Hot For Teacher - Recap

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The episode begins with Wes arriving early for the therapy session. Ryan asks him as to how is he liking the therapy. He says that initially he disliked it but now he is beginning to like it. She then asks him if he is ready for the next step; private sessions. Saying that she gets up, sits on his lap, unbuttons his shirt and is about to kiss him, when the phone rings. Wes snaps out of his dream! It is Travis and he tells him that they have got a new breakthrough in the hijacking case. It is a guy named Barry, who tips off the hijackers about the routes of the trucks. He is using a personal email account. They are waiting for Barry outside his house. Wes confides in Travis about his dream.

Travis is very interested and wants to know the details. Just then Barry arrives. They announce themselves and he tries to run. Why do they think that they can always get away? Barry is arrested and brought to the office. Wes and Travis see that Ryan is in their office. They go and meet her and she tells them that her fiancé, Robert was attacked last night. Robert walks out of Sutton’s office and Ryan introduces him to Wes and Travis. Wes knows Robert as he has seen him on television. Robert is into building malls. Wes and Travis want to know what happened; but Ryan tells Sutton that they shouldn’t as it could be a conflict of interest. Ryan leaves. Robert vaguely mentions that it was a case of mugging and he leaves. Sutton tells them to stay away as she is their doctor and that they have to crack a hijacking ring.

Wes gets Barry an laptop and asks him to email his guys about a truck that could be hijacked. He does as told and next we see that Wes and Travis are in a truck full of 800 air bags! Wes is discussing about Robert and Travis tells him that he should tell Ryan about his “passionate feelings” for her. Just then the hijackers arrive and they decide to continue their conversation later. They manage to arrest the hijackers and now, one hijacking ring is out of the list! They have solved this one and wonder which one to take up next. Wes sees that Steifvater, the officer who has been assigned Robert’s case is doing the day shift and so they could check on what is happening on Robert’s case. They go to him and it appears that he has a lot of cases and he is also being audited. He has no time to do a favor case for Sutton.

Travis manages to flick Robert’s case file and they leave. It appears that Robert goes to check a construction site and he gets jumped over by two African-American who cloaked him on his way to his BMW. He didn’t see their faces. They go to the construction site and talk to the night watchman. The watchman tells them that he is confused; one guy did hit Robert but he wasn’t black. Robert told him not to call the cops. The watchman also describes the attacker. They check the site where Robert was attacked. They then see a rectangular hole dug and it is cemented; but the cement is wet. One of the guys at the site has equipment which works like an ultrasound. He runs it over that cement and they see a face! Who is that? A dead body for starters.

Next, Robert arrives and they show him the equipment and the face on the screen. He is shocked on seeing the dead body and Wes says that his mugging story doesn’t sound too credible. He tells them that at times he needs to do certain things to keep his work going. He says that the head of steam and pipe fitters union, Aaron, is not a good guy and Robert had to give him some cash to ensure that his workers would show up. He then describes the guy. He tells them not to tell Ryan about any of this as they are about to get married in two months. Sutton is pissed as they have gotten involved in this case. Travis tells him about the sex dreams Wes has been having. It appears that Sutton had them too! He suggests that Wes should talk to Ryan about it.

Next, Wes and Travis arrive for the session and Wes tells Ryan about the dreams. Ryan says that it is normal and she asks Travis if he gets the dreams. Travis says a no. Ryan asks Wes to leave them alone. She then removes her dress and is about to walk up to Travis, when Travis wakes up from his dream!! He is having them too. They then go to the coroner’s lab and she tells them that the victim was Craig Seward, a lawyer and one of the worst ones on the planet. She says that there is the assailant’s DNA found in the victim’s nails; but no match yet. Wes wonders why the Armenian mob would want to kill Craig. They need to find a connection between Aaron and Craig. One of the attackers that Robert described with the tattoo belongs to a guy named Carl. He served two years for aggravated assault. He is out on parole.

He is working in a dog shop. They go to the shop. They find Carl and when they say they are from the LAPD, Carl has a dog attack them. They jump on to the cages. Wes tricks the dog to walk into one of the cages and Travis chases Carl. Travis arrests Carl. During the interrogation, Carl tells him that he did not kill anyone. Just then Timothy walks in and Carl tells him that he did not call for a lawyer. Aaron has sent him. Sutton arrives with the DNA results; it isn’t a match with Carl. Wes tells Carl that he did bury the body for his boss and so he isn’t free yet. Timothy also represents Aaron. Timothy tells them that Aaron is ready to cooperate in this investigation. It appears that he has gotten a nose job done. They send him to the lab for the DNA swab.

Next day, at the therapy session, Travis tells Ryan and the group about Wes’ dreams. Wes says that Travis is having them too. Ryan is not embarrassed. Most of them in the room has had the; even a woman has. It only means that they have accepted the therapy at a subconscious level. So, nothing to worry! Next, they call the night watchman and ask him to identify the attacker from a line-up. But the watchman says that the attacker isn’t there. Robert will have to go public and by doing that Ryan will know about it. Sutton tells them that since they have started it, they have to live with it. They go to Robert as he saw the man who buried the dead body on his construction site. He is reluctant. But just then Ryan arrives and is shocked to see the duo.

They tell her that they are investigating the case. Robert decides to tell her everything. Later she tells the duo that Robert will identify the guy and also provide his DNA. The duo then talk to Carl and ask him to cooperate so that they can cut a deal with the DA regarding his sentence; as he will be charged with conspiracy. He tells them that Aaron sent him an email to collect something and then dump it at the construction site. Just then Timothy is sending a message saying “KARL FLIPPED”. Travis sees that and takes away the phone. They arrest Aaron. Aaron is brought to the station and he is ready to talk. Timothy tries to run out, but Sutton manages to knock him to the ground. Next, we see that the duo explains the case to Ryan.

Aaron and his lawyer have been friends since childhood and Timothy and Craig went to law school together. Timothy ran into some trouble and he assigned Craig to represent him. He then started telling Craig about his deals with Aaron. Craig started blackmailing Timothy. Timothy paid him for few months but then Timothy snapped. So he asked Aaron to handle this and hence Carl got involved. Now all of them are in jail. They apologize to Ryan. Wes notices that Ryan isn’t wearing her engagement ring. She is also terminating their therapy. She refers then to another doctor. They visit their new therapist.

On arriving for the session, they find a man talking to himself. They think he too is there for therapy; but it appears that “this man” is their therapist. Well, they need to find a way to get Ryan to take them back. The episode ends.