Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

In the premiere of this drama series, odd-couple detectives Wes and Travis begin couples therapy on their New Age captain's orders in an attempt to salvage their crumbling partnership. While the pair sort out their differences, they also trail a killer responsible for the death of a federal judge's son.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Alicia Coppola as Jonelle | Andrea Parker as Laura | Elizabeth Chomko as Alex MacFarland Mitchell | Mercedes Masöhn as Ellen | Marquita Terry as Randi Fletcher | Alex McKenna as Irene | John Shea (1) as Chief Judge Franklin Whitaker | Renell Gibbs as Hoodie Guy | Dominic Alexander as Driver | Leslie Castey as Mrs. Dumont | Talia Tabin as Gretchen | David Noroña as Dominik Santori | Lyle Brocato as Peter | Vanessa Cloke as Dakota | Gary Grubbs as Mr. Dumont | Yohance Myles as Clyde | Indigo as Rozelle | Matt Angel as Zach Whitaker | Mario Ardila, Jr. as Ramon | Paul Bates (1) as Beat Cop | Stephanie Childers as Nora Scott | Kent Faulcon as Marcus Hunter | Wesley John as Scarface | Michelle Noh as Sandy Lu | Richard Wharton as Vince West | Kaleti Williams as Money | Han Soto as Clerk
Director: Jon Turteltaub

2 :01x02 - Ride-Along

Wes and Travis are forced to bring Dr. Ryan along for the ride as they investigate the death of a woman who fell from the balcony of her honeymoon suite.

Source: USA
Director: Dermott Downs

3 :01x03 - Soul Mates

A woman's murder could have ties to a dating Web site. During the investigation, Wes discovers that his ex has started dating and has a profile on the same site.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Chomko as Alex MacFarland Mitchell | Nora Zehetner as Kendall | Gino Anthony Pesi as Ted Houseman | Matt Cedeño as Tango Phil | Vincent Corazza as Salesclerk | Susan Ruttan as Paul's Mom | Nate Mooney as Paul James
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writer: Pamela Davis

4 :01x04 - Ex-Factor

Travis' ex-partner causes tension between the guys when they receive a special assignment to stop a crime ring responsible for stealing high-end vehicles.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Greg Germann as Phil Kronish | Nora Zehetner as Kendall | Mark Moses as Mayor
Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Matt Ward

5 :01x05 - The T Word

The guys investigate a series of home invasions by a group of thieves and learn that Travis' foster brother could be their leader.

Source: USA
Director: John Scott

6 :01x06 - Performance Anxiety

The guys' work suffers when they feel pressured to reach an important milestone during the hunt for a pair of criminals emulating Bonnie and Clyde.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Alicia Coppola as Jonelle
Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Craig Sweeny

7 :01x07 - Role Play

In therapy, Wes and Travis are given the exercise of "role play" by Dr. Ryan. Although living in each other's shoes tests their partnership more than usual, it ultimately leads to them solving the case of a woman who was strangled to death.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Alicia Coppola as Jonelle
Director: Marc Roskin
Writer: Jeff Lowell

8 :01x08 - Joint Custody

Wes and Travis investigate a cop's shooting and take care of the injured officer's police dog.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Chomko as Alex MacFarland Mitchell | Maury Sterling as Jim Hawkes | Jason Matthew Smith as Gay Shooting Club Member | Derek Mears as Bold Shooting Club Member | Marquita Terry as Randi Fletcher | Adam Kulbersh as A.D.A. David Kravitz | Anjali Bhimani as Veterinarian | Dana Sorman as Barrett's Attorney
Director: Stephen Surjik

9 :01x09 - Odd Couples

Wes and Travis share quarters during a stakeout to monitor the moves of a crime novelist, who may have helped a criminal escape prison.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Bogush as Lisa Clark | Nick Tarabay as Cooper Williams | Darren Goldstein as Gordon
Writer: Jeff Lowell

10 :01x10 - In-Laws Vs. Outlaws

The guys work with their mentors on an important murder case and see their own problems reflected in their advisers.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Jeff Fahey as Dan | Steven Bauer as Miguel
Director: Stephen Surjik
Writer: Tim Talbott

11 :01x11 - Hot For Teacher

Wes confides in Travis about dreams he's had about Dr. Ryan, which turns out to be a mistake. Elsewhere, Dr. Ryan's fiancé may be withholding information about a body found at his construction site.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Alicia Coppola as Jonelle | Reed Diamond as Robert Yule | Jamie Hector as Bart the Security Guard | Waleed Zuaiter as Aram Parisian | Wade Williams as Timothy Mullen | Hrach Titizian as Karl Rezian
Director: Seith Mann

12 :01x12 - Gun!

In the Season 1 finale, Wes and Travis finally share the story of what landed them in therapy.

Source: USA