Role Play - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes and Travis “in pursuit” of a robbery. They end up arguing about the characteristics that are required for a good pursuit. Travis says that they should listen to Hip hop and Wes is in favor of smooth jazz. At the group session, Wes tells Ryan that he cannot keep doing the role playing sessions. Especially when he is being asked to play the role of a father and Travis is being told to play the cool, romantic love interest. Ryan then decides that the participants should now play the role of their partners; because by becoming them, you get to understand them better. Travis does an amazing job in enacting Wes. Next, we see a woman calling 911 and telling them that there is an intruder in her store.

She asks for help. She is sitting on a chair with both her hands tied. She then drops the phone and cries for help. Cut to Wes and Travis arriving at the crime scene. Travis tells Wes that he is going to act like Wes and show him how difficult it is to be with him. They enter the store. A cop tells them that the victim’s name is Beth Boyd and she is the owner of the store. Someone broke into the store, tied her up and they strangled her. She gave 911 the name of her attacker; Kevin Boyd, her husband. Just then Beth’s step sister arrives; she has been called to identify the body. Travis is still acting like Wes and the cop calls him a “dick”. Travis then talks to the sister. She tells them that Beth and Kevin hated each other and they were going through a divorce. But they still had to see each other every day as Kevin owns the place next to Beth’s shop as they had bought the whole row.

But when things went south, they couldn’t decide how to split it up and so they dug in. just then Kevin arrives and asks Suzan, the sister as to what is going on. Suzan lashes out at Kevin. They interrogate Kevin. Kevin tells them that he has been drinking last night and he doesn’t remember a thing; but he says that he did not kill Beth. His lawyer is present as well. They make them listen to the 911 call in which Beth states that Kevin has attacked her. Kevin and his lawyer are at a loss for words. He tells them that it is Beth’s voice but he isn’t that kind of a man. Kevin is ready to co-operate. Travis notices a mark at the back of his hand. He tells them that it is from a dance bar and that he did not have it until last evening. He just doesn’t remember anything. The duo decides to go to the bar.

The manager and the dancer at the bar tell them that Kevin was at the bar last evening and he left around midnight. The manager tells them that since Kevin wanted to keep his night going, the manager suggested that he could go to a casino which is sort of illegal. Travis is still going on with the role play. Wes tells him that now he would show him what kind of a maniac Travis is. Wes seems to go a little overboard. They do some interrogation at the casino and infer that the time window Kevin had could never support the murder. They feel that Beth just panicked and assumed that it was Kevin who broke into the store. There is someone else who wanted Beth killed. Moreover Kevin volunteered to give his DNA after he heard the 911 recording. Next day, Travis is in a suit and everyone notices him.

Sutton too comments that Travis has successfully captured Wes’ essence. Wes notices that Travis has cleaned his desk and he is not too happy about it. Wonder why is that? Sutton then tells them that the forensics went through Beth’s hard drive and found out that she was been harassed by an ex-con who used to deliver materials to her shop. She filed for a restraining order as well. But then she stopped when she learned that the company had lain off the ex-con. They meet him and he tells the duo that he did not kill Beth. Instead he is thankful to her as it was because of her that he is doing his current job which he is enjoying a lot. He addresses Travis as “Sir”. That is a first! Thanks to the suit!!

Just then Wes gets a call and he tells Travis that the forensics has found some skin traces under Beth’s nails and it matches Kevin’s DNA. But Kevin’s lawyer got him out on bail this morning. The duo then arrives at Kevin’s store. The cops tell them Kevin is going to blow up the place as he says that he cannot live know that he is a murderer. They enter the store and try to talk to Kevin. He shows them the scratch marks on his body. He is convinced that he killed Beth as all the evidence is stacked up against him. But the duo isn’t convinced. They asks him to let them take him in and run tox tests. The next day, Wes is dressed up in a pair of jeans and jacket; trying to imitate Travis and Travis has bought himself a new suit. The forensics expert tells them that Kevin was given a date rape drug. They go the restaurant Kevin remembers going to before he blacked out.

They interrogate Suzan as she owns the restaurant. She tells them that she had informed Beth that Kevin was coming over. Beth gave Suzan a bottle of whiskey and asked her to serve him from the same bottle. She tells them that she thought that Beth wanted him to pass out so that she could take his DNA and frame him for assault. She was ready to help her sister. But instead of passing out, he blacked out and killed Beth. They discuss this with Sutton. They feel that Beth tried to frame Kevin so that she could get all the property. So she tied herself to the chair and her death was an accident. Now it is Sutton’s turn in the role play; but there is no way Beth could have tied herself to the chair the way it was shown in the pictures from the crime scene.

Moreover, looking at the knots, they infer that the person who had helped Beth was left handed. They listen to the 911 call Beth made. There is a pause when she says Help Me the second time. They get the recording digitized so that they could hear the voice of the other person. It is a woman. And the voice says “I am sorry”. They go to meet Suzan and discover that she is left handed. She tries to escape. They arrest her. They tell Kevin that the sisters were trying to frame him; but then since Suzan’s restaurant was bleeding and she needed the money, she thought of taking Beth out of the way so that she could get all the money. Kevin thanks them in believing in him and leaves. At the therapy session, our odd couple admits to the fact that they both need each other. Role play well played! The episode ends.