The T Word - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes and Travis arriving at a robbery homicide scene. The robber has a girl held as hostage. Travis tries to distract the guy by talking to him. The robber asks him to put down his gun and vest. He shoots at Travis but he misses his hot. Meanwhile, the SWAT team manages to get hold of the guy and rescue the girl. Next, Ryan wants our “odd couple” to do homework on trust where they have to tell each other a fact about their lives that they don’t know. Next, there is a robbery that takes place. When the duo arrives at the site, they see that there are other officers present at the scene. Special agent Carrie Demeiko introduces herself and her partner Tom Mills. They are from the FBI. Wes wants to know why the FBI is interested in a home invasion.

They are from the serial crime division and the group that robbed this place also robbed two mansions in the orange county. They are popularly known as the “Baby Faces”. Wes wants to know whether they have interviewed the witnesses. The agents act smart and they say that they are the FBI and they know their job; they have nothing from the neighbors. Wes then asks if they had questioned the neighbors’ kids. Well, that they didn’t. The kid tells them that those guys made some hand signals to each other. They figure out that those robbers were military. Well, the FBI agents missed that one as well. Travis knows those signals as he regularly plays a video game. It appears that the kid has drawn the pictures of the robbers and their guns. At the office, Travis feels that Carrie is giving him some vibes. But Wes says that if at all she would do something like that, it he would be her choice. Travis feels that Wes is attracted to Carrie.

But Wes denies it by saying that she is a colleague. Wes finds out that the guns are used by army rangers. Carrie tells them that her colleague will track down the discharged rangers. Travis tells her that if she gave him the list of rangers, he will track down the guy. Travis goes to meet his foster parents. His mom is glad to see him and so is his brother Jason. Jason was a ranger and he got discharged a couple of months back. Travis is meeting them after four years. Jason tells Wes that Travis was the best rally driver until the Judge ended his career. They tell Jason about the case. Jason doesn’t want to snitch on his fellow rangers. Jason tells them that many of them are his clients and he can’t tell things about them. Travis convinces him by saying that if any of them is violent and committing a crime, he would be doing the right thing by telling about them.

He tells them that he can’t help them. Wes and Travis leave. Travis points out that while they were talking about the case, Jason stared right at one picture for quite some time; Richard Novell. They go to his place. But Wes steps on a pressure plate and it is going to blow up if he steps off. But if he doesn’t step off, it will blow up in 90 seconds. Travis fills some buckets with water and they run away from the trap. It blows up. The bomb squad arrives and checks for more traps. But there are none. There is no sign of Richard in that house but the bomb squad guy asks them to check out the basement as it is really interesting down there. They go to the basement and they find weapons in there; enough to take down a small country. They report it. Carrie walks up to Travis and suggests a date. She gives him her card and asks him to keep the conversation private. They agree on a dinner date. Poor Wes! Travis was right about the vibes!! Next, our couple are at the therapy session and Ryan wants them to tell each other something that they are scared to tell. She wants Wes to tell Travis why he pulled a gun on him.

That is exactly the reason they are being sent to therapy. Just then they get a message; Richard is caught. They leave. Richard tells them that he supplied the baby faces with the ammo and guns. He didn’t see their faces as they were wearing the masks. But one of them had a Zippo lighter and he performed some tricks with it. Travis looks a little disturbed on learning that. He leaves. He meets Jason. He wants to smoke and doesn’t have a light. He asks Jason for a match. He pulls out his old Zippo and performs the old trick just as Travis remembers it; just like the way Richard described it. Travis is devastated. Travis is following Jason. Wes calls Travis and tells him that Richard told them that his clients leave him messages and he got a postcard from one of the baby faces. They are trying to track down that number. Travis asks Wes to cover for him. At the office, Carrie tries hitting on Wes as well!

Wes too gets Carrie’s card. Meanwhile, Jason leaves the building and it seems that he saw Travis keeping a watch on him. Travis tells him that if he is mixed up with something bad then he can help. Jason denies the allegations and he tells Travis that he will not be able to pin him down. Travis tells him that he will if he has to. Jason leaves. Wes calls him and tells Travis that they picked up a guy named Glen Marsh; ex-army. Travis arrives and they are interrogating Glen. Sutton comes in and tells them that Glen is not their guy as there has been another robbery. They arrive at the scene. The officer tells them that the MO is the same but this time they left something behind in the safe; it is a Zippo lighter. Travis corrects her saying that they didn’t leave it behind but they left it there. Travis goes out to make a call. Wes figures out there is something wrong. Travis tells Wes about Jason.

Wes tells him that he has always been jealous of him as he had no brothers, no family. He can understand what Travis might be going through. They decide to get hold of the baby faces. Travis meets his foster mother. She knows what is going on. She tells him that she looked into Jason’s computer and that the research he was doing on the houses. The addresses matched the ones where the robberies took place. She tells him that there is a fifth address. The cops are at the address when the Baby faces arrive. They open fire. Jason tries to run away. But Travis chases him and throws him to the ground. Te two brothers draw their guns at each other. But Wes shoots at Jason’s arm from a distance. Jason is arrested. At the therapy, Travis tells Ryan that he is sure that he can trust Wes and he wants to leave it at that.

But Wes has something to confess; his date with Carrie. But Wes is shocked to learn that Travis too has Carrie’s card with him. The group laughs. The special agent played the both of them. Well, Ryan states that men can be easily manipulated. The episode ends.