), Kevin McCorkle (Gil Sherman), Phil LaMarr (Kiki Solis), David Shatraw (Harold Mott), Alexandra Barreto (Anna Vizcaino), Tyna Tyler (Hooker), Aris Alvarado (Antonio), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Jeffrey Licon (Ramon)

The 2000 murder of a young Puerto Rican District Attorney is reopened at his widow's request. Scotty takes the lead and must navigate a sea of embezzlement and gay prostitution to find the truth about this community hero.

34 :02x11 - Blank Generation

First aired: Jan/09/2005
Writer: Chris Mundy
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Kate McNeil (Beth Adams (2005)), Susan Savage (Alison Ray (2005)), Franc Ross (Bill Crawford (2005)), Paul Gleason (Stewart Adams (2005)), Jason Matthew Smith (Bill Crawford (1978)), Bruce Wright (Stewart Adams (1978)), Bug Hall (Matthew Adams), Madison Mason (Maurice Wharfield (2005)), Johnny Whitworth (Maurice Wharfield (1978)), David A. Kimball (Nick Logan (2005)), Daniel Kash (Nick Logan (1978)), Katie Walder (Beth Adams (1978)), Polly Cusumano (Alison Ray (1978)), Robin Weigert (Anna Mayes)

The 1978 death of a cult member is re-examined when a new death under similar circumstances occurs. A de-programmer who worked with the 1978 victim is now accused in this recent case. Meanwhile Valens must deal with his own tragedy.

35 :02x12 - Yo, Adrian

First aired: Jan/16/2005
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Bill Dearth (Buck Lowman (05'), Danielle Harris (Gina Carroll (76'), Larry Clarke (Father Pat McGuire (76'), Jack Wallace (Sonny Carroll (05'), Dan Martin (Maurice "Mad Mo" Banks (05'), Paul Jenkins (Father Pat McGuire ('05), Mik Scriba (Sonny Carroll (76'), Michael Forest (Frank Shavers (05'), Patrick Roman Miller (Father Peter Gomez), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Annie Burgstede (Wendy (76'), Harrison Page (Tommy Sugar (05'), KeiKabou Holland (Maurice "Mad Mo" Banks (76'), Mark Lawson (Jerry Stone), Elaine Kagan (Gina Carroll (05'), J. David Shanks (Tommy Sugar (76'), Robert Baker (Buck Lowman (76')

A boxing referee makes a death-bed confession that prompts the team to re-open the 1976 case of a boxer who died after a match.

36 :02x13 - Time to Crime

First aired: Jan/30/2005
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Tim Hunter
Guest star: Nick McCallum (Present Eric Morrison), Joyce Guy (Present Jessie Odoms), Alexander Folk ('Uncle Sam' Larson), Kelli Kirkland Powers (Past Jessie Odoms), Thom Gossom, Jr. (Present Mike Odoms), Valeri Ross (Truly Sinclair), Barry Sigismondi (Jason James Sr.), Reggie Currelley (Present Darnell Odoms), Miles Watson (Present Rodney Johnson), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), John Kenton Shull (Jeff Barkin), Patrick Reina (Jason James Jr.), Rosero (Gang Banger), Christian Pikes (Kid #1), Blake Hightower (Kid #2), Sydney Castillo (Onlooker #1), Precious Wright (Kayla Odoms), Michael C. Alexander (Past Mike Odoms), Jake Longs (Past Darnell Odoms), Chris Foreman (Past Rodney Johnson), Campbell Scarborough (Past Eric Morrison), Thomas Hall (Past Witherspoon), John Peakes (Present Witherspoon), Ross Thomas (Pete), Chase Ryan Jeffery (Chip)

When the murder weapon of a little girl shot in a drive-by in 1987 turns up. The crew investigates and finds the motive may have been closer to the child then first thought.

37 :02x14 - Revolution

First aired: Feb/20/2005
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Jordana Spiro (Suzanne ('69), Bradley Snedeker (Terry ('69), Nick Cornish (Warren Cousins ('69), Susan Chuang (Frannie), Sulo Williams (Drummer ('69)), Skip O'Brien (Terry ('05), Michael O'Neill (Warren Cousins ('05), Ray Baker (Brian McCormick ('05), Joshua Harto (Bud ('69), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Harry Johnson (Bud ('05), Colin Bain (Brian McCormick ('69), Sarah Jones (Ellie McCormick), Marilyn McIntyre (Suzanee ('05), Dafidd McCracken (Patt McCormick), Serena Spencer (Anne McCormick)

The case of Ellie McCormick is re-opened after her brother finds enough evidence for a second look.

38 :02x15 - Wishing

First aired: Mar/06/2005
Writer: Karin Lewicki
Director: Emilio Estevez
Guest star: Amy Sloan (Leah ('05), Scout Taylor-Compton (Leah (93'), James MacDonald (Richard McCormick), Gregory Wagrowski (Frank), Jackie Swanson (Sarah Miller), Damien Midkiff (Colin Miller), Ryan Honey (Mac ('05), Charlie Babcock (Josh), Charlie Bodin (Nathan Hicks (93'), Byrce Lenon (Nathan Hicks ('05), Kelley Hazen (Mary), Ryan Carmody (Mac ('93), Dale E. Turner (Orderly)

The death of a mentally disabled child in 1993 is re-opened after drawings depicting his death are found at his grave.

39 :02x16 - Revenge

First aired: Mar/13/2005
Writer: Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Brent Sexton (Ken Bream), Kyle Davis (Bernie Ganz), Audrey Wasilewski (Sandra Riley), Vincent Angell (Rudy Tanner), Clay Wilcox (Eddie Kripke), Melinda Page Hamilton (Janie Stillman), Jesse Head (Archie Tanner (05'), Ty Treadway (Brad Witham), Andrew Michaelson (Archie Tanner (98'), Cayden Boyd (Kyle Bream), Brendan Wayne (Manny Ganz), Michael Shamus Wiles (Father Andrew Stillman)

A priest comes forward with information about the 1998 kidnapping of a young boy reopening the case.

40 :02x17 - Schadenfreude

First aired: Mar/20/2005
Writer: Gina Gionfriddo
Director: Tim Matheson
Guest star: Michael G. Hagerty (Steven (82'), Jay Bontatibus (Mike (82'), Linda Purl (Diane Moore (05'), Michael Bryan French (Steven (05'), Mary Gordon Murray (Kitty (05'), Jenna Von Oÿ (Kitty (82'), Andi Eystad (Melanie), Michael Hagerty (Steven ('82), Andrea Savage (Lindsay), Jenny Eakes (Diane Moore (82'), Brian Kimmet (Timmy (82'), Tahmus Rounds (Timmy (05'), Anthony John Denison (Mike (05')

The 1982 murder of a Philadelphia socialite is reopened when her wedding ring is found at a crime scene.

41 :02x18 - Ravaged

First aired: Mar/27/2005
Writer: Meredith Stiehm, Henry Robles
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Colby French (Seth), Michael B. Silver (Rick), David Monahan (Evan (05'), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Clare Carey (Rose), Googy Gress (John Powell), Sarah Aldrich (Megan), Wendy Davis (Julia Owens), Ryan Carlberg (Evan (95'), Meredith Salenger (Sloane), Steve Sandvoss (Garrett), Aspen Payge (Hayley), Aidan Hart (Ryan), Robert Adamson (Frank)

A former love interest of Nick's prompts the team to reopen the 1995 case of her murdered sister.

42 :02x19 - Strange Fruit

First aired: Apr/03/2005
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Francis Fallon (Worker #2), Dana Davis (Mathilde (1965)), Mimi Cozzens (Judith (2005)), Drew Snyder (Billy Jones (1963)), Ed Bernard (Donald Williams (2005)), Mary Anne McGarry (Linda O'Hara (2005)), Cyndi Martino (Mary Williams), Dallas McKinney (Kid #1), Paul James (Zeke Williams), Melinda Allen (Judith (1963)), Liana Liberato (Charlotte (1963)), Tripp Henningston (Tommy), Sean Blakemore (Clyde (1963)), D.J. Wyatt (Will Jeffries (1963)), Brian Glanney (Worker #1), Cazimir Milostan (Sergeant), Scott Alan Smith (Henry Jones), Chaney Kley (Billy Jones (1963)), Billy Aaron Brown (Donald Williams (1963) (as Billy Brown)), Dee Wallace Stone (Charlotte (2005)), John Wesley (Clyde (2005)), Buffy Charlet (Linda O'Hara (1965))

The 1963 murder of a young man whose corpse was discovered by Jeffries as a child is reopened.

43 :02x20 - Kensington

First aired: Apr/24/2005
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Bill Eagles
Guest star: Chad Allen (Monty Fineman (1985)), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Bradley Stryker (Joe Young (1985)), Jay Acovone (Tom Collison (2005)), Dawn Cody (Mary Young (1985)), John Colton (Bob Johnstone (1985)), Zack Diliberto (Tom Collison (1985)), Jerry Kernion (Ham Dunn (1985)), Whitney Leigh (Female Clerk (1985)), Silas Weir Mitchell (James Hogan), Brett Rickaby (Monty Fineman (2005)), Daniel Roebuck (Butch Beard (2005)), Peter Siragusa (Ham Dunn (2005)), Alex Sol (Butch Beard (1985)), Stacy Solodkin (Patty Dunn (1985)), Patti Tippo (Mary Young (2005)), Daniel Travis (Mark Phillips), Marin Van Vleck (Joan Collison (1985))

When a parolee confesses to stealing money from a murdered factory worker his case is reopened.

44 :02x21 - Creatures of the Night

First aired: May/01/2005
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: James Howell (Edward Anthony), David Chisum (Dennis Hargrove), David Bowe (Larry Papas (1977)), Kat Sawyer-Young (Helen Hargrove (2005)), Jeff Doucette (Larry Papas (2005)), Hillary Danner (Helen Hargrove (1977)), Laura Leigh Hughes (Kelly Witkowski (2005)), Barry Bostwick (Roy Anthony (2005)), Alex Ball (Roy Anthony (1977)), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Jill Andre (Louise (1977)), Christina Cabot (Louise (2005)), Claire Coffee (Kelly Witkowski (1977)), Zack Graham (Mike Cahill (1977)), Daniel Travis (Mark Phillips)

When a serial killer is about to be released from prison the 1977 murder of a man after the premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is reopened.

45 :02x22 - Best Friends

First aired: May/08/2005
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Samantha Streets (Rose Collins (1932)), Piper Laurie (Rose Collins (2005)), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Tessa Thompson (Billie Ducette (1932)), Johnathan Tchaikovsky (Curtis Collins (1932)), Marla Gibbs (Little Georgie (2005)), Tom Bower (Curtis Collins (2005)), Tom Wright (Winsor "Doc Win" Watson (1932)), Linara Washington (Celia Watson), Lakeiya Payne (Little Georgie (1932)), Brad Pennington (Ted (1932)), Shelley Robertson (Lena)

The 1932 case of a young woman who went missing is reopened after a truck with human remains is pulled from the Delaware river.

46 :02x23 - The Woods

First aired: May/22/2005
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Nelson McCormick
Guest star: Nick Price (Young George), Ash Christian (Jacob '72), John Billingsley (George), Chet Grissom (Evan (2005)), Karina Logue (Simone Marks (1972)), Sonya Leslie (Det. Desalle), Vic Polizos (Lee (2005)), Hugh Scott (Lee (1972)), Sal Landi (Jacob (2005)), Christina Cellner (Little Lilly)

The discovery of nine human skulls leads the team to focus their attention back on George Marks. The suspected serial killer who walked out of homicide a free man due to lack of evidence.

47 :03x01 - Family

First aired: Sep/25/2005
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Tahmus Rounds (Timmy), Chuck Hittinger (Jimmy Tate (1988)), Brooke Anne Smith (Claire), Robert Curtis Brown (Jered Wyatt (1988/2005)), Bahni Turpin (Lindsey Dunlay), Alana Austin (Angie Parrington (1988)), Amy Van Horne (Quinn Ellis (2005)), Nathalie Paulding (Quinn Ellis (1988)), Kristin Richardson (Angie Parrington (2005)), Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton), Cheryl White (Nurse Laura (1988/2005)), Vincent Duvall (Coach Johnson (1988/2005))

A girl is contacted by a man claiming to be her father, prompting Detective Lilly Rush to reopen the case of a teenage boy who was killed on the same night the girl was born.

48 :03x02 - The Promise

First aired: Oct/02/2005
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Luke Gannon (Brother Scott), Mark Wallace (Brother Jim), Kristina Sexton (Deidre), Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton), Lisa De Razzo (Shirley), Veena Bidasha (Naya), Guy Wilson (Pledge), Lindsay Hollister (Laurie), James Immekus (Dirk), Joel McCrary (Malcolm), Pat Skipper (Joseph Avery), Nick Wechsler (Manny)

The death of a young woman at a fraternity is reopened when a picture of her appearing to be in distress surfaces.

49 :03x03 - Bad Night

First aired: Oct/09/2005
Writer: Andrea Newman
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton), Alissa Dean (Donna (1978)), Dennis Garber (Alex (1978/2005)), Dave Power (Craig (1978)), Caryn West (Vicky (2005)), Tony Daly (Ian (1978)), Dan Warner (Craig (2005)), Mimi Kennedy (Elena (1978/2005)), Jason Arden (Young Patrolman (1995)), Maria Quiban (TV Anchor), Hillary Tuck (Vicky (1978)), Jonathan Murphy (Angus (1978)), Gareth Williams (Ian (2005)), Jordan Moser (Devon (1978)), Brian Jude Leahy (Older Fireman (1978)), Kyle Reed (Devon (2005))

The 1978 murder case of a man is reopened when a letter suggest his death may not have been connected to a similar crime, as originally thought.

50 :03x04 - Colors

First aired: Oct/16/2005
Writer: Meredith Stiehm, Sean Whitesell
Director: Paris Barclay, Mark Pellington
Guest star: Eric Ladin (Crumbs (1945)), Mitchell W. Fink (Tyler (John) Cage), Don Wallace (Moody Brown (1945)), Kameron Winston-Lucas (Leonard Hughes), Arlen Escarpeta (Clyde Taylor), Cheryl White (Nurse Laura (1988/2005)), Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton), Robert Curtis Brown (Jered Wyatt (1988/2005)), Vincent Duvall (Coach Johnson (1988/2005)), Bahni Turpin (Lindsey Dunlay), Alana Austin (Angie Parrington (1988)), Tahmus Rounds (Timmy), Brooke Anne Smith (Claire), Amy Van Horne (Quinn Ellis (2005)), Beau Billingslea (Willie Dandridge (2005)), Frank Faucette (Willie Dandridge (1945)), Thomas Kopache (Crumbs (2005)), Ron Dean (Troy Cage (2005)), Hunter Allan (Troy Cage (1945)), Dennis Singletary (Satchel Paige), Antonio Todd (Jackie Robinson), Elinor Donahue (Esther Davis (2005)), Christina Hendricks (Esther Davis (1945)), David Ruprecht (Radio Broadcaster)

The 1945 death of a baseball player is reopened when new evidence comes to light.

51 :03x05 - Commited

First aired: Oct/23/2005
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Diane Ladd (Zelda (2005)), Megan E. Whyte (Nurse Olsen (1954)), Lauri Johnson (Nurse Olsen (2005)), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Billoah Greene (Anton (1954)), Charles Robinson (Anton (2005)), Karen Zahler (Annie), Lauren Birkell (Zelda (1954)), Keri Safran (Young Nurse), Rebecca Lowman (Bettie), Robin Weigert (Anna Mayes), Katie Chonacas (Claudia), Natasha Gregson Wagner (Carmen), Jake Johnson (Otis (1954)), Al Pugliese (Otis (2005)), Matt Corboy (Terrence)

An elderly woman is found dead living under the identity of a woman who died in 1954. Upon hearing this news the son of the woman prompts her case to be reopened.

52 :03x06 - Saving Patrick Bubley

First aired: Nov/06/2005
Writer: Karin Lewicki, Tyler Bensinger
Director: James Whitmore, Jr., Marcos Siega
Guest star: Edwin Hodge (Vaughn (18)), Jack Knight (Fulcrum), Mo (Cartier), Jon Huertas (Carlos), Andrea DeOliveira (Letecia), Rigo Sanchez (Jesus), Luis Garcia (Miguel), April Grace (Maeve), C.J. Sanders (Patrick (9)), Andre Jamal Kinney (Patrick), Mañe Andrew (Luther), Ryan Osborne (Quincy (13)), Farley Jackson (Quincy (17)), Phillip Jeanmarie (Cedric), Lorenzo Eduardo (Doughboy), Michael Grant Terry (Penn Student), Athena Angel (Young Girl), Carl Gilliard (Principal Parks), Dabier (Luther (11))

When the fourth of five brothers is killed Lily reopens the case of the first brother's death. She believes the cases are connected and she is trying to save the youngest brother from the same fate.

53 :03x07 - Start-Up

First aired: Nov/13/2005
Writer: Karin Lewicki
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star: Amir Talai (Malvinder (1999/2005)), Mark Adair-Rios (Dante Gutierrez), Sarah Jane Morris (Amy Lind (1999)), Robin Weigert (Anna Mayes), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Geraldine (1999/2005)), Valerie Dillman (Alora Lind), Richard Ian Cox (Clifton Coleman 1999/2005)), Rodney Scott (Scott (1995/2005)), Lori Lively (Nancy), Zach Mills (Taylor)

A diary discovered on a recycled computer leads Lilly to reopen the 1999 death of a healthy young woman from a stress-induced heart attack.

54 :03x08 - Honor

First aired: Nov/20/2005
Writer: Craig Turk
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Sara Van Horn (Lady Neighbor (1972)), John Allsopp (Carl (1972)), Whitney Allen (Janet (1972)), Skyler Gisondo (Ned (1972)), Michael Mantell (Ken Westin (2005)), James Handy (Roger Raitt (2005)), Jeff Campbell (Roger Raitt (1972)), Rachel Quaintance (Ruth (1972)), Larry Dorf (Ken Westin (1972)), John J. Dalesandro (Wes Messina (1972)), Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller), Michael Welch (Daniel (1972)), William R. Moses (Daniel (2005)), Brynn Thayer (Janet (2005)), Christopher Cousins (Ned (2005)), Catheryn J. Brockett (Ice Cream Lady), Christopher Hoffman (POW Eulogist)

A box of POW bracelets found in an abandoned drug house lead Lilly and the team to reopen the 1972 shooting of a Vietnam veteran.

55 :03x09 - A Perfect Day

First aired: Nov/27/2005
Guest star: Megan Follows (Maura), Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller)

When evidence of a 4-year-old girl's death washes up on the New Jersey shore Lilly and the team reopen a 1965 case.

56 :03x10 - Frank's Best

First aired: Dec/18/2005
Writer: Andrea Newman
Director: Michael Schultz
Guest star: Bahni Turpin (Lindsey Dunlay), Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller), Ramon Franco (Ricardo Muñoz), James DiStefano (Frank Dicenzio), James Jordan (Nick 'Stump' Fanelli), Sandra Purpuro (Antonia Difara), Eduardo Yáñez (Felix Darosa), Casey McCarthy (Gabby Weiss), Rene L. Moreno (Paulo Munoz), Tommy Savas (Tommy Dicenzio), Cynthia Frost (Mrs. Clark), Sean Laughlin (Dubitsky), Shannon Welles (Mrs. Edino), Mariano Mendoza (Driver), Frank Traynor (Holiday Shopper (uncredited))

Danny and Lilly reopen the 2001 case revolving around a well liked local deli owner thought beaten to death by his employee.

57 :03x11 - 8 Years

First aired: Jan/08/2006
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Steven J. Oliver (Henry Mack), Laura Johnson (Rita), Lisa Pescia (May (2006)), Shelly Cole (May (1980-88)), David Parker (Petey (2006)), Alona Tal (Sally (1980-88)), Allen Cutler (Clem (1980-88)), Zachery Ty Bryan (Petey (1980-88)), Christine Elise (Sally (2006))

In 1988, a young man is gunned down on a highway after his car is hit from behind and a woman riding with him is wounded. The case was thought to be a routine carjacking until the woman disappeared from the hospital where she was being treated.

58 :03x12 - Detention

First aired: Jan/15/2006
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Jessica Landaw
Guest star: Max Van Ville (Boris Litvak - 1994), Kristen Ariza (Dawn Hill - 2006), Nicole Dalton (Raquel Montero), Meagen Fay (Julie Dawson), Joe O'Connor (Chuck Dawson), Jake Richardson (Trevor Dawson), Shannon Marie Woodward (Raquel Montero - 1994), Michael Weaver (Boris Litvack - 2006), Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller), Evan Arnold (Mr. Monti), Veena Bidasha (Naya), Nicolette Robinson (Dawn Hill - 1994 (as Nikki Robinson)), Wesley Thompson (Mr. Phillip Hill), Marty Lodge (Principal Ellis), Virginia Schneider (Dawn's Teacher)

When a small piece of a note is found, Lilly and the team reopen the 1994 death of a teenager previously classified as a suicide.

59 :03x13 - Debut

First aired: Jan/29/2006
Writer: Kate Purdy, Karin Lewicki
Director: Tim Hunter
Guest star: Elizabeth Hendrickson (Emma (1968)), Ben Murphy (Travis (2006)), Charlie Koznick (Travis (1968)), Priscilla Pointer (Lillian (2006)), Kelly Miller (Lillian (1968)), Tina Morasco (Irene (1968)), Valerie Wildman (Landon (2006)), Julie Mond (Landon (1968)), Tom Virtue (Matthew (1968)), Sarah Shelton (Sloane (2006)), Holly Lynch (Sloane (1968)), Josh Janowicz (Chip (1968)), Warren Sweeney (M.C. (1968)), Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller)

Lillian begs Lilly and the team to search for her daughter's killer when a newspaper story reports on a man pushing his wife down the stairs. The circumstances of that death seem eerily similar to her daughter's, and the same man was her escort to the 1968 debutante ball.

60 :03x14 - Dog Day Afternoons

First aired: Feb/26/2006
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Guest star: Tina Holmes (Roween Ryan), Veronica Cartwright (Mary Ryan), Shana Sosin (Terri Ryan), Eddie Driscoll (JC #1/The Hat/Rick), Jeremy Davidson (JC #2/Julious), Paul Schulze (JC #3/Phil), Kate Levering (Darla Dunaway), George Tasudis (Ivan Fonseca), Brennan Elliott (Ray Williams)

Lilly finds a link from a recent string of bank robberies where the thieves wore Johnny Cash masks that may provide new information on the murder of a young bank teller who was killed during an almost identical robbery in the year 2000. However, Lilly's trail runs cold and now the team must retrace each step of the 2000 case in order to find the killer at large.

61 :03x15 - Sanctuary

First aired: Mar/12/2006
Writer: Steve Sharlet
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Marco Rodriguez (Manny Fernandez (1998/2006)), Lela Loren (Ana (1998)), Gonzalo Menendez (Ramiro (1998-2006)), Benjamin Benitez (Hector (1998/2006)), Marisol Ramirez (Ceci (1998/2006)), Ana Mercedes (Delia (1998)), Alex Fernandez (Father Peralta (1998/2006)), Michael J. Walker (Customs Official)

In 1998, Valens worked undercover on a high-profile drug case that is reopened and now he must face the demons that have been haunting him for the past eight years. Valens got too close to a lady friend that was being used as a drug mule and it might have cost her life. The entire squad is shocked to know that Valens went undercover and had never mentioned it to anyone, which casts an even darker cloud upon him.

62 :03x16 - One Night

First aired: Mar/19/2006
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Nicole Kassell
Guest star: Taylor Handley (Steve Jablonski (1980)), Jolene Hjerleid (Mrs. Jablonski (1980)), Tim Haldeman (Mr. Jablonski (1980)), Zeljko Ivanek (John Doe (2006)), Scott Vickaryous (John Doe (1980)), Tom Wagner (Mr. Jablonski (2006)), Anne Gee Byrd (Mrs. Jablonski (2006)), Shiloh Fernandez (Valentino), Cole Williams (Justin), Rosemary Alexander (Mrs Harding), Hallock Beals (John Doe (1968)), Bill Schoesser (Vagrant)

In the course of one night, the team is pushed to their wit's end trying to crack the code of a killer and rescue a boy left to die at an undisclosed location. In the end, the answer will lie in one man's past and the only way to get there is for Lilly and the team to delve deep into their own.

63 :03x17 - Superstar

First aired: Mar/26/2006
Writer: Craig O'Neill, Jason Tracey
Director: Bill Eagles
Guest star: Alicia Ziegler (Andi (1973)), Jeff Perry (Eric (2006)), Sam Murphy (Eric (1973)), George Coe (Bill (2006)), John Getz (Bill (1973)), Colleen Flynn (Emily (2006)), Haleigh Hurst (Emily (1973)), Pepper Sweeney (Fritz (2006)), Erik Eidem (Fritz (1973)), Mel Harris (Grace (2006)), Bre Blair (Grace (1973)), Virginia Morris (Susan (2006)), Lizzie Peet (Susan (1973)), Nina Siemaszko (Julie Vera), Thomas F. Wilson (Arnold Brown (1973))

Lilly receives new evidence in the 1973 murder of a young female college tennis star. Who beat the college's best male player in a high-profile match that might have cost her her life.

64 :03x18 - Willkommen

First aired: Apr/02/2006
Writer: Andrea Newman
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Adam Pascal (Dennis Hofferman), John Rubinstein (Rafe Gray (2002/2006)), Eric Lange (Lyle (2002/2006)), Laura Bell Bundy (Nora McCarthy (2002/2006)), Dwayne L. Barnes (Clinton (2002/2006)), Judi Barton (Della Morris), Timilee Romolini (Gloria (2002/2006)), Donna Pieroni (Robin), Cameron Covell (Young Boy), Aisha Jamila Francis (Kit Kat Girl), Yvette Tucker (Kit Kat Girl #2), Nancy O'Meara (Kit Kat Girl #3), Gigi Hunter (Kit Kat Girl #4), Rita Maye Bland (Kit Kat Girl #5), Matthew Shaffer (Kit Kat Boy #1), Anthony Marciona (Kit Kat Boy #2), Tyce Diorio (Kit Kat Boy #3)

When a theater owner discovers a .38 slug in a piece of set furniture that is not being used as a prop, Lilly and Jeffries reinvestigate the 2002 case labeled the "Cabaret Murder," which involved the shooting of a local cabaret singer.

In 2002, Dennis Hofferman joined a community theater as a cabaret singer, but on opening night he never made it to the stage to "break a leg." Instead, he was shot to death directly outside the backstage door. His murder was considered one of several shootings and muggings committed by local robbers who were never caught, however, all evidence pointed to someone inside the theater. Most of Dennis' theater friends called it the greed-eyed monster that killed him and now Lilly and Jeffries begin their quest to catch a killer.

65 :03x19 - Beautiful Little Fool

First aired: Apr/09/2006
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Meredith Baxter (Ellen Rush), Greg Travis (Jackie), Allison Miller (Violet (1928/1929)), Nick Spano (Felix Spyczyk (1929)), H. Richard Greene (Daniel Spyczyk), Tommy Dewey (Nick Bartleby (1929)), Emily Kosloski (Carmela Bowens (1929)), Jeff Newburg (Jeb Shiner (1929)), June Lockhart (Caroline Bartleby (2006)), Sammi Hanratty (Caroline Bartleby (1929)), Gena Shaw (Aimee), Cordelia Reynolds (Ginger (1928/1929)), Michael C. McCarthy (Mickey Stein SR/JR), Shelley Robertson (Lena), Betty Murphy (Docent)

When a pregnant woman researching her family history comes across disturbing news that her great grandmother, Violet Polley, was murdered and the case was never solved, Lilly tackles the 1929 case, her oldest to date.

While the team is dealing with massive case backlog, they roll up their sleeves and dust off the few notes from the crime which only reveal that Violet Polley was from the wrong side of the tracks and became pregnant by a man, Nick Bartleby, who was considered royalty. Most, if not all, of the suspects from 1929 are either dead or their memories aren't reliable, however, they find the grandson of Bartleby's driver and discover recorded tapes that might lead her in the direction of the murderer. Meanwhile, Lilly's mother, Ellen (guest star Meredith Baxter), announces her engagement and wants nothing more than her daughter to stand beside her during the ceremony.

66 :03x20 - Death Penalty: Final Appeal

First aired: Apr/16/2006
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Michael Jace (Andre Tibbs (1994/2006)), Dean Norris (Wayne Nelson (1994/2006)), Eddie Bowz (Terry Mike Lange (1994/2006)), Cameron Goodman (Nina Mary Lange (1994)), Michael Cavalieri (Joey Norman (1994)), Thomas Calabro (Ada William Danner), Chihye Chung (Barbie Yen (1994)), Samantha Quan (Barbie Yen (2006)), Stacy Hall (Guard), Weston I. Nathanson (Warden), Landall Goolsby (Clerk), Lori Rom (Faith)

The 1994 rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl is re-investigated after a death-row inmate convicted of the crimes who is scheduled to be executed in three days calls Jeffries claiming that he's innocent. His statement is given weight by the fact that the arresting officer in the case just committed suicide during the course of an Internal Affairs investigation.

67 :03x21 - The Hen House

First aired: Apr/30/2006
Writer: Craig Turk
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: James Greene (Birdie (2006)), Michelle Harrison (Lo Kinney (1945)), Peter Graves (Noah Pool (2006)), Todd Babcock (Noah Pool (1945)), Justin Scot (Birdie (1945)), K Callan (Helen (2006)), Aran Cravey (Helen (1945)), Michael Cavanaugh (David Pool (2006)), Garrett Ryan (David Pool (1945)), Rodney Eastman (Arthur Pool (1945)), Eve Brenner (Johanna Hoffman (2006)), Carolyn States (Johanna Hoffman (1945)), Bob Pescovitz (Tommy Gillis), Steve Vinovich (McDuff (1945)), Joey Pollari (Newsboy (1945)), Ashley Farley (Young Girl (1945))

Lilly and the team tackle a 1945 case involving an ambitious reporter recently demoted to writing trivial advice columns after a heady period covering Eleanor Roosevelt and women's rights.

68 :03x22 - The River

First aired: May/07/2006
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Guest star: Emmanuel Xuereb (Dr. Grant Bowen (1984)), Garette Henson (Jason Bowen (1984)), Eamonn Roche (Dr. Seth Garvey (1984)), Alice Lo (Mrs Lee (2006)), Suzanne Whang (Mrs Lee (1984)), T.E. Russell (Ada David Cage), Licia Shearer (Edwina Davis), Tonya Pinkins (Dina Miller), Brielle Bourgeois (Veronica Miller), Rende Rae Norman (Anne Bowen (2006)), Stacy Haiduk (Anne Bowen (1984)), Mark Tymchyshyn (Dr. Seth Garvey (2006)), V.J. Foster (Cyrus Tisdale (1984/2006)), Brent Schindele (Waiter (1984)), Christopher Goodson (Bob), Jason Chanos (Dr. Jason Bowen (2006)), Kevin Brief (Sidney Graber)

A new witness to the 1984 shooting of a well known ER physician comes forward prompting Lilly and the squad reopen the case.

69 :03x23 - Joseph

First aired: May/21/2006
Writer: Andrea Newman, Liz W. Garcia
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Susan Walters (Jane Holden), Sam Anderson (Ted Holden), Steven Grayhm (Corey), Mageina Tovah (Crystal), Ramon Camacho (Orlando), John Hillard (Wilder), Dale Dickey (Reba Dautry), Ben Hermes (Lawyer), Kenny Johnson (Joseph)

When a drug counselor's debit card is used one year after his death Lilly and the team reopen the 2005 case.

70 :04x01 - Rampage

First aired: Sep/24/2006
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Kyle Gallner (Cameron (1995)), Will Rothhaar (Neal (1995)), Michael Trevino (Zack (1995)), Kenny Johnson (Joseph), Grainger Hines (Mr. Coulter (1995/2006)), Lori Harmon (Mrs. Coulter (1995/2006)), Luis Villalta (Uniform #1 (1995)), Martin Spanjers (Davie (1995)), Arnell Powell (Barry (1995/2006)), Jeanette Brox (Tina), Johnny Pacar (Dayton (1995)), Patrick Scott Lewis (Dayton (2006)), David Clayton Rogers (Davie (2006)), Patricia De Leon (Marta Chavez 1982), Jawara (Swat #2), Timothy Judd (EMT)

The 1995 case of two teenage boys who committed suicide after going on a murderous rampage. Is re-opened when evidence shows there may have been a third shooter.

71 :04x02 - The War at Home

First aired: Oct/01/2006
Writer: Samantha Corbin-Miller
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Nestor Carbonell (Mike Valens), Camillia Sanes (Alegria), Aramis Knight (Emilio), Lesley Fera (Dana Tucker (2004)), Tim DeKay (Geoff Tucker (2004/2006)), Gigi Goff (Lindsey Tucker (2004)), Lily Goff (Lindsey Tucker (2006)), Kathrine Narducci (Brenda (2004/2006)), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Paula (2004/2006)), Brian Gross (Tommy Kelly (2004/2006)), Michael Wiseman (Bill Kozlowski (2004/2006)), Bitsie Tulloch (Tara Kozlowski (2004/2006)), Saundra McClain (Female Principle), Malik Kirkwood (Boy), Anthony Jennings (Amputee soldier), Kenny Johnson (Joseph)

The 2004 case involving the disappearance of a female Iraqi war vet. Is re-opened when her prosthetic arm is found in a river.

72 :04x03 - Sandhogs

First aired: Oct/08/2006
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Sky John (Nate Stallworth), Marc Ewing (Hank Bishop), Kenny Johnson (Joseph), Brennan Elliott (Ray), Ryan Cutrona (Eamon "Big Mac" McCallister), Neil Jackson (John "Boomer" Donovan), Lee Burns (Bobby McCallister), Jack McGee (Bobby McCallister), Enuka Okuma (Alice Stallworth (1947)), Michael Monks (Sam Bertleman Sr.), Rick Scarry (Sam Bertleman Jr. (2006)), Gino Anthony Pesi (Mateo Zaccardo (1947)), Mike Genovese (Mateo Zaccardo (2006)), L. Scott Caldwell (Alice Stallworth (2006)), Ken-Ali (Sandhog bar patron), Michael Wingate Jones (Police Officer), Mark A. Neely (Devon Jr.)

The 1948 death of a miner is investigated after workers find his body in a service tunnel five stories below a river while expanding the subway system. The team discovers that the man was a union leader who butted heads with management in a labor dispute.

73 :04x04 - Baby Blues

First aired: Oct/15/2006
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Kim Murphy (Christa Felice (1982)), Linda Gehringer (Stella Bobkler (2006)), Rachel Vacca (Brie Romeo), Hunter Huston (Tad), Susan Chuang (Frannie), Brennan Elliott (Ray), Susan Blakely (Christa Felice (2006)), Brian Bloom (Lee Felice (1982)), Robin Thomas (Lee Felice (2006)), Tanner Blaze (Devon (1982)), Mark Famiglietti (Devon (2006)), Patricia De Leon (Marta Chavez (1982)), Jill Remez (Marta Chavez (2006)), Margaret Easley (Stella Bobker (1982)), Lisa Carletto (Mother of SIDS baby)

A 6-month-old girl's 1982 death, originally ruled to be a result of sudden-infant-death syndrome, is investigated when new evidence reveals the baby may have drowned.

74 :04x05 - Saving Sammy

First aired: Oct/22/2006
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Helene Mccardie (Principal), Brennan Elliott (Ray), Cole Petersen (Brent Harding), Elyse Mirto (Lisa Harding), Saige Thompson (Ruby Harding), Jake Abel (Doug Sommer), Andrew Borba (Steve Harding), Greg Cipes (Greg Wells), Peter MacKenzie (Harvey James), Kenny Johnson (Joseph)

The parents of an autistic boy are gunned down in their car while on their way to get takeout. The 2003 case is reopened when Joseph informs Lilly. That the boy blurts out a specific number whenever the parents are mentioned.

75 :04x06 - Static

First aired: Oct/29/2006
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Nestor Carbonell (Mike Valens), Camillia Sanes (Alegria), Lorenzo James Henrie (Yong Mike), Eric Jungmann (Timmy "Bones" Hamlin), Richard Roat (Tim "Bones" Hamlin (2006)), Sarah Drew (Judy), Rutanya Alda (Jenny), Cari Shayne (Dottie Mils (1958)), Julie Adams (Dottie Mills (2006)), Christopher May (Ted Chester (1958)), Robert Symonds (Ted Chester (2006)), Chad Brannon (Skiz (1958)), Robert F. Lyons (Scott "Skiz" Stenkovic (2006)), Adam Chambers (Tom Bergin), Kandis Erickson (Teen Girl), Allen Alvarado (Young Valens), Ken Elliott (Little Richard), Charles Esten (Jimmy "The Hawk" Hawkins), Mona Weiss (Dancer), Aynsley Bubbico (Teen Girl #2), Madeline Petrisi (LuLu)

When the 1958 suicide of DJ Jimmy "The Hawk" Hawkins is discovered to have been a murder. Lilly and the team must find the truth of this public persona's private life by decoding a message hidden in his final broadcast.

76 :04x07 - The Key

First aired: Nov/05/2006
Writer: Jennifer Johnson
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Darwin Harris (Detective Will Jeffries), Jay Huguley (Joe Livingston), Angela Little (Julie Livingston), Nestor Carbonell (Mike Valens), Lorenzo James Henrie (Young Mike), Annie Wersching (Libby Bradley (1979)), Allison Dunbar (Alison Huxley), Matthew Glave (Carl Bradley), Ele Keats (Helena Bradley), Bonnie Root (A.D.A Alexandra Thomas), Mark L. Young (Jed Huxley), George Newbern (Bill Huxley (1979)), J. Patrick McCormack (Bill Huxley (2006)), Diane Cary (Alison Huxley), Ben Bode (Jed Huxley (2006)), Allen Alvarado (Young Scotty Valens), Tay Blessey (Helena), Gregory Graham (Blond Party Guest), Catherine Elizabeth Buell (Gold Dress Girl)

The 1979 murder of a schoolteacher is reopened when the victim's bloodstained jacket is found stuffed in a tree trunk.

77 :04x08 - Fireflies

First aired: Nov/12/2006
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Marcos Siega
Guest star: Savannah Stehlin (Melina Van Horn), Shannon Sturges (Melanie), Gabby Soleil (Cherise Tisdale (1975)), Judith Scott (Cherise Tisdale (2006)), Dee Jay Daniels (Terrell Tisdale (1975)), Bobby Hosea (Terrell Tisdale (2006)), Becky Meister (Frances Campbell (1975)), Jenny O'Hara (Frances Campbell (2006)), John Aylward (Norman Van Horn), David Henrie (Dale Wilson (1975)), Richard Steinmetz (Dale Wilson (2006)), Eric Strickland (Hank Wilson (1975)), Johnny Kastl (Wes Floyd (1975)), Don Yanan (Hank Wilson (2006)), Wolf Muser (Wes Floyd (2006)), Greg Brown (Protestor)

The 1975 disappearance of an 8-year-old girl who was never found is re-investigated after a note written by the girl shortly before she vanished turns up.

78 :04x09 - Lonely Hearts

First aired: Nov/19/2006
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: John Peters
Guest star: Emily Nelson (Martha Puck), Sarah Christine Smith (Camera Girl (1989)), Richard Harter (Reverend Love (1989)), Bruno Campos (Ramon Delgado), Mary-Pat Green (Eugenia), Jennifer Manley (Buella Martin (1989)), Ralph Cole, Jr. (Cherry "On Top" Washington), Oren Williams (Andre), Mark Beltzman (Reverend Love (2006))

The 1989 case of a homely 33-year-old woman who was gunned down in an alley is re-opened. When a tape of her dating service profile is found in a suicide victim and suspect in a series of murders home.

79 :04x10 - Forever Blue

First aired: Dec/03/2006
Writer: Tom Pettit
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Shane Johnson (Sean "Coop" Cooper (1968)), Brian Hallisay (Jimmy Bruno (1968)), Chad Everett (Jimmy Bruno (2006)), Kristi Clainos (Eileen Bruno (1968)), Toni Sawyer (Eileen Bruno (2006)), Rob Swanson (Owen Murphy (1968)), Leon Russom (Owen Murphy (2006)), Conor O'Farrell (Brogan Cooper (1968)), Nicolas Coster (Brogan Cooper (2006)), Sonja Sohn (Toni Jameson), Oren Williams (Andre Halstead), Christian Keiber (Teddy Burke (1968)), Dennis Mooney (Priest), Hans Howes (Leon Krol), Charles Mesure (Tom McCree '06), William Lucking (Tom McCree (1968))

A case from 1968 is reopened concerning the murder of a policeman. Originally thought of as a drug bust gone wrong, new evidence may lead to the victim as having an affair with his partner.

80 :04x11 - The Red and the Blue

First aired: Dec/10/2006
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Steve Boyum
Guest star: Shaun Benson (Truck Sugar), Sean Bridgers (Ty Sugar), Tara Buck (Kylie), Thomas Ian Griffith (Mitch), Tamara Braun (Edie Lowe), Polly Shannon (Honey Sugar), Dorie Barton (Charlene), Steve Rankin (Lt. Wayne Brown), Eric Lutes (Levon Krace), Curtis Williams (Gangster), Louis Giambalvo (Ed Garrett), Travis Howard (Dusty Barnett)

Lilly and Valens travel to Nashville and Knoxville to investigate the 2000 murder of a country-music singer. Who was gunned down outside of a Philadelphia bar where he and his band had recently played.

81 :04x12 - Knuckle Up

First aired: Jan/07/2007
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Susan Chuang (Frannie), Sonja Sohn (Toni Jameson), Marshall Allman (James Hoffman), Michael Bofshever (Darren Hoffman), Jenna Gavigan (Alexa Hoffman), Tony Pasqualini (Emmerich), Jake McDorman (Tanner), Robert Picardo (Arthur Lynch), Adam Hendershott (Lucas Gladwell), Gregory Giles (Martin Jacobson), Michael William Freeman (Cole), Ken-Ali (Junkie)

Lilly investigates the murder of a 17-year-old prep-school student who disappeared in early 2006 and whose body is found stuffed in an oil drum outside an abandoned warehouse.

82 :04x13 - Blackout

First aired: Jan/14/2007
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Seith Mann
Guest star: Sonja Sohn (Toni Halstead), Oren Williams (Andre Halstead), Donna Mills (Lauren Williams), Perry King (Stan Williams), Kate Norby (Ginny Williams), Scott Holroyd (Tad Williams), Julian Bailey (Matt (2007)), Lindsey McKeon (Diane Gilbert), Ron Morehouse (Paul Heller), Dylan Patton (Matt (1996))

Lilly investigates the 1996 murder of a wealthy divorced woman who was found dead in her ex-husband's indoor swimming pool.

83 :04x14 - 8:03 AM

First aired: Jan/28/2007
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Jeremiah Birkett (Toomey Nelson (2002/2006)), Alexa Nikolas (Madison Reed), Rickey T. Chaney (Champ), Christian Redd (Dealer #1), Lucinda Jenney (Shirely Reed (2002/2006)), Sonja Sohn (Toni Halstead), Ernie Hudson (Moses Jones), Melody Butiu (Clinic Worker), Jodi Carlisle (Miss Boyd (2002/2006)), Thomas Kasp (Michael Ellis (2002)), Tristan Wilds (Skill (2002)), Graham Hamilton (Gibby Hanes (2002/2006)), Jordan Potter (Michael Ellis (2006))

Two teens are both shot to death on the same day in 2002 at 8:03 AM. The cases haunt Miller because it's the fifth anniversary of the shootings and she was the one who found the dying boy.

84 :04x15 - Blood on the Tracks

First aired: Feb/18/2007
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Melinda Page Hamilton (Janie), Doug Spinuzza (Louie), Jamie Bamber (Jack Kimball), Kelly Overton (Johanna Kimball (1981)), Bess Wohl (Sara Lowell (1981)), Cindy Pickett (Sara Lowell/Johanna (2007)), Sam Trammell (Porter Rawley (1981)), Patrick St. Esprit (Porter Rawley (2007)), Sam McMurray (Tom "Z" Zimmerman: (2007)), William B. Jackson (Roger McBride), Scott Michael Campbell (Tom "Z" Zimmerman: (1981)), Raymond Ochoa (Sean)

Lilly investigates the deaths of a married couple who perished in 1981 when a supposedly accidental gas-leak explosion set their house on fire. The case is reopened when fragments of a bomb are discovered at the house during renovations.

85 :04x16 - The Good-Bye Room

First aired: Mar/04/2007
Writer: Jennifer Johnson
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Sandy Martin (Karen Watson (2007)), Johanna Braddy (Hilary West (1964)), Butch Hammett (William West (1964)), Elizabeth Connors (Patricia West (1964)), Jillian Boyd (Barbara Lakey (2006)), Bruce Boxleitner (Huck Oberland (2007)), Joss Saltzman (Boy), Patricia Place (Patricia West (2007)), Michelle Page (Karen Watson (1964)), Georgann Johnson (Sister Margaret (2007)), Sterling Beaumon (Brat #1), Jordan Green (Brat #2), Andy Clement (Puppeteer #1), Bree Pavey (Sister Margaret (1964)), Andy Fischer-Price (Huck Oberland (1964)), Delia Sweeney (Singing Pregnant Girl #1), Leslie Murphy (Singing Pregnant Girl #2:)

Lily reopens a case involving the death of a teenager in 1964 after having given birth in a home for unwed mothers.

86 :04x17 - Shuffle, Ball Change

First aired: Mar/11/2007
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Mark Pellington
Guest star: Nathan Halliday (Maurice Hall), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Chris Mulkey (Pat Hall (1984/2007)), Greg Finley (Grant Hall (1984)), Don Swayze (Grant Hall (2007)), Tanya Michelle (Crystal Stacy (1984)), Vanessa Williams (Crystal Stacy (2007)), Mauricio Mendoza (Carlos Garcia (2007)), Obba Babatundé (Dr. Octavius Leroy (1984/2007)), John Diehl (Keller), Vinicius Machado (Carlos Garcia (1984)), Rhapsody Violetti (80s Female Teen Dancer #6), Jessica Reely (80s Female Teen Dancer #1), Shelby Rabara (80s Female Teen Dancer #8), Stephanie Moseley (80s Female Teen Dancer #7), Chris Liu (80s Male Teen Dancer #2), Gina Katon (80s Female Teen Dancer #4), Charmine Jordan (80s Female Teen Dancer #9), Nick Flores (80s Male Teen Dancer #1), Tiffany Daniels (80s Female Teen Dancer #2), Kelly Connelly (80s Female Teen Dancer #5), Aliane Baquerot (80s Female Teen Dancer #3)

When the body of a missing teen-aged boy is found in a dumpster, the cold case team delves into the world of theater dance and discovers the secret that got the boy killed.

87 :04x18 - A Dollar, A Dream

First aired: Mar/18/2007
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Billy Gallo (Tony (1999/2007)), Jennifer Lawrence (Abby Bradford (2007)), Channing Nichols (Natalie Bradford (1999)), Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby Bradford (1999)), Faran Tahir (Anil Patel (1999/2007)), Holmes Osborne (Vincent Hopper), Paula Malcomson (Marlene Bradford), Gloria Garayua (Vida), John Diehl (Keller), Melinda Dahl (Natalie Bradford '07), Graham Kolbeins (Young Man), Rhonda Marie Alston (Homeless Mom)

At the request of her daughter the case of a woman found in her car at the bottom of a lake is reopened.

88 :04x19 - Offender

First aired: Mar/25/2007
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Mitch Pileggi (Mitch Hathaway), Sean Whalen (Damon Childress '07), Travis Aaron Wade (Johnny Burrell), Amy Stewart (Tara Hathaway '87), Bob Rusch (Ernie Grabowski), Bonnie Root (ADA Thomas), Conner Rayburn (Johnny Burrell), Rick Ravanello (Mitch Hathaway), Colton Parsons (Damon Childress '87), Tom McCleister (Ernest Wayne Grabowski), Stephanie Manglaras (Linda Burrell), Dylan Kussman (Cliff Burrell '87), Gattlin Griffith (Clayton Hathaway '87), Rob Farrior (Adam Murdoch), Lauren Champey (Tricia), Kale Browne (Cliff Burrell), Nick Ballard (Adam Murdoch), Jordan Baker (Tara McClaughlin), Dotan Baer (SWAT)

The 1985 death of boy is reopened after his father starts killing pedophiles demanding the true killer be brought to justice.

89 :04x20 - Stand Up and Holler

First aired: Apr/01/2007
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Charlyne Yi (Dorky Girl), Lauren Woodland (Becca Armstrong '07), Jonathon Trent (Joe Vives-Alvarez), Robin Pearson Rose (Elizabeth Karlsen), Joseph McKelheer (Coach Pruit), Ken Luckey (Casey Kale), Paydin LoPachin (Cheerleader #1), Adam LaVorgna (Joe Vives-Alvarez), Veronica Lauren (Celeste Church), Whitney Able (Rainey Karlsen), AnnaLynne McCord (Becca Crossan)

The 1997 murder of a 16-year-old girl is investigated after an anonymous confession is discovered in a modern-art exhibit. The probe leads the detectives into the cutthroat world of high-school cheer-leading.

90 :04x21 - Torn

First aired: Apr/08/2007
Writer: Tyler Bensinger
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Rebecca Wisocky (Alice B. Harris), Angela Sarafyan (Philippa 'Phil' Abruzzi), McNally Sagal (Janice Warner), Judson Pearce Morgan (Lawrence Wakeley), Carolyn McCormick (Elizabeth Stone), Tyler Kain (Emma Stone), Rachel Nicole Hamilton (Audrey Abruzzi), Zach Grenier (Ambrose Stone), Rob Elk (Policeman #), Alex Demir (Man #1), Erin Cahill (Francis May Stone), Meredith Baxter (Ellen Rush), Ellen Albertini Dow (Audrey Abruzzi)

The case of a woman who died in 1919 is reopened at the urging of the local Historical Society. They inform Lily that the dead woman was heavily involved in the woman's suffrage movement and may have been the motivation for her murder.

91 :04x22 - Cargo

First aired: Apr/15/2007
Writer: Tom Pettit
Director: Andy Garcia
Guest star: Brenda Wehle (Linda Boyka), Ksenia Solo (Lena), Vyto Ruginis (Roy Gardocki), Bonnie Root (ADA Thomas), Stefanos Miltsakakis (Yuri), Helena Mattsson (Kateryna Yechenko), Michael Massee (Kiril), Brad William Henke (Mike Chulaski), J.D. Hall (Superintendent), Mike Grief (Longshoreman #1), Meredith Baxter (Ellen Rush)

The 2005 case of man found dead in hotel is reopened after he is linked to the Russian Mob.

92 :04x23 - The Good Death

First aired: Apr/29/2007
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Lynda Boyd (Caroline Dratton), Ned Vaughn (Phil), Trent Gill (Son), Anthony Starke (Mr. Dratton), Meredith Baxter (Ellen Rush), Susie Ruckle (Young Ellen Rush), Reston Williams (Tommy Dratton), Madison Meyer (Young Lilly Rush), Justina Machado (Amelia Lopez), Aaron Lustig (Dr. Lason), Marcus Giamatti (Male Nurse), John Sterling Carter (Harvey Sawyer), Evan Brenner (Tommy Dratton)

The 1998 death of a terminally ill man is reopened after a nurse claims to have euthanized six patients.

93 :04x24 - Stalker

First aired: May/06/2007
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Cynthia Ettinger (Emily Jacobi), Owen Beckman (Rick Lambert), Joe Reegan (Romeo), Terry Rhoads (Martin Reed), Meredith Baxter (Ellen Rush), Cooper Thornton (Adam Jacobi), Ellen Woglom (Kim Jacobi), Billy Unger (Jeff Reed), Bonnie Root (A.D.A. Alexandra Thomas), Connor Merkovich (Stewart Jacobi #1), Keenan Merkovich (Stewart Jacobi #2), Roberto Sanchez (Swat Commander)

The season four finale focuses on the 2006 murder of a entire family which had just moved into a new home. During the investigation the whole team is taken hostage.

94 :05x01 - Thrill Kill

First aired: Sep/23/2007
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Raphael Sbarge (Henry Raymes (1994/2007)), Melissa Leo (Tanya Raymes (1994/2007)), Kirk Acevedo (Dylan Noakes), M.J. Karmi (Myrna Nimmo), Drake Johnston (George Russo (1994)), Josh Reaves (Sean Costley (1994)), Jeremy Shada (Jack Raymes (1994)), Nicholas Downs (Dylan Noakes (1994)), Andrew James Allen (Teddy Nimmo (1994)), Jack Conley (Det. Joe Connelly (1994/2007)), Keaton Tyndall (Heidi Jenner (1994)), Adria Tennor (Heidi Jenner), Zylan Brooks (Jade Diaz), Hamilton Mitchell (Job (1994/2007)), Kellen Taylor (Hooker Courtenay)

After an absence from work due to her shooting. Lily returns to work and investigates the 1994 case of three murdered children.

95 :05x02 - That Woman

First aired: Sep/30/2007
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Mackenzie Phillips (Sheila Swett (1998, 2007)), Kayla Mae Maloney (Carrie Swett (1998)), Matt Funke (Jerry Wood (1998)), Hallee Hirsh (Tina Quinn (1998)), Sarah Utterback (Tina Quinn (2007)), Ricky Ullman (Phil DiPreta (1998)), Christopher Emerson (Phil DiPreta (2007)), Christina Stacey (Laurie Wu (1998)), Carmen M. Herlihy (Laurie Wu (2007)), Jerry Shea (Manny Kim (1998)), Randall Park (Manny Kim (2007)), Shane McRae (Nathan O'Donnell (1998, 2007)), Mark Rolston (Ari Gordon), Kenneth Magee (Walter "Wally" Peranski), Corinne Dekker (Miss Danbury (1998)), Brie Gabrielle (Girlfriend #1 (1998)), Keith Britton (Jerry Wood (2007))

The 1998 case of a girl who was found murdered is reopened after an article of her clothing is discovered.

96 :05x03 - Running Around

First aired: Oct/07/2007
Writer: Jennifer Johnson
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: MacKenzie Mauzy (Anna Gunden (2006)), Shailene Woodley (Sarah Gunden (2006, 2007)), Robyn Lively (Miriam Gunden (2006, 2007)), Ashlee Gillespie (Rachel Wagler (2006, 2007)), Chip Joslin (Mose Wagler (2007)), Christopher Shand (Jakob Beachy (2006, 2007)), Sean Wing (Vince Patrielli (2006, 2007)), Patricia Bethune (Dr. Penny Davoren (2007)), James Ingersoll (Phil Corado (2007))

The 2006 murder of an Amish teen who left home to visit Philadelphia as part of rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage, is reinvestigated when the victim's sister arrives to look for her.

97 :05x04 - Devil Music

First aired: Oct/14/2007
Writer: Kate Purdy
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: James Snyder (Bingo Zohar (1953)), Grant Alan Ouzts (JP Valentine (1953)), Peter White (JP Valentine (2007)), Judd Fish (Luke Hartmere (1953)), Wiley Pickett (Ed Valentine (1953)), Alexis Wolfe (Miranda Allison (1953)), Jennifer Rhodes (Miranda Allison (2007)), Caon Mortenson (Lloyd Jordan (1953)), James Otis (Lloyd Jordan (2007)), Kevin T. McCarthy (Store Owner (2007)), Brandon Scott (Arthur "Aces" Brown (1953)), Cal Gibson (Arthur "Aces" Brown (2007)), Danielle Bisutti (Mrs. Valentine (1953)), Diana Douglas (Mrs. Valentine (2007))

The unsolved 1953 murder of an aspiring 19-year-old rock-and-roll singer is re-investigated after new evidence indicates he was killed in his uncle's five-and-dime store and not in an alley behind a blues club where his body was found.

98 :05x05 - Thick as Thieves

First aired: Oct/21/2007
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Rodney Rowland (Spencer Mason (2007)), Monet Mazur (Margot Chambers (1989)), Justin Bruening (Spencer Mason (1989)), Joelle Carter (Kylie Kramer (1989)), Daphne Ashbrook (Kylie Kramer (2007)), Darby Stanchfield (Melissa Canter (1989)), Jamie Rose (Melissa Canter (2007)), Sean Everett (Lenny Delpy (1989)), Frank Medrano (Lenny Delpy (2007)), Russell Edge (Dr. Jeremy Fincher (1989)), John Sanderford (Dr. Jeremy Fincher (2007)), Roxana Brusso (Abby Santos), Teresa Huang (Hairdresser (1989)), Bonnie Root (ADA Alexandra Thomas), Mark Rolston (Ari Gordon)

An unidentified woman who has been in a coma since she was shot in 1989, dies. Her unsolved case is reinvestigated and it's learned that she was a grifter who had a male partner and many vengeful victims.

99 :05x06 - Wunderkind

First aired: Oct/28/2007
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Michael B. Jordan (Michael Carter (2002, 2007)), Lil' Zane (Jester (2002), Maestro Harrell (Terrance Carter (2002)), James Moses Black (Gerald Carter (2002, 2007)), Sandi McCree (Cheryl Carter (2002, 2007)), John Lafayette (Augustine Bennet (2002, 2007)), Curtis Williams (Delonte (2002, 2007)), Malieek Straughter (J-Kid (2002)), Stu "Large" Riley (Fat Ray (2002)), Patricia Bethune (Dr. Penny Davoren)

The 2002 unsolved murder of a 14-year-old inner-city math genius is re-investigated. The victim was shot after his 16-year-old half brother exploited the boy's abilities, such as counting cards and opening safes, for illegal gain with a local gang.

100 :05x07 - World's End

First aired: Nov/04/2007
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Peter Haskell (Will), Bellamy Young (Audrey Metz (1938)), Tuc Watkins (Felton Metz (1938)), Ralph Waite (Felton Metz (2007)), Chip Hormess (Robert "Dobber" Metz (1938)), Lawrence Pressman (Robert "Dobber" Metz (2007)), Jonathan Scarfe (Will Paige (1938)), Sarah Laine (Penny Centavo (1938)), Julianna McCarthy (Penny Centavo (2007)), Ari Zagaris (Elmer Gibbins (1938)), Len Lesser (Elmer Gibbins (2007)), James Sharpe (Buzz Moran (1938)), Brian F. Durkin (Sailor (1938)), Michael O'Dwyer (Bartender (1938)), Sonja Sohn (Toni Halstead)

The murder of a woman who vanished in 1938 during Orson Welles' “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast is investigated when her body turns up in a well. The probe reveals the victim's family prepared to outrun the aliens they believed were invading the U.S.

101 :05x08 - It Takes a Village

First aired: Nov/11/2007
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Ja'net DuBois (Edna Johnson (Aug./Nov. 2007)), Montae Russell (Charles Hollister (2007)), Cleavant Derricks (Lloyd (2003, 2007)), Justin Martin (Shemar Reynolds (Aug. 2007)), Aisha Hinds (Lorraine Henderson (2007)), Jamil Walker Smith (Malik/Theseus (2003, 2006, 2007)), Stevie Wash, Jr. (Malik (1986)), Mustafa Shakir (Akon Dupree (2007)), Sy Richardson (Byron (Aug./Nov. 2007)), Terrence Hardy, Jr. (Corey Middleton (2006, 2007)), Bob Morrisey (Dr. Ben Breslyn (2007)), Brian Silverman (Dr. Ben Breslyn (1986)), Chaz Monet (Kadija Hobbs), Kevin Ramsey (Wilford Grimes (2007)), Ryan O'Neil DeSouza (Wilford Grimes (1986))

A set of storage units, both owned by the same person, holds the missing bodies of three boys who had disappeared between 1999 and 2003. Additionally, another unit holds the body of a newly missing boy.

102 :05x09 - Boy Crazy

First aired: Nov/18/2007
Writer: Joanna Lovinger
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Linsey Godfrey (Samantha "Sam" Randall (1963)), Jonathan Keltz (Dom Barron (1963)), David Selby (Dom Barron (2007)), John Patrick Jordan (Red Buckley (1963)), Wings Hauser (Red Buckley (2007)), Elisabeth Harnois (Janey Davis (1963)), Leigh Rose (Janey Davis (2007)), Jack Donner (Maurice Habershaw (2007)), Michael Oberlander (Archie Randall (1963)), Michael Constantine (Archie Randall (2007)), Mina Badie (Nurse Polly Leonard (1963)), Lelia Goldoni (Nurse Polly Leonard (2007)), Jim Abele (School Principal (1963)), Jim Jansen (Dr. Russell Kearns (1963)), Lane Compton (Bully #1 (1963))

Was a 1963 death of a teenage girl, who dressed and acted like a male, a murder or possibly a suicide. Meanwhile, Valens Internal Affairs probe results are revealed.

103 :05x10 - Justice

First aired: Nov/25/2007
Writer: Veena Cabreros Sud
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Guest star: Michele Greene (Tessie Bartram (2007)), Deirdre Lovejoy (Regie Kunze (2007)), Justin Hartley (Mike Delaney (1982)), Nikki DeLoach (Tessie Bartram (1982)), Jack Weber (Jimmy Bartram (1982)), Brian Poth (Jimmy Bartram (2007)), Kristin Proctor (Maggie Lafferty (1982)), Diane Delano (Maggie Lafferty (2007)), Annie Campbell (Karin Hensley (1982)), Elizabeth Sampson (Karin Hensley (2007)), Zoe Perry (Melinda Levy (1982)), Eve Gordon (Melinda Levy (2007)), Betsy Beutler (Regie Kunze (1982)), Stephanie Katz (Lisa (1982)), Clint Carmichael (Jason McNulty (1982)), Mark Hutter (Jason McNulty (2007)), J. Teddy Garces (Uniform Cop (1982))

The 1982 murder of a popular college student is reinvestigated after “rapist” is written on the dead man's gravestone. The probe reveals the victim was accused of date-rape by several former students before he was fatally shot, but their initial complaints were ignored by the police and the college-administration staff.

104 :05x11 - Family 8108

First aired: Dec/09/2007
Writer: Elizabeth Randall, Kellye Garrett
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Ian Anthony Dale (Ray Takahashi (1942-1945)), Mia Korf (Evelyn Takahashi (1942-1945)), Kim Miyori (Evelyn Takahashi (2007)), David Huynh (Billy Takahashi (1942-1944)), Patti Yasutake (Barbara Takahashi (2007)), Sean Davis (Eugene "Skip" Robertson (1942-1945)), Jerry Douglas (Eugene "Skip" Robertson (2007)), Toby Meuli (Larry Scholz (1942-1944)), Jonathan Terry (Larry Scholz (2007)), Erin Cottrell (Mary Anne Clayton (1942-1944)), Mary Margaret Lewis (Mary Anne Clayton (2007)), Ron Yuan (Shinji Nakamura (1944-1945)), Keone Young (Shinji Nakamura (2007)), Ryan K. Smith (Guard (1944))

The investigation of a murdered Japanese-American man who had moved his family to Philadelphia after their release from an internment camp in 1945. Also, Lily tries to get Stillman to change his mind about retiring.

105 :05x12 - Sabotage

First aired: Jan/06/2008
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: Nicole Kassell
Guest star: Kim Coates (Alessandro Rossilini (1997-99, 2008)), Timothy Omundson (Luke Ross (1999, 2007-08)), Ryan Kelley (Curt Fitzpatrick (1999)), Chris Butler (Roderick Poole (1998)), Stephanie Venditto (Helen Wainwright/ Rossilini), Kate Jennings Grant (Beth Ross (2007-08)), Kelly Gould (Mia Ross (2007-08)), John Hillner (Gene Schmidt (1997, 2008)), Alexis Krause (Gina Castello (1999)), James Ferris (John Wojciechowski (2008)), Roberto Montesinos (Angel Perez (2008)), Bob Koherr (Carl Baxter (2008)), Judyann Elder (Cecilia (2008)), Saida Pagan (Newscaster (1999)), Doug Spinuzza (Louie Amante (2008)), Bonnie Root (ADA Alexandra Thomas (2008))

After five years of silence a serial bomber strikes again and the team rushes to stop his killing spree.

106 :05x13 - Spiders

First aired: Feb/17/2008
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: John Peters
Guest star: Jeffrey Combs (Sly Borden), Emily Wallace (Tamyra Borden (1998)), Johnny Lewis (Truitt "Spider" Leland (1998)), Jilon Ghai (Truitt "Spider" Leland (2008)), Diana Scarwid (Rayanne Leland (1998, 2008)), Jacob Fishel (Elliot Leopold (1998, 2008)), Sonia Maria Martin (Nora Mariposa (1998)), Bobby Soto (Miguel Mariposa (2008)), Brianne Davis (Lindsay Port (1998)), Jamie Denbo (Lindsay Port (2008)), Mandy Freund (Kate Carley (1998, 2008)), Dondre T. Whitfield (Jarrod Jones (2008)), Michael Canaan (Burley Guy #1)

After a drunken father is arrested for beating up his 3-year old daughter, a murder case of a 17 year old from 1998 is reopened. Although the dad is shown as having abused her, it is also revealed that she ran away from home with a neo-nazi, ex con just before she died.

107 :05x14 - Andy in C Minor

First aired: Mar/30/2008
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Ryan Lane (Andy Rierdan), Dondre T. Whitfield (Jarrod Jones), Michael Davis (Carlos Ramirez), Shoshannah Stern (Leah O'Rafferty), Lilli Birdsell (Dean Vivian Harden), Bob Hiltermann (Ed Rierdan), Kalen Feeney (Julia Rierdan), Colleen Foy (Emma Walker), Joe Sabatino (Al Walker), Evelina Gaina (Student #1), Michael Anthony Spady (Teacher), Lisa Hermatz (Secretary), Lance Patrick (Student #2)

Th body of a deaf teen, thought missing since 2006 is believed to have been murdered after blood droplets is found in a storage shed at the school for the deaf he had attended.

108 :05x15 - The Road

First aired: Apr/06/2008
Writer: Jennifer Johnson
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Damon Herriman (John Smith), Field Cate (John Smith (1983)), Kathleen Munroe (Brenda MacDowell (2007, 2008)), Jeff Hephner (David Nelson), Kevin Cooney (Deputy Sheriff Ted Huffard), Jayne Taini (Dotty Phillips), Eileen Grubba (Colleen Legarth), Annie Abrams (Monica Capcot), Sunil Malhotra (Cocky Dude (2007)), Kincaid Walker (Hot Woman (2007)), Michael Proctor (Male Party Guest), Stevie Johnson (Newark Resident), Zone (Dreadlocks), Kristen Faye Hunter (Young Woman (1983))

A suspected murderer is escorted back from West Virginia to Philadelphia by Lily and Valens. The man is suspected of having abducted and killed a woman who was attending her own engagement party.

109 :05x16 - Bad Reputation

First aired: Apr/13/2008
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: John Pyper-Ferguson (Pete Doyle (1997)), Gregory Mikurak (Petey Murphy (1997)), Rob Nagle (Bernie Murphy (1997, 2008)), Joe Nieves (Manny Hernandez (1997, 2008)), Gigi Rice (Jules Murphy (1997, 2008)), Maury Sterling (Tommy Connell (1997, 2008)), Paul Wesley (Petey Murphy (2008)), Gordon Clapp (Daniel O'Leary (1997, 2008)), Bobby Cannavale (Eddie Saccardo), Sean Moran (Gil (1997))

A drug bust uncovers a severed hand belonging to an ex-con who was murdered in 1997. The drug dealer claims he found the dead body and removed his hand to sell his fingerprints, and later dumped his body.

110 :05x17 - Slipping

First aired: Apr/27/2008
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Emily Rose (Nancy Patterson), Keith Coulouris (Daniel Patterson (1962)), Michael Ensign (Bruce Davies (2008)), June Squibb (Annette Hicks (2008)), Cate Cohen (Edna Hitchford (1962)), Brea Grant (Liza West), Jane A. Johnston (Edna Hitchford (2008)), Ronny Cox (Daniel Patterson (2008)), Frances Fisher (Rachel West (2008)), Tom Costello (Bruce Davies (1962)), Gary Bayer (David Thomas), Trisha Mann (Belle), John Sloman (Hal), Kaleigh Kennedy (Rachel Patterson (1962)), Lenne Klingaman (Annette Hicks (1962))

New evidence is brought in by the granddaughter of a woman who was thought of having committed suicide back in 1962, leaning the case towards a possible murder.

111 :05x18 - Ghost of My Child

First aired: May/04/2008
Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Nicholle Tom (Priscilla Chapin), Alex Feldman (Ellis Ward), Molly Hagan (Lois Rabinski), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Victor Martinez), Chandler Adrian Parker (Franklin Palmer), John Prosky (Dr. Thomas Rabinski), Deborah Strang (Julia Chapin), Mark Pinter (Hayden Chapin), Doug Spinuzza (Louie Amante (2008)), Bobby Cannavale (Eddie Saccardo)

A former drug addict claims to have seen her son playing in a park, although he was reported as having perished in an apartment fire three years earlier.

112 :06x01 - Glory Days

First aired: Sep/28/2008
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Alice Hirson (Judy McShane), James Read (Prof. Robert Boreki '73), Justice Leak (Robby Boreki '73), Glynn Turman (Al Towert), James Karen (Steve Pratt '08), M.C. Gainey (Coach Walters '08), Clifton Powell (Tom Bernard '08), Aaron Hill (Mike "Bad Moon" McShane), Tim Snay (Joe Burrows), Stephen Full (Addict/Narc), Matt Riedy (Gus Lason), Sean O'Bryan (Steve Pratt '73), Tom Griffin (Asst. Coach Walters '73), B.J. Britt (Tom "The Breeze" Bernard)

The 1973 death of a football player is reopened and allegations of steroid use arise.

113 :06x02 - True Calling

First aired: Oct/05/2008
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Paris Barclay
Guest star: Ken Meseroll (David McKinney '91), Cassidy Freeman (Laura McKinney '91), Susan Beaubian (Margaret Trudlow '91), Cleavon McClendon III (Darnell Brent '91), Jon Budinoff (Renaldo Ramos '91), Adetokumboh M'Cormack (Darnell Brent '08), Chanet Johnson (Carla Difranco), David Julian Hirsh (Kenneth Yates '91), Terrell Lee (Carlton Rawls '91), Sahra Mellesse (Student '91), Marlene Forte (Yesenia Ramos), Andres Saenz-Hudson (Renaldo Ramos '08), Starletta DuPois (Mrs. Harris), Scott Paulin (Kenneth Yates '08), Alex Morris (Carlton Rawls '08), Steven Anderson (David McKinney'08), Patricia Belcher (Margaret Trudlow '08)

The death of an inner-city school teacher is given a second look when a former student finds her car keys in an old desk.

114 :06x03 - Wednesday's Women

First aired: Oct/12/2008
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: John Finn
Guest star: Alexandra Lydon (Miriam Forrester), Mimi Kennedy (Lana Wilkes '64), Jennifer Hetrick (Lana Wilkes '08), Jenna Leigh Green (Violet Golding '64), Concetta Tomei (Violet Golding '08), Julia Pace Mitchell (Ella Turner '64), Tinashe Kachingwe (Belinda Hutchins '64), Rob Mayes (Jim Horn '64), Chris Ellis (Jim Horn '08), Trisha LaFache (Kitty Doyle '64), Kathleen Nolan (Kitty Doyle '08), Carl Lumbly (Cordell Baker '08), Angela Sargeant (Debra Nelson '08), Demond Robertson (Cordell Baker '64), Jenna Fischer (Friend #1 '64), Travis Willingham (Uniform Cop '64)

The 1964 murder of a woman who used Tupperware parties as a front for civil rights work Is reopened at the behest of her daughter after she finds evidence of her mothers secret life.

115 :06x04 - Roller Girl

First aired: Oct/19/2008
Writer: Elle Triedman
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Jesse Jensen (Rick Rendell '78), Holland Roden (Missy Gallavan), Jake Thomas (Hugh Mastersen '78), Lindsey Haun (Julie Reed '78), Bonnie Burroughs (Julie Reed '08), Rashawn Underdue (A.D.A.), Deborah May (Simone Gallavan '08), Allison Smith (Simone Gallavan '78), Nancy Youngblut (Dawn Wheeler '08), John Posey (Rick Rendell '08), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Hugh Mastersen '08), Stephan DuVall (Rufus), Ron Harper (Joe Bosquay '08), Peter Giles (Joe Bosquay '78)

The 1978 murder of a girl part of the roller skating scene is reopened when an informant comes forward. Meanwhile Det. Miller has a hard time readjusting to the dating scene.

116 :06x05 - Shore Leave

First aired: Oct/26/2008
Writer: Elwood Reid
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Wilson Bethel (Jimmy Tully), Matthew Florida (Max Heidhorn '51), Luke Askew (Max Heidhorn '08), Reid Collums (Gene Karnow '51), Richard Herd (Gene Karnow '08), Rebecca Mozo (Nora Lee '51), Maria Cellario (Nora '08), Rich McDonald (Hal Chaney '51), Charles Napier (Hal Chaney '08), Nicholas Braun (Lenny Snow '51), Adam Leiphart (Ray Lisi '51), Max Gail (Ray Lisi '08), William Jones (Steve Tully), Conny Van Dyke (Sue '08), Preston James Hillier (ND Shore Patrol #1)

When human remains and dog tags are found in a hazardous disposal drum. The 1951 disappearance of a marine is reopened.

117 :06x06 - The Dealer

First aired: Nov/02/2008
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Frankie Ingrassia (Donna D'Amico '81), Todd Cahoon (Bruce Donnelly '81), Peter Dobson (Mikey Thompson '81), Kim Director (Marisa D'Amico '08), Sue Giosa (Paula '08), Melissa Strom (Paula '81), Natalie Dye (Marisa D'Amico '81), Arye Gross (Oscar Anderson '81), Ronobir Lahiri (Sanil Hindocha '81), Andy Comeau (Frank Wilson '81), Kevin Dobson (Mickey Thompson '08), John Callahan (Bruce Donnelly '08), Alejandro Patino (Esteban '81), Richard Portnow (Oscar Anderson '08), Ajay Mehta (Sanil Hindocha '08), James Shanklin (Frank Wilson '08)

The 1981 case of a woman who disappeared is reopened when her remains are found in the trunk of a car at a junkyard.

118 :06x07 - One Small Step

First aired: Nov/09/2008
Writer: Taylor Elmore
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Ed Lauter (Shep "Mack" McAvoy '08), Jarrod Bailey (Danny Finch '69), Ellen Marlow (Laura Finch '69), Karen Landry (Laura Finch '08), Kenton Duty (Chuck Collier '69), Greg Evigan (Chuck Collier '08), Braeden Le Masters (Seth Lundgren '69), Richard Edson (Seth Lundgren '08), Noah Matthews (Bobby Kent '69), Joel Murray (Bobby Kent '08), Doug Scott Kramer (Dick Wallace '69), Bart McCarthy (Dick Wallace '08), Matt Spangler (Griff '69), Jeff Staron (Malcolm Kent '69), Ron Bottitta (Malcolm Kent '08), Shawn Colten (Shep "Mack" McAvoy '69)

When an unidentified man turns in a 44 year old rocket to a local police station. The 1964 murder of boy who's body was found the day after the first moon landing is reopened.

119 :06x08 - Triple Threat

First aired: Nov/16/2008
Writer: Kathy Ebel
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Daniel Gordh (Nick Vera '89), Elena Satine (Nadia Koslov '89), Tina Lifford (Phoebe Curtis '08), Monica Calhoun (Phoebe Curtis '89), Endre Hules (Leo Koslov '08), Christian Svensson (Leo Koslov '89), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Elliot Glick '08), Gabriel Olds (Elliot Glick '89), Jared Bell (Dmitri Koslov '08), Jon Paul deFabry (Dmitri Koslov '89), Sally Ann Brooks (Chelsea Cutler '08), Ashley Alfonso (Chelsea Cutler '89), Brad Rowe (Cyrus Brill '08), Dustin McKamie (Cyrus Brill '89), Nicole Bilderback (Nikki Sun '08), Jessika Van (Nikki Sun '89), Page Kennedy (Michael "Beamer" Hyacinth '08), Anwar Mitchell (Michael "Beamer" Hyacinth '89), Tom Derek (N.D. Cop '89), Casey Washington (Scrapper), Antonio Hudnell (Tap Dancer #1), Jameson Perry (Tap Dancer #2), Loriel Hennington ('89 Dancer #1), Jonathan Legacy Perez ('89 Dancer #2), Galen Kimberly Hooks ('89 Dancer #3), Jermaine McGhee ('89 Dancer #4), Anthony Carr ('89 Dancer #5)

Lilly and the team look into a 1989 case involving a Russian opera singer. Vera has a strong recollection of the case being a rookie in the department at the time.

120 :06x09 - Pin Up Girl

First aired: Nov/23/2008
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Erin Cummings (Rita Flynn '53), Todd Grinnell (Zip Fellig '53), John Kerry (Zip Fellig '08), Chelsea Hobbs (Betty Sue Baker '53), Debra Mooney (Betty Sue Baker '08), Patrick Fischler (Monty Moran '53), Harold Gould (Monty Moran '08), Andrew Ducote (Ben "Beanie" Emerson '53), James Carraway (Ben "Beanie" Emerson '08), Aaron Gaffey (Reg Donaldson '53), William Dennis Hunt (Reg Donaldson '08), Ron Masak (Gus Medica), Bryan McGuire (Nervous Guy), Tania Raymonde (Frankie Rafferty)

When a photo taken in 1953 is uncovered, it provides new evidence to open a case involving a pin-up girl.

121 :06x10 - Street Money

First aired: Nov/30/2008
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Carlos Ávila
Guest star: Chadwick Boseman (Dexter "Dex" Collins '05), Christine Woods (Cassie Michaels '05/'08), Peter Asle Holden (Harold '05), Gbenga Akinnagbe (Victor Nash '05/'08), Wilmer Calderon (Luther Carp '08), Tyrees Allen (Warren Wilson '05/'08), Henry G. Sanders (Ronnie Collins '05/'08), Keith Szarabajka (Patrick Hogan '05/'08), James Luca McBride (Jay Quincy), Jonathan LaPaglia (Ada Curtis Bell), Bill Duke (Grover Boone '05/'08), Wanda-Lee Evans (Josephine '05/'08), Cosimo Canale (Frank Mulwrey '05/'08), Euriamis Losada (Jorge Gomez '05/'08), Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty)

The team reopens a 2005 murder case involving an African-American politician who worked to reduce crime in the neighborhood he grew up in.

122 :06x11 - Wings

First aired: Dec/21/2008
Writer: Jennifer Johnson
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Adrienne Barbeau (Helen McCormick '08), John O'Leary (Lew Thurston '08), Mariette Hartley (Gloria Flagstone '08), Art LaFleur (Bert Walters '08), Craig Braun (Harvey Dwight '08), Lee Majors (Dean London '08), Brett Halsey (Rowland Hughes '08), Amanda Schull (Allison "Ally" Thurston), Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty), Kelsey Lewis (Girl '60), Lindy Booth (Gloria Flagstone '60), David Giuntoli (Dean London '60), Robb Derringer (Capt. Rowland Hughes '60), Leon Simmons, Jr. (chess opponent), Megan Boone (Helen McCormick '60), Zach Lewis (Bert Walters '60)

When remains are discovered in a building being remodeled. The case of a stewardess who disappeared in 1960 is reopened.

123 :06x12 - Lotto Fever

First aired: Jan/04/2009
Guest star: Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty)

The 2007 case of a mechanic who won the lotto is reopened when his ATM card is used two years after his murder.

124 :06x13 - Breaking News

First aired: Jan/11/2009
Guest star: Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty)

The 1988 murder of a reporter is reopened when evidence is found linking her to corporate scandal involving employee deaths.

125 :06x14 - The Brush Man

First aired: Jan/25/2009
Guest star: Bailey Chase (Roy W Dunn)

When a lake is drained to make room for home development. Human remains are found and the 1967 case of a salesman who disappeared is reopened.

126 :06x15 - Witness Protection

First aired: Feb/15/2009
Writer: Elle Triedman
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty), Jonathan LaPaglia (Ada Curtis Bell), Katherine LaNasa (Leigh Feldman/Foster), Steven Eckholdt (Ben Feldman/Foster), Jason Gedrick (U.S. Marshall Tom Parker), Gary Basaraba (Vinnie Buonaforte/Brown), Tyler Blackburn (Jeff Feldman/Foster), Melissa Farman (Tammy Buonaforte/Brown)

When the mother of a missing team storms into station. The case of a witness protection member is reopened when his body is identified by the missing teen.

127 :06x16 - Jackals

First aired: Mar/08/2009

The 1976 murder of a teen-aged girl is reopened when her father produces a photo of her and a vicious biker gang.

128 :06x17 - Officer Down

First aired: Mar/15/2009
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty)

The team has to cope with their own emotions as they search for the shooter responsible for Jeffries' shooting.

129 :06x18 - Mind Games

First aired: Mar/22/2009
Writer: Gavin Harris
Director: Donald Thorin, Jr.
Guest star: Jacqueline Obradors (Dr. Julie Ramierez (2004) (arson victim)), Billy Lush (Pete Scanell (2003-04, 2009) (Schizophrenic)), Erich Anderson (Dr. Jack Galton (2004, 2009) (Dr. Ramierez's Supervisor)), Victoria Pratt (Vanessa Quarterman (2004, 2009)), Jonathan LaPaglia (Ada Curtis Bell (recurring guest star))

The friend of an ex-mental patient whose doctor died in a fire. Prompts the team to reopen the doctors death when he realizes his friend is still alive.

130 :06x19 - Libertyville

First aired: Mar/29/2009
Writer: Kathy Ebel
Director: Marcos Siega
Guest star: Johnathon Schaech (Julian Bellowes (1949, 1958)), Ken Howard (Harry Kemp Jr. (1958)), Alexandra Holden (Caroline Kemp/Bellowes (1958)), Constance Towers (Caroline Kemp/Bellowes (2009)), Deborah Geffner (Joy Bellowes (2009)), Brant Cotton (Paul Cooper (1976)), Makenna Barrett (Lilly Rush (1976)), Sam Littlefield (Harrison Kemp (1958)), Harve Presnell (Harry Kemp Jr. (2009)), David Arrigotti (Paul Romano (1958)), John Aprea (Paul Romano (2009)), Ron Gilbert (Angelo Romano (1958)), Claire Titelman (Joan Rasky (1958)), Phoebe Dorin (Joan Rasky (2009)), Lukus Grace (Casey Hollenbeck (1958)), Erica Ash (Regina Reynolds (1958)), Hattie Winston (Regina Reynolds (2009)), Brian Hooks (George Watson (1948, 1958)), Richard Gant (George Watson (2009)), Lynn Hamilton (Mary Chisolm (2009)), Zach McGowan (Corporal Clerk (1949)), Raymond J. Barry (Paul Cooper)

A former employee at a socialite club comes forward with an alternative theory of a murder victims whereabouts the night of his death and the 1958 murder is reopened.

131 :06x20 - Stealing Home

First aired: Apr/12/2009
Writer: Danny Pino, Elwood Reid
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Shalim Ortiz (Gonzalo Luque), Steven Bauer (Osmany "Oz" Leon), Darius McCrary (Eric "Showtime" Hynes), Silvana Arias (Piedad Luque), Nestor Serrano (Jaime Reyes), Oscar Torre (Juan De La Cruz), Valery Ortiz (Marisol Acosta), Bambadjan Bamba (Eddie St. John), Dominic Pace (Steve Scarcelli), Grant Monohon (Clifford), Marcus DeAnda (Reporter)

The murder of a Cuban baseball star, who came to the U.S. to provide for his family, is investigated. Meanwhile, the team plays their annual softball game

132 :06x21 - November 22

First aired: Apr/26/2009
Writer: Ryan Farley
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Eion Bailey (Patrick "The Rifle" Lennox (1963)), Madeline Carroll (Hillary Rhodes (1963)), Kay Lenz (Hillary Rhodes (2009)), Valerie Azlynn (Sharon Lertola (1963)), Tess Harper (Sharon Lertola (2009)), Channon Roe (John "The Doctor" Norwood (1963)), Muse Watson (John "The Doctor" Norwood (2009)), Brian Elerding (Mike "Monkey" Mack (1963)), Bill Bolender (Mike "Monkey" Mack (2009)), Billy Jayne (Al "Baltimore Red" Soddenheim (1963)), John Bennett Perry (Al "Baltimore Red" Soddenheim (2009)), P.J. Marino (Tom Puckett), Lucas Caleb Rooney (The Duke (1963)), Kevin Makely (Ben Scavo (1963)), Michael McKiddy (Bartender (1963)), Nick Hoffa (Opponent (1963)), Lora Witty (Woman (1963)), Raymond J. Barry (Paul Cooper)

The team investigates the 1963 murder of a pool hustler after the long-disappeared murder weapon is found during the renovation of a pool hall.

133 :06x22 - The Long Blue Line (1)

First aired: May/03/2009
Writer: Jennifer Johnson, Greg Plageman
Director: Roxann Dawson
Guest star: Tania Raymonde (Francine "Frankie" Rafferty), Jonathan LaPaglia (A.D.A. Curtis Bell), Maddy Curley (Kate Butler), Joe Penny (Hank Butler), Jessica Tuck (Charlotte Butler), Michael Ironside (Commandant Murillo), Jake McLaughlin (James Addison), Jason Thomas (Lawrence Gardner), Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Shay Astar (Courtney Gaines), Jesse Plemons (Ryan Stewart), Dennis Hill (Keith Henderson), Gary Hudson (Jebediah Buford)

The team investigates the 2005 murder of a female cadet at a local military school. They soon uncover that she was abused by several male cadets and school administrators.

134 :06x23 - Into the Blue (2)

First aired: May/10/2009
Writer: Jennifer Johnson, Greg Plageman
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Maddy Curley (Kate Butler), Joe Penny (Hank Butler), Jessica Tuck (Charlotte Butler), Michael Ironside (Commandant Murillo), Jake McLaughlin (James Addison), Jason Thomas (Lawrence Gardner), Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Jesse Plemons (Ryan Stewart), Dennis Hill (Keith Henderson), Brant Cotton (Paul Cooper (1976)), Makenna Barrett (Lilly Rush (Age 6)), Megan Helin (Lilly Rush (Age 10)), Anthony John Crane (John Stillman (1980)), Kinsey McLean (Cop (1980)), Max Adler (Rookie. (1994)), Keith Pillow (E.R. Doctor), Raymond J. Barry (Paul Cooper (2009))

As the team continues to search for the suspect in the killing of a female cadet, Rush must relive her own difficult past.

135 :07x01 - The Crossing

First aired: Sep/27/2009
Writer: Taylor Elmore
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Jonathan LaPaglia (A.D.A. Curtis Bell), Erin Chambers (Darcy Curtis (1966)), Peter Porte (Tucker "Duke" Benton (1966)), Michael Nader (Tucker "Duke" Benton (2009)), Ashley Johnson (Grace Stearns (1966)), Anita Gillette (Grace Stearns (2009)), Tracey Walter (Cotter Doyle (2009)), John Churchill (Geoffrey Manning (1966)), Stephen Mendillo (Geoffrey Manning (2009)), Loren Lester (A. J. Pritchard), Dougald Park (Judge Wyatt), Nick Warnock (Henry Speck (1966)), Ryan Carr (Cotter Doyle (1966)), Jolene Andersen (Socialite (1966))

The 1966 case of woman believed lost at sea due to suicide is reopened when her remains are discovered. Meanwhile the trial of the man who attempted to kill Detective Rush begins.

136 :07x02 - Hoodrats

First aired: Oct/04/2009
Writer: Elwood Reid
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Nick Thurston (Nash Simpson (1995)), Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens (2009)), Ismael "East" Carlo (Ramiro Valens (2009)), Nate Sanchez (Cal Acevedo (1995)), Lombardo Boyar (Cal Acevedo (2009)), Drew James (Grady Giles (1995)), Warren Kole (Grady Giles (2009)), Tamara Clatterbuck (Chelsey Simpson (1995)), Jeanetta Arnette (Chelsey Simpson (2009)), Travis Wester (Mick Simpson (2009)), Dawn Olivieri (Vonda Martin (2009)), Chris Browning (Steve Hess (1995, 2009)), Kevin Chapman (Joe Mueller (1995, 2009)), Kevin Scott Allen (Rafe Stockton (1995)), Matthew Shane (Mick Simpson (1995)), Gillian Amalia (Vonda Martin (1995))

The 1995 murder of an unidentified runaway is reopened when his brother presents proof of his identity.

137 :07x03 - Jurisprudence

First aired: Oct/11/2009
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Bobby Cannavale (Eddie Saccardo), Jerry Hernandez (Alex Caceres (2002, 2004)), Miguel Perez (Judge Harold "Harry" Alvarez), Becky Wahlstrom (Marci Rich (2004, 2009)), Christopher Michael (Michael Rodgers (2009)), Steven Culp (Evan Price (2004, 2009)), Adina Porter (Laticia Myers (2004, 2009)), Cress Williams (Jimmy Clarke (2004, 2009)), Keith Szarabajka (Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty), James Earl III (Ray-Ray (2004, 2009)), James D'kristian (Rodgers (2004)), Michael A. DiBacco (Guard)

The team reopens the 2004 case of a teen who was wrongly sent to a juvenile detention center where he was killed and before Valens could make good on his promise to get him released.

138 :07x04 - Soul

First aired: Oct/25/2009
Writer: Ryan Farley
Director: John Showalter
Guest star: Wesley Jonathan (Billy Jeremiah Sanders), Loretta Devine (Chandra Patterson (2009)), Anna Maria Horsford (Geraldine Watkins (2009)), Steven Williams (Ronde Brooks (2009)), Jamie Hector (Ronde Brooks (1970)), John Cothran, Jr. (Reverend Tom Sanders (2009)), Dig Wayne (Reverend Tom Sanders (1970)), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Geraldine Watkins (1970)), Ajgie Kirkland (Buster Large (2009)), Kelvin Brown (Buster Large (1970)), Meagan Good (Beatrice Sloan (1970)), Brett Davern (Finn Cooper), Alex Valente (Officer Lennox), Hope Olaide Wilson (Chandra Patterson (1970)), Freedom Bridgewater (Archie Sloan (2009))

The death of a musician in 1970 is investigated and Lilly meets her step-brother Finn who is a teenager.

139 :07x05 - WASP

First aired: Nov/01/2009
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens), Sarah Glendening (Vivian Lynn (1944)), Amy Dudgeon (Iris Keening (1944)), Deanna Dunagan (Iris Keening (2009)), Chad Faust (Frank James (1944)), Newell Alexander (Frank James (2009)), Zane Holtz (Herbert "Wolf" James (1944)), John Aniston (Herbert "Wolf" James (2009)), Mary Jo Catlett (Betty Joe Henders (2009)), Louise Linton (Louise Patterson (1944)), Michael Learned (Louise Patterson (2009)), Camryn Grimes (Edna Reed (1944)), David Landry (Sweaty Mechanic (1944)), Kaitlyn Black (Betty Joe Henders (1944))

The 1944 murder of the pilot from the WASP program (Civilian women who volunteered to fly missions for the United States Army Air Core) is investigated.

140 :07x06 - Dead Heat

First aired: Nov/08/2009
Writer: Adam Glass
Director: Nathan Hope
Guest star: Victor Herminio Lopez (Driver (1986)), Michael Francis Cardelle (Jose Sandoval (1986)), Rick Batalla (Sonny Sandoval (1986)), Jacob Vargas (Angelo Rivera (2009)), Ronnie Alvarez (Angelo Rivera (1986)), Carlos Sanz (Jose Sandoval (2009)), Greg Felden (Rick Yanko (1986)), Michael Enright (Rick Yanko (2009)), Sam Hennings (Randall Baxter (1986, 2009)), Anna Wood (Kristi Duren (1986)), Susan Diol (Kristi Duren (2009)), Ismael "East" Carlo (Ramiro Valens (2009)), Mark Berry (Chaplain (1986))

After uncovering his remains the case of a 45 year old jockey is reopened who planned to retire after a big race.

141 :07x07 - Read Between the Lines

First aired: Nov/15/2009
Writer: Erica L. Anderson
Director: Kevin Bray
Guest star: Tracey Heggins (Meesha Sullivan (2009)), Lisa B. Tharps (Sophie "Big Soph" (2009)), Bobby Cannavale (Eddie Saccardo), Kadeem Hardison (Andrew "Huxtable" Garrett (2009)), Craig "muMs" Grant (Zeb "Zen" Edwards (2009)), Larry Herron (Andrew "Huxtable" Garrett (1991)), Sam Sarpong (Zeb "Zen" Edwards (1991)), Danièle Watts (Donalyn Sullivan (1991)), Iona Morris (Alice Watson (2009)), Lanai Chapman (Alice Watson (1991)), Yara Shahidi (Meesha Sullivan (1991)), Ronald William Lawrence (Kenneth Watson (2009)), Jemal T. McNeil (Kenneth Watson (1991)), Kelli Jackson (Sophie "Big Soph" (1991)), Lester Speight (Virgil "Sticky" Jones)

The team explores the 1991 case of a 14-year-old girl who died after being sent to a new foster family and was poised to be an upcoming rap music star.

142 :07x08 - Chinatown

First aired: Nov/22/2009
Writer: Alicia Kirk
Director: David Von Ancken
Guest star: Bobby Cannavale (Eddie Saccardo), Anthony John Crane (Young Stillman (1983)), Kemp Lee (Jack Chao Lu (1983)), Raymond Ma (Hong Lu (1983)), Gina Chai (Da Chun Lu (1983)), Irene Tsu (Da Chun Lu (2009)), John Wu (Ling Lu (1983)), Bruce Locke (Ling Lu (2009)), Evan Lai (Joe Sung (1983)), Jack Ong (Joe Sung (2009)), Jordon Dang (Warren Lee (1983)), Chi Moui Lo (Warren Lee (2009)), Kyla Dang (Stacey Lee (1983)), Elaine Kao (Stacey Lee (2009)), Robin Shou (Bo-Lin Chen (1983)), Lawrence Monoson (Ray Bianchi (1983)), Peter Onorati (Ray Bianchi (2009)), James Hsu (Danny Yo (1983)), Taya Rogers (Tam Sung (1983)), Tzi Ma (Bo-Lin Chen (2009))

The 1983 case of a Chinese-American teenager who was murdered trying to get justice for his slain girlfriend is reopened.

143 :07x09 - Forensics

First aired: Dec/06/2009
Writer: Jerome Schwartz
Director: Holly Dale
Guest star: Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens), Reed Diamond (Darren Musk (1999, 2009)), Brad Hunt (Stan Cronin (1999, 2009)), Matt Biedel (Oliver Calhoun (2009)), Vail Bloom (Alyssa Lane (2009)), Michael J. Pagan (Ronnie Jacks (1999)), Miles Heizer (Keith Oats (2009)), Fatso Fasano (Emil Parker (2009)), Nelson Lee (Dr. Andiman (2009)), William Mahoney (Dr. McKenzie (2009)), Matthew Bartilson (Debator Five (1999)), Nick Niven (Luke Cronin (1999)), Dash Pomerantz (Oliver Calhoun (1999)), Cherilyn Wilson (Alyssa Lane (1999)), Dwayne Macopson (Ronnie Jacks (2009)), John Watkins Clagett (Security Guard (1999)), Michael C. Adrian (Debator One (1999)), Raquel Abrahamian (Debator Two (1999)), Audrey Reba Povar (Debator Three (1999)), Ian David Nelson (Debator Four (1999)), Steven Krueger (Debator Six (1999)), Natalie Testa (Debator Seven (1999))

The case of a champion debater is reopened after a current student from his school shows a letter threatening his life.

144 :07x10 - Iced

First aired: Dec/13/2009
Writer: Taylor Elmore
Director: Peter Medak
Guest star: Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens), Jonathan LaPaglia (A.D.A. Curtis Bell), John White (Tommy Flanagan (1980)), James C. Burns (Sean Flanagan (2009)), Jude Ciccolella (Coach Heaton (2009)), Antal Kalik (Cullen Masters (1980)), Lance Irwin (Cullen Masters (2009)), Michael Trotter (Dwight Barnes (1980)), Robert Romanus (Dwight Barnes (2009)), Stephen Desjardins (Frank Krause (1980)), Bill Kalmenson (Frank Krause (2009)), James Hanlon (Detective Pierson (2009)), Kristopher Higgins (Sean Flanagan (1980)), Brian Scannell (Coach Heaton (1980)), Michelle Alexis (Molly Heaton (1980)), Lolita Davidovich (Molly Heaton (2009)), Michele Boyd (Hockey Groupie (1980))

The team investigates the 1980 case of a local hockey player who was murdered on the historic day the U.S. national hockey team beat the Soviet Union during the Olympics.

145 :07x11 - The Good Soldier

First aired: Jan/10/2010
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Guest star: Fred Berry Jr. (Trey Newman (2005, 2010)), Raymond J. Barry (Paul Cooper), Brett Davern (Finn Cooper), Mare Winningham (Celeste Cooper (2010)), Jamie Martz (Mike Donley (2005)), Rosalie Ward (Kristen Donley (2005, 2010)), La Monde Byrd (Bobby Kerns - The Green Beret (2005, 2010)), Jaime P. Gomez (Daniel Gomez (2005, 2010)), Veronica Diaz (Victoria Montero (2005, 2010)), Zack Lively (Kevin Harkin (2005)), Chris McGarry (Jerry Harkin (2005, 2010)), Wylie Small (Mrs. Harkin (2005)), Mustafa Shakir (Creep (2005))

The team re-opens the murder case of a Army recruiter when a soldier he recruited provides an alibi for him. Earlier believed to have been the person murdered for stolen jewelry.

146 :07x12 - The Runaway Bunny

First aired: Jan/17/2010
Writer: Elwood Reid
Director: John Finn
Guest star: Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Ismael "East" Carlo (Ramiro Valens), Brian Howe (Harry Denton (1974)), Matthew J. Willig (Chuck "French" Jaworski (1974)), Richard Moll (Chuck "French" Jaworski (2010)), Jud Tylor (Lana Parker (1974)), Shera Danese (Lana Parker (2010)), Sky Soleil (Carl Welter (1974)), Steve Eastin (Carl Welter (2010)), Gabrielle Miller (Barb Welter (1974)), Michael Kostroff (Wilson Katz (1974)), Alan Blumenfeld (Wilson Katz (2010)), Chandra West (Caroline Hargreave (1974)), Jane Daly (Caroline Hargreave (2010)), Julianna Guill (Bunny Hargreave (1974)), Shawn Weatherly (Bunny Hargreave (2010))

The 1974 murder of a private investigator is reopened after discoveries about his last clients are uncovered.

147 :07x13 - Bombers

First aired: Feb/14/2010
Writer: Denise Thé
Director: Janice Cooke-Leonard
Guest star: Daniel Baldwin (Moe Kitchener), Jonathan LaPaglia (A.D.A. Curtis Bell), Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens), Ismael "East" Carlo (Ramiro Valens), Walter Perez (Carlos Espinosa (1982)), Ivonne Coll (Sonia Espinosa (2010)), Edward Carnevale (Don Bardwill (1982)), Michael Badalucco (Don Bardwill (2010)), Rick Gonzalez (Tut (1982)), Manny Perez (Tut (2010)), Elizabeth Rodriguez (Gina Lopresi (2010)), Jeorge Watson (Eddie Clark (1982)), Earl Billings (Eddie Clark (2010)), Trevor Jackson (Leon (1982)), Karmin Murcelo (Belen Hernandez (2010)), Terrance Christopher Jones (Parking Attendant (2010)), Dondre T. Whitfield (Jarrod Jones (2010)), Keesha Sharp (Chantel Jones (2010)), Teresa Castillo (Gina Lopresi (1982))

The 1983 murder of a graffiti artist is reopened and meanwhile Rush, Miller, and Valen's all have personal and legal troubles to contend with.

148 :07x14 - Metamorphosis

First aired: Feb/21/2010
Writer: Danny Pino, Adam Glass
Guest star: Peggy McCay (TBA), Michael J. Anderson (TBA)

The team re-opens the 1971 death of a teenage circus aerialist whose fall during mid-act might have been the result of foul play. Meanwhile, Rush uncovers what might be potential charges for another case.

149 :07x15 - Two Weddings

First aired: Feb/28/2010
Writer: Meredith Stiehm
Director: Nathan Hope
Guest star: Jonathan LaPaglia (A.D.A. Curtis Bell), Doug Spinuzza (Louie Amante), Noah Bean (Dan Palmer (2008)), Rachel Miner (Anna Coulson (2008, 2010)), Sean Maguire (Phil (2008, 2010)), Brian Hamill (Ed Coulson (2008, 2010)), Sara Botsford (Joan Coulson (2008, 2010)), Lorena Segura York (Tenley Coulson (2008, 2010))

While guest at a wedding the team begins to investigate the bride and whether she was responsible for killing her first fiancé.

150 :07x16 - One Fall

First aired: Mar/14/2010
Writer: Ryan Farley
Director: Donald Thorin, Jr.
Guest star: Stacey Hinnen ("Sweet" Sil Tavern (1986)), Roddy Piper ("Sweet" Sil Tavern (2010)), J.R. Cacia (Lance Katrola (1986)), Jay Thomas (Lance Katrola (2010)), Lauren Cohan (Rachel Malone (1986)), Theresa Russell (Rachel Malone (2010)), Preston Bailey (Tim Malone (1986)), Scott Anthony Leet (Tim Malone (2010)), Willie Tyler (Rob "Bear" Jacobs (2010)), Robert R. Shafer (Nate "Red Scare" Beecher (2010)), Karmin Murcelo (Belen Hernandez (2010)), Joni Bovill (Woman (2010)), James Hanlon (Detective Pierson (2009)), Kevin McNamara (Mick "The Machine" Malone (1986)), Justin McCully (Rob "Bear" Jacobs (1986)), Michael Scovotti (Nate "Red Scare" Beecher (1986))

The team reopens the case of a dock worker who was moonlighting as an indy-circuit wrestler who was murdered in 1986, and Valens looks into a lead on the man who mugged and raped his mother.

151 :07x17 - Flashover

First aired: Mar/21/2010
Writer: Greg Plageman
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Keith Szarabajka (Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty), Myk Watford (Joe Don Billingsley (2006, 2010)), Glenn Morshower (Ray Crawford (2006, 2010)), Patrick Gallagher (Schmitty (2010)), Chris Marrs (Travis Billingsley (2010)), Cletus Young (Mr. Billingsley (2010)), James Madio (Cody "Squirrel" Blanchard (2010)), Elya Baskin (Dr. Goran Petrovic (2010)), Lauren Bowles (Jeannette Peterson (2010)), Boris Lee Krutonog (Bela Ionescu (2010)), Nina Siemaszko (Julie (2010)), Mark Weiler (Uniform #1 (2010)), Treisa Gary (Uniform #2 (2010))

After Vera goes missing in an attempt to find him. An arson case he worked in 2006 is reopened and discovered to be the reason for his odd behavior for the last few weeks.

152 :07x18 - The Last Drive-In (1)

First aired: Mar/28/2010
Writer: Elwood Reid
Director: Chris Fisher
Guest star: Susanna Thompson (Diane Yates), Johnny Messner (Ryan Cavanaugh), George Finn (Barry Jensen (1980)), Stefanie Seifer (Nancy Kent (1978)), Donna Pescow (Nancy Kent (2010)), Melissa Ordway (D (1980)), Jon Gries (Bill Shepard (1978)), Jonathan Brett (Paul Shepard (1978)), J.B. Blanc (Paul Shepard (2010)), Mac Brandt (Preston Schmall (1978)), Julie Ariola (Betty Schmall (2010)), Scott Lincoln (Carl Guidry (2009, 2010)), Anna Rose Moore (Felicity Andrews (1978)), Mandy June Turpin (Sally Shaver (2010)), Adam Powell (Tim Hudson (1978)), William Russ (Tim Hudson (2010)), Karlton Johnson (Fred Norris (1978)), Christopher Carrington (Calvin Walsh (1983)), Charles W. Gray (Calvin Walsh (2010)), Ronald F. Hoiseck (Ned (2010)), Charles McCurdy (Walt (2010)), Michael Petrone (State Trooper (2010)), Karen James (Nurse (2010)), Pamela Shaddock (ER Nurse (2010)), Matt Sigloch (Swat #1 (2010))

A recent murder case of Rush's is reopened when a former detective turned FBI agent and friend of Stillman's links a bullet from the crime to a 1980 homicide.

153 :07x19 - Bullet (2)

First aired: Apr/04/2010
Writer: Christopher Silber
Director: John Showalter
Guest star: Susanna Thompson (Diane Yates), Johnny Messner (Ryan Cavanaugh), Melissa Ordway (Diane Yakes (1980)), George Finn (Barry Jensen (1978)), Jon Gries (Bill Shepard (1978)), Jonathan Brett (Paul Shepard (1978)), J.B. Blanc (Paul Shepard (2010)), Azura Skye (Claire Shepard (1998, 2009, 2010)), Mette Holt (Rita Gleason (1978)), Elisabeth Noone (Rita Gleason (2010)), Lee Dawson (Charlie Gleason (1978)), Peter Jason (Charlie Gleason (2009, 2010)), Barry Alan Levine (Tom Gleason (2009, 2010)), Morgan Benoit (Theodore Kutler (2009, 2010)), Bryan Cuprill (Brian Duke (2009, 2010)), John D'Aquino (Kenneth Hoag (2009, 2010)), Todd Sandler (Mel Shaver (2009, 2010)), Sonita Henry (Juanita Renaldo (2009, 2010))

Lily and the FBI continue to search for the sniper after discovering his identity and work to protect his next intended victims.

154 :07x20 - Free Love

First aired: Apr/11/2010
Writer: Elwood Reid
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Guest star: Jonathan LaPaglia (ADA Curtis Bell), Susanna Thompson (Diane Yates), Johnny Messner (Ryan Cavanaugh), Richard W. Blake (David Quinn (1968, 1969)), Christa B. Allen (Annabelle Bennet (1968, 1969)), Mimi Kuzyk (Annabelle Bennet (2010)), Darren Criss (Reuben Harris (1969)), James Sutorius (Reuben Harris (2010)), Brian Guest (Al Wasserlauf (1969)), Dale Dye (Al Wasserlauf (2010)), Sarah Aldrich (Megan Easton (2010)), Karl Makinen (Roy Easton (2010)), Ginifer King (Shelly Hewit (2010)), Dwight Hicks (Bruce Hurt (2010)), Michael Phillips Keeley (Mike Keeley (2010)), James Hanlon (Detective Pierson (2010)), Nick Josephs (Hippie (1968))

The 1969 case of a GI who was on leave during the Woodstock concert is reopened at the FBI's behest. Meanwhile agent Rush and Lily find a mutual attraction they have for each other.

155 :07x21 - Almost Paradise

First aired: May/02/2010
Writer: Adam Glass, Christopher Silber
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush), Robert Patrick Benedict (Steve Burke), Ismael "East" Carlo (Ramiro Valens), Chris Coppola (Cole Austen), Reynaldo Gallegos (Hector Cruz), Sarah Habel (Felicia Grant), Blake Hood (Cole Austen (1989)), Terry Hoyos (Rosa Valens), Kerry O'Malley (Suzie Hill), Joel Polis (Steve Burke (2010)), Jed Rees (Evan Mazer (2010)), Najarra Townsend (Suzie Hill (1989)), Peter Vack (Lee Mavoides (1989)), Andrew Bowen (Lee Mavoides (2010)), Cheryl Lynn Bowers (Ms. Jacobs), Raymond J. Barry (Paul Cooper (2010))

The 1989 case of a prom queen who may have been intentionally killed in a hit-and-run reopened and Rush contemplates her father's requests to give her sister another chance.

156 :07x22 - Shattered

First aired: May/02/2010
Guest star: Campbell Rose (Christina Rush (1978)), Harley Graham (Young Lilly (1978)), Glenn Plummer (A.C. (2010)), Arie Verveen (Cliff Harper (2010)), Erica Hubbard (Wanda Johnson (1993)), Davenia McFadden (Althea Johnson (2010)), Nicole Pettis (Althea Johnson (1993)), Michael Ray Escamilla (Bernie (2010)), Hassan Johnson (Brother Olajuwon (2010)), Daniel Lee Robertson III (Robert Miggs (1993)), Bruce Nozick (Dr. Strauss (2010)), Shishir Kurup (Nazir Patel (2010)), E.J. Bonilla (Ronnie Tavares (1993)), Ramon Fernandez (Ronnie Tavares (2010)), Matthew Fahey (Matt Doherty (1993)), J.R. Bourne (Matt Doherty (2010)), Kevin Chapman (Nightstick Joe Mueller (2010)), Vince Melocchi (Sal (2010)), Tiffany Coty (Assistant (2010)), Nicki Aycox (Christina Rush (2010)), Keith Szarabajka (Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty), James Hanlon (Detective Pierson (2010))

Valens and Rush after gaining a lead attempt to rescue Lily's sister. Meanwhile Jeffries tries to bring justice to a mother whose daughter's murder case has remained unsolved for 17 years