Odd Couples - Recap

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The episode begins with our “odd couple” arriving early for the group therapy session. The couples are discussing about their romantic issues. Well, our odd couple aren’t really a couple; so they have nothing much to contribute in this discussion. Meanwhile, Jake along with the entire SWAT team arrives at a place with a convict. The convict has told them that they can find a huge amount of cash buried at that particular spot. The convict then digs to recover the money while the team stands watching him. He finds a box and opens it. But instead of cash there are weapons and grenades in that box. The convict draws a gun and points it at Jake.

The convict shoots a cop and asks the rest to put their weapons down; he has held Jake at gun point. He then shoves Jake in a car and drives away. Next, Sutton educates the team about Cooper, the convict who escaped. He tells them that 10 years ago, Cooper stole a large sum of money and hid is somewhere. Cooper escaped this weekend and the FBI wants their help. Sutton also tells them about the DA who he took along with him. He feels that there is a chance that the money is still in LA. He tells Kate and Amy to look up some of Cooper’s old associates. He tells Wes and Travis to go and meet the author who wrote a book about Cooper. They go to meet the author and Travis asks her if Cooper contacted her. She tells them that this could be the best publicity for the book, but she hasn’t been contacted by Cooper. She tells them that Cooper is a genius as he hid five million dollars in a populated city in less than half an hour.

Travis feels that there is something not right about the author; her empathy towards Cooper is bothering him. They then try to narrow down the area where Cooper could have hidden such a large sum of money in such short time. They come up with the name of a building and the address. They arrive at the reception and the receptionist tells them that there is already another cop downstairs. They rush to the basement and just then there is an explosion and the sprinklers are set in motion. They see a man trying to escape. He fires at them. They run after him; but he escapes. They arrive at the office; Travis still feels that the author is the only connection Cooper has on the outside. He also feels that she is in love with him. But Wes does not agree with this theory. They go to meet Sutton and Travis tells him that he about his doubts regarding the author; Lisa Clarke. Sutton tells them that they will set up surveillance.

Next, our odd couple move into an apartment together and Travis tries to portray that they are gay. Wes isn’t too sure; but Travis says that this could be their cover and no one will suspect that they are gay. Travis then sets up a camera to keep a watch on Lisa. Her phones are being tapped as well. Wes then sees that Lisa leaves her apartment. He radios the cops waiting outside Lisa’s building. Wes hands over a device to Travis and Travis enters Lisa’s apartment to plant that device. Travis walks into the kitchen to get some cookies. He then sees a box with some correspondence in it. Travis fools around with Wes a bit, plants the bug and then leaves. Sutton arrives with some fried chicken and booze. He tells Travis to get some more booze. Just then they hear Lisa’s doorbell ring; it the pizza delivery boy. But they didn’t hear her order for pizza.

They tell Travis to rush to check on the pizza guy. Wes arrives as well. There is a note in the pizza which for Lisa which suggests a meeting. The boy tells them that a man was waiting outside his shop and gave him 100 bucks to put the note in there. They ask him to deliver the pizza with the note. They put a microphone pen on him and ask him not to tell Lisa about them. Sutton tells the duo that Travis was right about Lisa. Well, Travis begins his victory dance!! Next day, at the therapy session, Travis praises Wes’ cooking. On the other hand, Wes tells the group that Travis is a horrible roommate as he offers no help and he litters the entire apartment. He calls Travis a monster. Travis is angry and tells Wes that he didn’t expect Wes to keep all this bottled up and wait to vent it out during therapy.

He says that Alex couldn’t live with him for the same reason as no one knows what is going on in Wes’ mind. Next, Lisa leaves for the scheduled meeting. The FBI and the LAPD are in position. Lisa reaches the park. A jogger arrives and talks to her. But they see that he is not Cooper. After a brief conversation, the jogger leaves and Lisa heads back to her car. Travis tells Wes that Lisa is playing them. She is testing to see if she is being followed. Kate and Amy arrive at the apartment and see that it is in a mess. Wes tells them that he is trying to teach Travis a listen and Travis tells them that he is driving Wes crazy for trying to teach him a lesson. Just then they hear a knock on Lisa’s door; it is Cooper. Wes, Kate and Amy rush to her apartment. But before they could leave, they hear a gun shot. She shot Cooper.

Next, we see Lisa in the interrogation room. She tells them that she shot him in self defense. Travis tries his best, but she doesn’t budge from her statement. Wes has no questions. Jake and Sutton see this as a dead end. Travis is frustrated as he saw her kill him. But there is nothing that can be done about it. The stolen cash is FBI’s headache. Travis is pissed and he is about to leave to stalk Lisa as he is sure that the money is around somewhere and she knows about it. He is also upset with Wes as he did not support him with his theory. So this time, he goes alone on this mission as he does not want Wes to do him any favors. Travis is on a stake out; he is waiting outside the pizza joint. Minutes later, Lisa arrives. She goes in and pulls out a huge bag with the stolen cash in it.

Travis walks in with his gun drawn at Lisa. Just then the prison guard who was driving the car earlier with Cooper in it arrives and hand cuffs Travis. Travis now figures out that it was her idea to interview Cooper, get to know the prison guard and then device this whole plan. They are about to leave, and Wes arrives. There is a gunfight. But Lisa and the prison guard manage to escape. After a short chase, Lisa and the guard get arrested. At home, Wes tells Travis that he has really solved this case and that he has got great instincts.

He tells him that in the future he will try to support it. Travis tells him that his own house is spotless and that is because that is his own. He grew up in foster homes which were never a permanent thing and so if he had started to care about them, then he would be a mess himself. Hence, he never kept this stake out apartment clean and tidy. Wes understands. The episode ends.