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Soul Mates - Recap

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The episode begins with Travis arriving at a house. Wes is already at the backside of the house; hiding. They are about to enter the house, when Wes tells Travis that they are supposed to use stun-guns. They enter the house and find who they are looking for; it is a raccoon. They manage to cage it. The raccoon has chewed of Alex’s electrical lines!! But now, Alex and Travis find the animal cute. Wes tells Alex that he will fix the lines for her once he is back. At the therapy session, the participants think that Wes has not moved on and is still in love with Alex. Next, two couples are playing tennis and one of the couples finds a dead body lying on the other side of the fence. The duo arrives at the site. Wes is busy introducing himself to a new officer.

They infer that the victim is new to the place as she is wearing brand new sneakers. Hence there are no witnesses who can identify the girl. Wes sees that the girl’s t-shirt still has the price tag on. They visit the store. The store keeper tells them that the victim is Darby Jansen and that she would often come to the store to buy sports outfits and then return them. The only thing she cared about is how she looked in those outfits. Travis infers that Darby was not looking for a sport but was looking for a man. The store keeper gives them her address. They arrive at the building. The landlady tells them that Darby had told her that she was going on a tennis date; but she was a very through person. She did background checks on all her dates as she worked in a computer agency. They don’t find her computer at her apartment; but the credit card statements show that she was a member on a dating site.

She also has a cat, Milo, who is her only friend. They get Milo to the office. They figure out her login password for the site and they log into her id. They see that Darby had three dates. They decide to make an account under Darby’s name and then get in touch with those guys. Just then one of their colleagues tells Travis that there is a new girl in forensics and she is looking for him. She is Candle. She tells Travis that if Darby was a computer geek then she would have backed up all her files on the internet storage. She is also trying to trace Darby’s computer. Later, Wes tells Travis that Darby hasn’t yet heard from the three suspects. As Travis is checking out the women on the dating site, he finds that Alex too has a profile on it.

He tries to hide it from Wes but Wes takes away the laptop and sees that Alex has an account. Just then there is an alert on Darby’s fake account. The cycle-guy who Darby was supposed to meet has messaged her and wants to meet her tomorrow. Wes is still upset about Alex’s dating account. He goes to her house to fix the wiring and asks her about the dating site. She tells him that they are divorced and that he need not worry about her. Wes and Travis meets the cycle-guy; the guy who Darby was supposed to meet. He tells them that he didn’t meet her as she did not turn up and he ended up hooking with the waitress at the bar. Next, at the office, Candle tells Wes about Ted and Paul, the two guys that Darby was supposed to meet.

Travis is surprised that candle actually likes Wes. Next, the duo meets Ted. Ted takes driving classes and is the ‘driver of the year’. Ted tells them that he did meet Darby, but she wasn’t his type and hence he never dated her again. Next they go to see Paul. He is a chemist. They arrive at his apartment but no one opens the door. Just then a guy walks out of the lift and he runs on seeing the cops. They chase him but it appears that he isn’t Paul as the picture from the dating profile is not him. They go back to the house and this time Paul’s mother opens the door. She tells them that she had set up his dating profile as she wanted him out of the house. But now the fact is that the guy they chased is actually Paul and his mother had used a different picture for the profile; she faked it. They enter Paul’s room. They find a lot of “pot” plants in his room. His mother hasn’t been in his room for two years.

They also find Darby’s tennis racket in the room. Travis remembers seeing a symbol on Paul’s bag pack. He knows where they could find Paul. Paul is a pot dealer. They go to the institution and they find Paul. Paul tells them that he liked Darby a lot and he didn’t kill her. She knew that he was a pot dealer as she had done a background check on him. He tells them that they did discuss about some of the guys she did a check on; they appeared to be a little shady. But they don’t buy whatever Paul says and he is still under arrest for murder. Next, Wes is still checking the details of one of the guys on the dating site. Travis figures out that Wes is trying to find out about the guy Alex was just going to date; Tango Phil. They go to the place where Phil takes his tango classes and sees him kissing a girl.

They barge in and threaten to arrest him for lying online. They make him call Alex and force him to tell her the entire truth. Alex cancels her date with Phil. Wes feels that there is a possibility that Paul is telling the truth that he did not kill Darby. It is possible that during the background checks, Darby must have found out something about one of her dates and that he must have killed her as he did not want the truth to be out. There is nothing to hide about Paul as the whole world knew that he is a pot dealer. Wes calls Kate and asks her to check Milo’s locket for the encryption code for Darby’s files. Kat finds the code. Candle finds out who the guy is; it is Ted Houseman, the driving instructor. His actual name is Roger Williams and the FBI has been looking for him for the last seven years as he was the driver in a Swiss bank heist.

They go to get Ted and Ted tries to escape. Wes chases him in a car and Travis is in a helicopter. They arrest Ted aka Roger Williams for the murder of Darby Jansen. Next, Sutton visits Ryan. He tells her that he thinks his wife Helen is cheating on him. Ryan tells him to take Helen out on a date and let her see the fantastic, courageous man she married. Sutton agrees. Wes meets Alex and gives her number to a guy who can do the repair works for her. He is safe as Wes has done a background check on him. At the office, Wes sees that he has received 47 emails from the dating site. It is Travis who has set up his account. And one of the girls who seem interested in Wes is Alex. The episode ends.