Ride-Along - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes and Travis in a shooting yard and Wes is still not talking to Travis. Next, at the couple therapy session, the participants are asked to draw and Wes tells Ryan that he cannot draw. They are asked to draw a tree and Wes’ tree is imaginary. Dr. Ryan is supposed to meet the guys the next day, as they would be observed and the rest of the group the next week. Next, they have their new case; a lady jumped off from the fifteenth floor of a hotel. Just then Dr. Ryan arrives and the boys leave with her. She is going to be with them the whole day. They take her to the crime scene. In the car, Travis learns that Ryan has a boyfriend and she lives with him. But later Travis infers that she was talking to her boyfriend’s son.

They arrive at the hotel. The victim’s name is Justine Winfield. She is married, lives in the same town and she checked into the hotel for a one night stay. Wes manages to engage Detective Frank and Dr. Ryan in a therapeutic conversation and he goes inside to check the victim’s room. Wes tells Travis that he had to ditch her as they will not be able to do their jobs with her being around. They see the body. A cop tells them that she was found by a couple of kids and that everything indicates a suicide. They go to check the room the victim was staying in. after looking at the champagne, the bath and the exotic oils; Travis infers that she was here for a rendezvous and not to kill herself. Wes finds Justine’s earring on the floor below hers and Travis finds something under the couch; lots of money.

Whoever killed Justine didn’t know about the money, else they would have ransacked the entire place. They decide to go and talk to Mr. Winfield. This time they leave dr. Ryan in the car. They ring the bell and Mr. Winfield opens the door. Wes finds it difficult to break the news; so Travis does it. But Winfield is confused and he calls out to his wife Justine. She arrives at the door. Next, the Winfields are at the detectives’ office. Mrs. Winfield is surprised that someone can use her information. Mr. Winfield thinks it is an identity theft and he sees it happen all the time. Either of them doesn’t recognize the woman’s picture on the driver’s license. Next, Wes tells Travis that there is no reason that an identity thief is carrying around that much money. Travis doesn’t like Mr. Winfield.

Next, they are supposed to go to the coroner’s office for the autopsy report. Wes tells Ryan that Travis had an affair with the coroner and now they aren’t on good terms. They arrive at the office. Jonelle tells Ryan that she is over Travis and she is happy in her current, adult relationship. Back to the report, she tells them that this wasn’t a suicide. It appears that the victim fought for a life and her earring was torn from her left ear lobe. Moreover she has blood on her tooth which does not match hers; which means that she did bite her killer and that the killer will be having a nasty bite mark on him/her. There is a puncture mark on her body; but the coroner tells them that she had no drugs in her system. She tells them that she can run a test to find out more about the puncture and what kind of a shot was the victim given. Next, they collect the victim’s prints.

Travis finds a match. The victim is Olivia Fisher. She was arrested but not for fraud. She was charged for assaulting her husband and she said that she hit him in self defense as he hit her first. They then check the husband’s details. They go to meet Fisher. They hear gun shots. They see that Fisher is shooting at his wife’s belongings and setting fire to them. He tells them that his wife left him. Travis tells him about his wife’s death. They take him for interrogation. He tells them that Olivia left him for some rich guy and he hasn’t seen her since Monday. Wes thinks that since Fisher is drunk, they should get him sobered up and also get in a lawyer so that they could check for bite marks.

But the drunken husband undresses then and there and they see that there are no bite marks on the body. They know he is innocent. He tells them that he has to take anger management classes as it was court ordered. He tells them that he set fire to his wife’s belongings because it was one of the things they taught in anger management classes. Just then the coroner calls Wes and tells him that Olivia was vaccinated for yellow fever. It appears that she was going to some place exotic. They need to get information about the flight tickets. But they need court orders and that would take weeks. But we know Travis isn’t always by the book. Ryan is about to leave as her day is over. She thinks that Travis is the guy that everyone likes and that Wes is a guy who is more of prick; and she hasn’t had much luck treating pricks. She leaves.

Next, Travis is at the airport, where he meets his foster mom. She knows that Travis needs something. She always knows when one of her kids needs something. Travis tells her that he needs a huge favor. She is a director at TSA and she manages to get him the flight manifest. Travis returns to the office. Wes tells Travis that h has cracked the case. All the notes that were found in the hotel room were organized and separated by the denomination; a trait that Mr. Winfield had. But the evidence that Travis has is definitive. There were two tickets booked one for Olivia and the other for Mr. Winfield. Olivia was on probation and hence could not travel under her identity. So she had to use Justine’s identity. And she was having an affair with Winfield. They go to meet Derrick Winfield.

But Winfield tries to runaway. After a short chase, they catch hold of him. Derrick tells them that he was having an affair with Olivia and that they were going to start a new life together. But at the last moment he had cold feet and he realized that he still loved his wife. The money actually belonged to the Texas’ gunrunner, Ronnie. He tells them that he initially gave all the money to Olivia but he doesn’t know what she did with it. And now he is supposed to return all the money to Ronnie, as he has kidnapped his wife Justine. But Derrick tells them that he did not kill Olivia. Also there isn’t any bite mark on his body. Derrick thinks that it is Ronnie who killed Olivia. But Travis and Wes figure out who the killer might be. They also tell Derrick that they have his money and they will help him get his wife back from Ronnie. They chalk out a plan and Ronnie gets arrested.

But it is not only Ronnie who is under arrest; Justine Winfield too is arrested for murdering Olivia Fisher. Wes checks for the bite mark and there is a nasty on her forearm. Justine tells Derrick that she had only gone to the hotel to tell Olivia that she couldn’t have Derrick, but it went out of control. She tells him that she is sorry and Derrick tells her that he would wait for her to come back. Next, at the office, Hunter, Ryan’s boyfriend’s son, is caught for an offence he committed at the mall. He doesn’t like Ryan. But Ryan takes him home with her. Next, at the therapy, Travis tells her that he could be of help when it comes to kids like that.

Ryan appreciates Travis’ concern and help. Meanwhile, Wes has bought a new car. Travis walks out of therapy to see the car. The whole group follows him. Travis loves the car and gets inside the car to check the specifications and obviously Wes tries to get him out. But we all know, it’s Travis and he wouldn’t listen to Wes. The episode ends.