Performance Anxiety - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes and Travis staking out for a criminal. Wes tells Travis that he better be right about the information as half of the LAPD is also waiting for this guy. Travis seems positive about this information. Just then they see a guy around the corner; he is running and trying to escape. The cops are chasing him. The duo also chases him. The guy is arrested. Next, at the group therapy session, they discuss about “performance anxiety”. Meanwhile, a middle aged couple tip their way into a famous club. The husband has promised his wife that he would take her to a famous club where she could meet some famous people. The bartender ignores his order for an apple-tini. He is irritated and draws out his gun. He fires three shots at the ceiling and gets the attention he wanted.

He places his order. At the office, Travis tells Wes that with their previous arrest, they are really close to 400. The whole office applauds the duo for 398 arrests. Sutton tells them that with 400 arrests they would reach the LAPD region of honor. Sutton then tells them about the latest case. It is about the couple at the club. The duo goes to the club and talks to the bartender. She tells them that the man had an accent. She also tells them that he had a silver bracelet on his wrist with a lot of charms on it; like the ones in the play cards. But the wife did not say a word the whole time and she had the exact same bracelet on her wrist. Wes figures out that the couple like to play bridge; also that they were southerners. Travis adds that they were from the Texas Panhandle region. Wes does a search and finds information about the rich couple, Jim and Maria Bergen and they are from Texas.

They find out the Hotel they are staying at. Travis is slightly nervous. With these two arrests their number would be 400. But Wes considers this to be another takedown; just like the ones earlier. Wes plans the arrest; he would enter from the front of the Hotel and asks Travis to take the back. But then they have some confusion about the front and the back and they end up at the door of the room the couple is staying in. the couple hears the arguing and escapes. They lost the couple. Wes is wondering what just happened and Travis quotes Ryan’ “performance anxiety”. At the therapy, Ryan tells the duo that they should learn to communicate rather than blame each other for things that go wrong. During dinner, a girl walks up to Wes and asks him out on a date. She gives him her card. Wes looks confident when he enters office the next day. He shows the card to Travis.

The girl is Carine Thompson and she is a high flying executive. Travis warns him about “performance anxiety”. Just then an officer walks in and updates the duo about the latest robbery that took place. It was the Bergen couple. They check the surveillance footage and feel that here is something odd about the wife. She doesn’t talk or keep a watch on the door. They think that it is possible that she is not a partner at all. Travis finds out more about Jim. Jim worked as a claims adjuster for 20 years until his company went broke, and CEO looted the pension of the employees. Just then Wes gets a call. The call was from Maria’s sister. Maria had given her sister her cell phone number to keep in touch. Now Wes has that number. They call the number. Maria tells asks them for help and she gives them a partial address. She sounds scared. They rush to the address.

They find two security guards with a piece of note. The couple has managed to get away this time as well. The note is written by Maria and it says that she fears something bad is going to happen as Jim is getting worse. He keeps talking about the end. She feels that Jim might harm her. Wes and Travis then go to the coroner with some pills they find in that house. She tells them that some are aspirins, some oil supplementary and the rest is an anti-inflammatory; prescription only. It is prescribed for chronic illnesses. Next, Wes is out with Carine and tells her about his life. Carine feels that he hasn’t moved on and that she hopes he does. Meanwhile, Travis tells Amy that Jim was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

Wes sees Travis talking to Amy and he acts a little weird. Wes is irritated that he managed to ruin the date. At the therapy, both of them agreed that maybe they are nervous about completing the target. Moreover, both of them feel that might be at the hotel they were on the wrong side. So, we see that there is some real communication happening as they have stopped blaming each other. Wes asks Travis as to why was Jim Bergen shooting blanks as they found no bullets at the club. Travis has no idea. Just then they get a call and leave from the session. The Bergens pulled off another robbery. The manager gives them the details. But he also adds that the wife didn’t say or do much. He tells them that when he asked her for a drink, while her husband went to the bathroom, she declined. Wes wonders as to why Maria didn’t try to run when she had the time to. She is either too scared to run or she is lying that she is doing this against her will.

They then realize that if she acts this way then she gets to walk scot free and the money can be hidden with her. Moreover they figure out that the couple isn’t on a crime spree but they are on a vacation. It is like they are ticking off a bucket list. They then check online and it appears that the couple is following a list they found online. So now they know the next place the Bergens would visit. Wes and Travis brief the team about the plan. The duo will be going to the last place in the itinerary as it is going to have some rich people attending. It is the museum. Wes and Travis are at the museum with the team. The Bergens walk in. Jim notices a cop and then draws his gun and points at Maria. Wes and Travis talk to him and tell him that they know the entire story. He is convinced and he drops his weapon. They arrest him. They then talk to Maria and tell her that they could let her go home.

They found all the money in her travel bag and also matched her handwriting from her “to do” list with the forms she filled at the restaurants. But Wes tells her that they would put down in the report that she was held hostage and would let her go and the 30 grand they stole in the past few days would be returned to the store owners. She is happy. Travis tells Wes that they could have completed their target by arresting the both of them. But Wes tells him that he was being compassionate. Later, Wes goes and talks to Carine and tells her that they could give it one more try. He apologizes for ruining their previous date by talking only about his ex-wife. But then he finds out that Carine is engaged as well. But she invites him to her room and tells him that no one needs to know anything about whatever they do.

Next day at the therapy, Wes tells the group that he had taken the first step towards getting over his previous relationship. He was down with the idea of having sex; but he did not go through with it. He feels that the idea counts. No one in the room agrees with him as it isn’t equivalent to having sex. At the office, Travis is on a roll; he baskets every ball and wins a few bucks by beating with his colleagues. Just then Wes walks in and tells him that he would like to challenge him. Wes says that if Travis misses another basket, then Wes would win. He tries to play Travis mentally. Wes increases his bet to 20, then 50 and then 100. He is trying to make Travis nervous. Moreover this time there is audience as well. But Travis successfully baskets the ball. The episode ends.