Joint Custody - Recap

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The episode begins at the group therapy session where Wes tells one of the couple there that they cannot let their son live in their house without some sense of responsibility. He uses an incident about a stapler, where Wes and Travis fight over a stapler. The other members feel that Wes is trying to control things as he has lost control over his life. Now, how did we get here? Next, we see the police are at a stake out in a neighborhood. They are monitoring the moves of a guy, when some other man walks up and shoots the guy. And then the man walks up to the guy and shoots at him once more. A police officer, Randy Fletcher, with her dog rushes towards the scene. The dog rushes at our shooter and tries to stop him getting into the car. The shooter then fires at the police officer and then gets into his car and drives away.

Next, Travis and Wes arrive at the hospital inquiring about Fletcher. Fletcher is fine and will recover soon. Fletcher calls for Sutton. Wes and Travis have been assigned the case. Fletcher gives them the description of the shooter and tells them that her dog Hudson might have got a piece of his pants. She tells them that if they get close to the shooter, Hudson can identify him. She wants Hudson to partner up with them. Travis asks the team about the operation and its details. They identify the bullet casings. They also tell them that they were there to arrest a guy named Louise Garza, who works for Jones. But one of them thinks that this is not a business thing. It might have a romantic angle involved. A guy name Garza shot Barrod on the leg and Garza wouldn’t testify against him as he wanted to handle the matter his own way.

They first need to get hold of Barrod, while Wes and Travis would look out for the drug cartel Jones used to buy drugs from; the long wolves. Next, Fletcher hands over Hudson’s daily routine to Wes and Travis. They then go to the Long Wolves shooting center. Wes and Travis perform a small skit to get the guys draw their guns. One of them is left handed; this fits Fletcher’s description and also the gun the man matched the name the forensics gave them. They take him with them. He tells them that he did not kill Garza as he was at a gay bar last afternoon; a secret he is keeping from the rest of the group. Hudson sniffs the guy and does not react. Wes checks on the guy’s alibi; he is telling the truth. At the office, Travis tells Wes that he has a date tonight. Travis is making out with his date; but when they enter the bedroom, Hudson is on the bed and he starts barking at her.

Travis calls Wes and tells him to take the dog with him as Hudson is freaking out on Kelly, his date. Wes agrees on one condition; at the therapy Travis has to admit that Wes was right! Wes picks up Hudson from Travis’ apartment. Next day, at the therapy, Travis admits that he lost his staplers. Wes doesn’t want Travis to take care of Hudson. He is now starting to like Hudson. Travis does not agree with this as he likes Hudson too. Ryan suggests Wes taking care of Hudson at nights and Travis could take care of him during the day. At the office, Sutton tells the duo that he received a tip about Barrod’s hideout. Wes, Travis and Hudson reach the place. Wes enters the house and Barrod escapes through the window. Wes chases him and Travis comes in from the other side and pins him down.

Barrod tells them that they got the wrong person. They take him to the station. Barrod’s lawyer is there too. They bring in Hudson and once again he does not react. Well, Hudson exonerated Barrod! One of the officers tells the duo that the ballistics report says that the bullets of the gun found at Barrod’s is an exact match to the ones that killed Garza. Wes says that it is not clear as to how that gun got outside Barrod’s safe house. They can confirm nothing at the moment. The officer finds it ridiculous that the duo is basing their judgment on Hudson’s reaction. At night, Hudson is with Wes and he is continuously barking as he is able to smell marijuana. The hotel manager asks Wes to make alternative arrangements for Hudson. Wes calls Travis; but Travis is in bed with Kelly and tells him that he can’t bring over Hudson to his place.

Wes then takes Hudson to Alex’s house. She has prepared the couch for Wes. The next day, Wes arrives at the office with Hudson. Travis tells him that the person who tried to set up Barrod made the call from a PCO in front of a gas station. He also informs him of the security camera mounted on top of the front door of the gas station. So they have a partial view of the pay phone. They take a closer look at the shooter’s vehicle. Just then one of their colleagues arrives and tells them that they need to check on Hudson. Hudson is lying on the floor and he isn’t moving. Looking at the bottle of solvent lying nearby, they assume that he drank it. But later the vet tells them that there was no solvent found in his system; instead there were traces of poisonous substance in his stomach. Someone tried to kill Hudson.

They infer that someone at the station did it; it has to be a cop. The vet then tells them that Hudson wants to meet them and that they can take him home. Sutton is giving a speech at a meeting; they have gathered to mourn over Hudson’s death. Meanwhile, Travis and Wes take Hudson to the locker room as they want to find out who tried killing Hudson. Hudson jumps at a locker which belongs to J. Hawkes. They tells Sutton that Hawkes is the dirty cop. When he had gone to shoot Garza he saw that he was surrounded by cops. So he shot Fletcher and then tried moving their focus towards Barrod. They have information that Hawkes goes to the docks at 6 in the morning. They also go to the docks. Hawkes arrives at the docks; his ride is the one that was seen in the surveillance footage. They have surrounded the docks. Wes and Travis announce themselves.

Hawkes tries to escape but they get him. On seeing Hawkes, Hudson begins to bark. Hawkes is surprised to see Hudson alive. Next, Wes is sitting in his room and Alex arrives. He forgot Hudson’s slushy at her place the other night. She has come to return it. She thinks that he should get a dog for himself. Wes arrives to meet Fletcher and Travis is there too. Travis wants to tell Fletcher that Hudson was poisoned when he was in his care and that he feels responsible for it. Wes is there to return Hudson’s doll. They both go in. Travis offers to take Hudson for his afternoon exercise. Wes too wants to take him. they both take Hudson out for a walk. The episode ends.