Common Law (2012)

Common Law (2012)

Common Law centers on Travis Marks (Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Kole), two cops with a problem... each other. Wes, a methodical former lawyer with a passion for cars, gardening and his ex-wife, and Travis, a maverick ladies' man who served time in juvenile hall, can't stand each other. As partners, they were LAPD's dream team on the homicide squad but constant bickering got in the way of their work and the two ended up on probation. To revive their flagging professional relationship, their Captain (McGee) sends them to couples therapy to help understand and resolve their conflicts. We soon learn that a successful relationship or partnership doesn't mean you have to like the same things; you just have to hate the same things. (Source: USA Network)

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Prev: 1x12 -- Gun! (Aug/10/2012)

In the Season 1 finale, Wes and Travis finally share the story of what landed them in therapy.

Michael EalyMichael Ealy
As Travis Marks
Warren KoleWarren Kole
As Wes Mitchell
Jack McGeeJack McGee
As Phil Sutton
Sonya WalgerSonya Walger
As Dr. Elise Ryan


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this song was great and fit in really great with the final season and revenge.I would like to know the title of that song if anyone knows. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, August 16th 2012 at 1:30 pm

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1x12: Gun! recap: The episode begins with Travis shouting out aloud; a part of therapy. It is Wes’ turn and Wes cannot do it. Their new therapist is trying some new techniques and Wes and Travis are not able to co-operate. The therapist then cuts a deal with them; he tells them that their presence is bringing down the energy of the class and so he wants them to stop coming to therapy. Couple of months later he would call their Captain and tell him that they have improved and are doing better because of the therapy. They take the deal. Next, Wes and Travis are at a stakeout and Travis mentions that Pacman’s birthday is coming up. Their suspects arrive. As they are about to announce themselves and arrest the two, some other guys from their department suddenly spring up and take the suspects down... read more.

1x11: Hot For Teacher recap: The episode begins with Wes arriving early for the therapy session. Ryan asks him as to how is he liking the therapy. He says that initially he disliked it but now he is beginning to like it. She then asks him if he is ready for the next step; private sessions. Saying that she gets up, sits on his lap, unbuttons his shirt and is about to kiss him, when the phone rings. Wes snaps out of his dream! It is Travis and he tells him that they have got a new breakthrough in the hijacking case. It is a guy named Barry, who tips off the hijackers about the routes of the trucks. He is using a personal email account. They are waiting for Barry outside his house. Wes confides in Travis about his dream... read more.

1x10: In-Laws Vs. Outlaws recap: The episode begins with the cops arriving at a crime scene, where there are four men shot and a bag full of cash is lying on the ground. One of the cops finds a man hiding under a car. He tells them that he had come there to take a nap in between pickups, when he saw the two men shouting and then they started shooting at each other. He did have a good look at the guys who are arguing. But before he could say something, our witness who has been drinking, wants to throw up and he is taken away. At the group therapy, the issue for the day is “issues with the mother-in-laws”. Well, our odd couple gets a message from Dan Noone, Travis’ mentor and they leave. Wes and Travis arrive at the crime scene... read more.

1x9: Odd Couples recap: The episode begins with our “odd couple” arriving early for the group therapy session. The couples are discussing about their romantic issues. Well, our odd couple aren’t really a couple; so they have nothing much to contribute in this discussion. Meanwhile, Jake along with the entire SWAT team arrives at a place with a convict. The convict has told them that they can find a huge amount of cash buried at that particular spot. The convict then digs to recover the money while the team stands watching him. He finds a box and opens it. But instead of cash there are weapons and grenades in that box. The convict draws a gun and points it at Jake... read more.

1x8: Joint Custody recap: The episode begins at the group therapy session where Wes tells one of the couple there that they cannot let their son live in their house without some sense of responsibility. He uses an incident about a stapler, where Wes and Travis fight over a stapler. The other members feel that Wes is trying to control things as he has lost control over his life. Now, how did we get here? Next, we see the police are at a stake out in a neighborhood. They are monitoring the moves of a guy, when some other man walks up and shoots the guy. And then the man walks up to the guy and shoots at him once more. A police officer, Randy Fletcher, with her dog rushes towards the scene. The dog rushes at our shooter and tries to stop him getting into the car. The shooter then fires at the police officer and then gets into his car and drives away... read more.

Executive Producer: Jon Turteltaub, Craig Sweeny, Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley
Co-Executive Producer: Christopher Morgan, Stephen Surjik, Karim Zreik, Dan Shotz
Supervising Producer: Matt Ward
Producer: Pamela Davis
Consulting Producer: Jeff Lowell

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Alicia Coppola as Jonelle (4 eps)
Elizabeth Chomko as Alex MacFarland Mitchell (3 eps)
Nora Zehetner as Kendall (2 eps)
Marquita Terry as Randi Fletcher (2 eps)

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