Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins at a group therapy session, where the topic for the week is “Partner Intimacy”; and it does not mean sex! It is about knowing your partner and in the group we have an “Odd Couple”, Wes and Travis. The counselor, Dr. Ryan asks Wes to share some information about Travis; but he doesn’t know much. Travis tells the group that Wes’ ex Alex did know quite a bit about Travis. So, Travis has an ex-girlfriend and the counselor tells Wes that he keeps his loved ones at an arm’s distance as he tends to get too serious about the relationships. Travis tells her that she is perfectly right about that one! But then she moves on to Travis and tells him that he has a difficulty in keeping meaningful relationships. Nailed him! The group actually thought that they were gay partners; but hey, they are Police partners.

They are detectives and they work together. They are here to save their crumbling partnership. They are about to play a game, when their phones ring. They have a case to work on and they leave. It appears that Wes pulled his gun on Travis as Travis wasn’t apologizing for a reason yet unknown. And that is how they end up in this therapy. They arrive at the crime scene. Wes examines the body; white male and unidentified. Wes tells the cops that the victim was killed someplace else. He doesn’t look homeless as he is wearing designer jeans and his finger nails are manicured. Just then Travis finds the murder weapon and it says “Scouts”. They find a boy standing in the crowd suspicious and they chase him. They catch the guy. He tells the duo that he only took his cell phone and his shoes and wallet. They recover the victim’s belongings from the guy and they find an identification in the wallet; Toby Whitaker. The find a letter in the wallet and it is a note from his father. And Toby’s father is Chief Judge Franklin Whitaker.

Captain Sutton wants this case solved and fast! His two best detectives are the biggest pain in his ass; so he says! It appears that the DA wants the case handle but two other detectives; Scott and Gooding. Wes argues that what is the point of the therapy when they aren’t given a chance to change. Sutton agrees to put them back on the case. Next, the forensics expert, Ellen tells them that this particular scout knife was handed over in 1911. And the blood on the knife did belong to Toby; but she only managed to get a partial print on the hilt and those prints did not have a criminal record. By the way, Travis is dating Ellen and Wes hates it when Travis dates women at work. Back to the case, Judge Whitaker has a son named Zach who lives with his father and the mother died five years ago. They arrive at the Judge’s house. There is a lot of media present.

Whitaker tells the duo that Toby was addicted to heroin for years and had finally agreed to go to the rehab and he was sober for the past nine months. He spoke to Toby three days ago. He had gone to meet Toby with Zach. But Zach isn’t around now as he is upset and has gone for a drive. Whitaker tells them that Zach was a scout when he was a kid. They tell the Judge about the murder weapon and the Judge is not happy that his other son is being accused of murder. The Judge tells them that Zach has dyslexia. He tells them that Zach is a good kid. Next, the duo goes to the sober house Toby was kept in. They check his room. The manager Marcus and Vincent don’t discuss about the patient’s personal life. Just then a girl, Gretchen, walks in and tells them that the Judge and Zach killed Toby. She tells them that the Judge told Toby that he wishes him dead and that the family could be saved from a lot of trouble. Vincent tells them to not take her seriously.

But Gretchen also tells them that she and Toby broke off a long time ago. So, a jilted ex-girlfriend is definitely on the list of suspects. But Travis feels that she doesn’t seem to be the types who would kill somebody. He knows a lot about scary Exes. Just then Wes receives a call and he is told that Zach is found. And guess where he is; on the top of the Rosslyn Hotel, trying to jump off from the roof. The detectives reach atop. Zach tells them that he is sorry that his brother is dead because of him. Travis tries to instigate Zach and Zach decides to talk to Wes. Travis leaves. Zach tells Wes that Toby had asked for $5000 from him and Zach did not give it to him. Toby wanted that money to pay off his dealer and he always used to lie to Zach while borrowing money from him. Zach thought that this too was a lie and didn’t give Toby the money. And Toby lost his life. Wes asks him about the scout knife. He tells Wes that the knife was his but he gave it to Toby.

Just then Zach slips but they manage to save him. Travis does not buy Zach’s story. Not many dealers sell their stuff on credit. Next, they arrive at the office and Ellen hands them the call list for Toby’s number. There is a particular number that Toby dialed multiple times. It belonged to a guy named Dominick and Travis remembers Randi, an officer from Narcotics, mention that name a couple of times. They go to meet Randi. Dominick Suntory sold high end cars and it is known that he uses those cars to sell drugs. But Randi tells them that their dogs have never been able to pick up any scent. They go to Dominick’s showroom. They ask him about Toby and Dominick decides to lawyer up.

And guess what the repercussion is for that one? Travis shoots the back of one of the most expensive and hard to find Lamborghini and they find a leak, but instead of oil there is a leak of white powder; heroin. They seize the vehicle. Dominick is ready to tell them everything about Toby. But Dominick wants to settle the matter then and there and does not want any complaint filed against him. He tells them that Toby was calling him for money and he needed 5k and Dominick wasn’t even in town. He doesn’t know why he needed that much money but he says that Toby sounded desperate. He gave him the money; but he also mentions that there was someone else in the car with Toby. He also says that he arrived this morning from Phoenix, where he was attending a car show. The two leave the showroom, go out and inform Randi about the cars and the drugs. Next, they go to a junkyard and there are guys who draw guns at the detectives.

But it appears that Travis knows their leader, Money; he is his foster brother. Contacts! Travis tells him that he needs his help to find a car. Money has received a recent mail regarding a 69 Cheval. They check the license plate number. Wes makes a note of it. They go to the house where the car is at the moment. They find Toby’s girlfriend, Irene with his son, an infant. She tells them that after Toby saw his son in the ultrasound, he was a changed man. And she confirms that Toby took the money from Dominick to pay the bills and she was in the car with him. Next, Wes goes to meet Alex. She tells him that he was a better lawyer than a cop and he tells her that the people need better cops than lawyers. Next, the duo goes to meet the Coroner. But Travis is reluctant as he had a one night stand with her and he didn’t call her up. Oops.

She tells them that the COD was hemorrhaging and that there was heroin in the blood. There is a puncture wound on his neck. They think that he relapsed. Wes thinks that he was forcibly injected. They go to the sober house and Vincent says that if a resident is found possessing drugs, he is chucked out. Wes still has his doubts on Gretchen. Travis decides to go to a store and get something to eat. He realizes that there is going to be a robbery. He informs Wes. Wes arrests the accomplice e sitting outside in the car. In the store there is a gunfight and Wes rams into the shops with his car. They arrest the guys. Ellen finds a match for the fingerprints; it matches with Zach’s. They arrive at the office and the scene there doesn’t look good. Sutton tells them that the DA is coming to the office. The news about Zach being a suspect is out and Wes thinks it is Travis who leaked it. Next, Laura arrives at the office and she isn’t happy to see Wes and Travis on the case. Laura wants to know why Zach isn’t arrested.

Wes tells her that there are several loose ends that they need to tie up and if they arrest Zach at the moment, his lawyers would make sure that they get nothing and his future also could be destroyed. They need two more days. Laura wants them off the case and the two get into an argument which leads to a tussle. They are definitely off the case now. Laura asks Scott and Gooding to make the arrest. Next, Ryan meets Wes and talks to him about the “break up”. She tells him that they fight because they are alike. They are like brothers. Just then a thought strikes Wes and he goes to meet Travis. Travis is making out with Ellen. Wes is outside and tells him that Toby too was dyslexic like his brother, as it is a hereditary disorder.

All the numbers he dialed were on speed dials except for the last one. And owing to his condition, he must have mixed up the digits. They were tracking the wrong number. Wes apologizes to Travis. Wes realizes that Brady Gooding, the officer on the case was the leak. Wes tells him that he tried all possible combinations for that number and found out that the number belonged to Marcus, the guy from the sober home. Toby found out about someone who was using again and tried to report it. They get Randi’s dogs along to make sniff out stuff from the sober home. They find the drugs in Vincent’s room. Vincent is trying to escape but they get him. They tell the story to Laura.

Vincent had two strikes against him and one more conviction against him could send him to prison for good. So, when Vincent found out that Toby knows about him using, he killed him. He injects Toby with heroin but Toby fights back and grabs the scout knife to protect him. But the heroin started acting and so Vincent could easily grab the knife from him and stabbed Toby with his own knife. This happens in the bungalow. He then dumps Toby’s body in the alley. There is Toby’s blood trace found in Vincent’s car. Laura apologizes to Sutton. Next, our Odd Couple is back at the group therapy session and this time they happen to know a lot about each other...a little too much. The episode ends.