Ex-Factor - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes and Travis deciding on a place where they would have their next meal. Travis tells him that since he decided the previous day, it is his turn today. Next, the two are in Ryan’s office with food all over them. They tell the group what happened; just another fight. Next, we see that the Mayor of Beverly hills’ is kidnapped by some masked men. Meanwhile, Travis is surprised to see Phil at the office. Phil is his ex-partner. He is with Beverly Hills PD and he tells them that the Mayor got carjacked on their turf. Phil is accompanied by his wingman, Morgan Watkins. They are called for a meeting. Morgan updates the group that the carjacking was the work of a particular group and that this has to be top priority.

They have displayed the photos of five men, who work at a valet company. Wes finds something amiss. He tells Travis that the car that was stolen is very high end and that no one can easily disappear with it as it has tracking systems in it. They need to have a garage where they can disable theses systems. Wes asks Phil about “the truck” in which theses stolen cars are loaded and then driven out of the city. Captain Hirsh asks Phil to include Wes and Travis in the task force. Phil has to agree but is not too happy. Travis is upset that he has to work with Phil again as they have had problems in the past. Phil arrives and tells them that he has put the past behind and it is all good now. Phil asks them to stay in the office as the Head of the valet company is coming in. Phil and Morgan interrogate the Head. Travis feels that Phil knows that he and Wes don’t get along with each other and so he keeps rubbing that fact in his face.

He is also unhappy about the fact that Phil mentioned that the duo will be working “for’ him and not “with” him. Wes tells Travis that he shouldn’t be jealous because his old partner has done well for himself. He also reminds Travis that Phil is the head of the task force and so technically they are working “for” him. Travis wants to look good in front of Phil and doesn’t want to wash their dirty air in front of him. He tells Wes that they need to try to get along with each other. Wes tells him that they need to solve the case. Wes feels that it is a waste of time to go behind the valet company. They need to find the truck. Next, they go to meet T-Bone, Travis’ foster brother. He tells them that he would not rat-out on a colleague. Also, he doesn’t know about the truck that the duo is talking about. He gives them a list of all the equipments needed to rig a truck.

Wes infers that if they find out who purchased all these items, it could lead them to this group. At the office, Travis tells Wes that there should be surveillance footage from the streets around the places where the robberies took place. In one of the pictures, they find the face of the driver. Phil and Morgan arrive and inform the duo about a sting operation that is going to be conducted at the hotel from where the Mayor was carjacked. Wes and Travis are appointed to be as valets at the Regal Pacific. Just then Wes gets a tip that a similar kind of truck is spotted at a nearby area and that there is a restaurant around that area. Phil arrives and asks Travis to park his car. But instead they take Phil’s car to the restaurant. When they arrive at the spot, the masked men are about to rob another car. They announce themselves. But the masked men open fire and later manage to escape.

Travis feels that Phil is going to get them suspended. When the duo arrives at the office, Phil acts absolutely normal. He tells them that they did a good job and asks them to bury themselves into the case files. Travis feels that Phil is trying to get them stuck with the administrative job. Wes tells him that he is too caught up with the idea that his old partner is trying to screw him. At the group therapy, Ryan tells Travis that he should apologize to Phil for what happened between them. just then Phil calls and asks Travis if he could grab dinner with him. All are surprised. During dinner, Phil says a sorry for the past and tells Travis that they should become friends. Phil has also burnt a CD for Travis. Travis tells him that they should take baby steps towards their friendship. Morgan talks to Wes and tells him that he should get rid of Travis as Travis is weighing him down.

Wes tells him that he has no right to talk to him about his partner and asks him to mind his own business. Travis arrives; he is totally confused with the way Phil behaved. Just the Sutton arrives and tells them that the Mayor wants an update on the case and that Phil has suggested the two of them. Wes and Travis are shocked. They meet the Mayor and tell him about the truck. During their conversation, Travis also covers up for Phil. Morgan call Wes and apologizes for the conversation they had earlier. He tells him that Kendal has a lead on the guy who purchased the items for the rigged truck, Mr. Faulk. He also informs him that Phil has put them in charge of very lead they get on this case. They reach the address. They realize that Morgan set them up. Back at the office, Wes and Travis see that everyone is congratulating Phil for his good work.

Wes asks Kendal why she gave the address to Morgan. She says that they outrank them and hence she had to. They realize that all of it was just an act, and that Phil is still mad at Travis. Sutton calls Phil and Morgan into his office. He confronts them about the trick they pulled on Wes and Travis. Sutton defends his guys. But he also points out that the papers regarding the two being released from the task force have not yet been put in. So it will be Wes and Travis who would interrogate Mr. Faulk. They talk to Faulk and find out that someone got in touch with Faulk through emails and wanted him to build that truck. He also tells them that he had seen a midnight blue Mercedes with a “funny E” on it; <E>. It stands for Exempt and it means that it is a Government car. They know that LAPD has no money and they couldn’t afford a Mercedes.

Kendal runs a check and finds out that the Beverly Hills has a midnight blue Mercedes registered under them and it belongs to Richard Barnes; the Mayor. But later Wes takes a look at the photograph from the surveillance camera and finds out that it is Jeremy Barnes; the Mayor’s son. They figure out that this car- jacking takes place in most of the big events the Mayor is scheduled to attend. Sutton agrees to get a copy of the Mayor’s schedule. Wes and Travis perform a sting using one of BHPD’s car and they arrest the masked men. Meanwhile, Phil and Morgan arrest Jeremy. Morgan got a promotion. Phil wonders why Travis and Wes cut them in.

Travis tells him that whatever happened in the past is done. He wants to end it. Wes is impressed that Travis handled the whole thing very maturely. Travis fears that Phil stayed pissed at him for five years and that he could tart the whole thing once again. But Wes tells him about a lie on Morgan’s resume and so they have nothing to worry. The episode ends.