In-Laws Vs. Outlaws - Recap

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The episode begins with the cops arriving at a crime scene, where there are four men shot and a bag full of cash is lying on the ground. One of the cops finds a man hiding under a car. He tells them that he had come there to take a nap in between pickups, when he saw the two men shouting and then they started shooting at each other. He did have a good look at the guys who are arguing. But before he could say something, our witness who has been drinking, wants to throw up and he is taken away. At the group therapy, the issue for the day is “issues with the mother-in-laws”. Well, our odd couple gets a message from Dan Noone, Travis’ mentor and they leave. Wes and Travis arrive at the crime scene.

He is glad to see him. He tells Travis that it was a drug deal and they had got information about it and hence they had set up surveillance. But by the time they got there, the men were dead. One of the four dead bodies is their informer’s. He also tells them about the witness. Well, it appears that someone wanted all the money for himself. The witness is still puking. Wes goes to check on him. But the door is locked. The witness is Charlie Perez. Wes calls out to Charlie. But on getting no reply, they break open the door. Charlie is not in; he escaped through the window. In the office, the whole team is discussing the case. The limo is registered under the name of Charles Perez, but when they checked, he is not their guy. Just then Fred Bandack walks in. He was Wes’ mentor.

Fred tells the team that the witness is Carlos Perez and he runs his business under the name Charles. Well, Wes and Travis think that they Perez might not be the witness but the shooter. Noone tells Travis that this whole thing is looking ugly for him; a dead informant and also he let a guy slip away. Travis tells him that he is in Narcotics and in such operations, one has to take risks. It appears that Noone’s boss is trying to find a reason to suspend him. Travis tells him that he can handle the situation with his boss. Travis then goes to meet Fred. Fred tells them that the crime scene hasn’t been adequately photographed. They go to the crime scene. Fred is too meticulous and he takes his own sweet time. Travis wants to ditch Fred and go do some investigation as it is their case.

But Fred doesn’t budge from his ways. Wes and Travis leave the crime scene as Fred lays down his handkerchief and sits on the ground to analyze. Wes and Travis arrive at Charlie’s address. They break open the door and enter the house. They find Perez’s wife and daughter hiding under the table. Charlie isn’t at home and he had told his family that his men might arrive to hurt them and they were about to leave. He gave them some money and ran off with the rest. She tells them that Charlie wanted to start his business and so he had to change his name to get some loan; he is an ex-con and hence it was very difficult for him. He then met a guy name Miguel. The wife tells them that Miguel owns a car wash company and he had made Charlie do something in return of the money he gave Charlie. The duo goes to talk to Miguel.

But when they arrive at the car wash company, they see a gun on the front desk and just then a man arrives and starts firing at them. There is a gun fight. Miguel comes out and tells his men to put their guns down. He tells the cops that the men are his bodyguards and they shot at them as they thought the two were there to harm Miguel. Miguel tells them that he knows nothing about the drug deal. He called his bodyguards as Charlie attacked him. He had lent Charlie some money and Charlie always paid back on time. But this time he went crazy and attacked him. Wes then gets a text message from Fred. After four and half hours of analyzing, Fred has come up with something. Fred found a spot of blood on the vehicle’s tyre and this blood does not match with the four dead men and Charlie as well.

So there was someone else there! Fred through his sources has found out that this was done by El Igeniero. But Noone says that he has been in Narcotics and El is nothing but a fairy tale. Fred thinks otherwise. El is the gunman they are looking for. Fred and Noone have their difference in opinion. Wes tells them that they need to check on Charlie’s cousin who also drives a limo; maybe Charlie might get in touch with him. Meanwhile, they would also take a look at Fred’s lead. Wes and Travis are tired of working with their mentors. Fred tells Wes that his department of Missing persons is being consolidated; he is being forced to retire. But he believes that if they arrest El, he has a chance to stay in duty. Now there is a problem, Wes and Travis have promised the arrest on this case to their bosses; quite a sticky situation.

At the office, Noone tells Travis that they tapped into Charlie’s cousin’s cell phone and it appears that Charlie is planning to escape in the limo the cousin is going to dump at some place. Fred is waiting for Wes in the office. Travis and Noone leave. They are waiting for Charlie and he arrives in a cab. They arrest Charlie. None wants to sit for the interrogation and Wes says that he cannot. It is not Narcotics and so Noone shouldn’t be there. They both turn to Travis and Travis tells Noone that this is Wes’ case and that he cannot be cut out of it. During the interrogation, Charlie tells them that he had nothing to do with the shooting. All he did was return a favor for the money he borrowed. He had to pick up a man from some place. The man was white, and had two different colored eyes.

Fred knows that he is talking about El. Charlie continues saying that he drops El at the garage and El gets out of the car and starts shooting everybody. Fred and Noone want their successors to follow different lines of questioning. Poor things, they know what to do! Fred and Noone get into an argument and theses two wonder if they look the same when they fight. In that case, they definitely need a lot more therapy. Wes and Travis decide to leave their mentors out of the case. They go back in to talk to Charlie. Charlie sent his lawyer away as he has no need for a lawyer. He then admits that there was no one else in the garage and he is the one who shot the four men. Wes isn’t sure that Charlie is telling the truth. He seems scared and Wes wants to know why. Charlie tells them that he is not scared.

Later, Wes checks on Charlie’s lawyer and there is no one by the name of James Wilder. Travis is looking at the surveillance footage. The man who came in for Charlie Perez has managed to hide his face from the camera. But then they manage to find a reflection f this man on one of the glasses. They then get a clearer picture of the reflection. The Hotel staff identifies this man and he tells the duo that this man had different colored eyes. Wes and Travis talk to Charlie again. Charlie tells them that El has got his wife and daughter with him. They know that Niguel knows something about El. Noone and Fred arrive. Noone tries to take over but Travis asks him to stay off. Noone agrees but he tells Travis that he really wants to help. He asks them if they are ready to get their hands dirty.

They then bring in Miguel and Wes and Travis tell Miguel that they are going to charge him for shooting at them at the carwash. Miguel tells them that he wasn’t holding any gun; but the detectives tell him that they are going to do exactly the same if he doesn’t give them information they want. Miguel tells them that El is leaving the country tomorrow morning. The next day, the team arrives at the aerodrome and they manage to arrest El and rescue Charlie’s family. In the process, Noone gets shot. Noone tells Travis to give the arrest to Fred as he needs it more. In the office, Sutton tells them that Charlie has agreed to testify against the cartel and he and his family have been assigned for the WITSEC program. Travis tells Sutton that this arrest goes to Fred.

But Fred walks in and tells them that this arrest is theirs and that he will find something else to do. He tells them that they have turned into fine detectives. Sutton tells Fred that it is because of people like him and Noone that the department has such fine detectives like Wes and Travis. Fred takes their leave. The episode ends.