Gun! - Recap

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The episode begins with Travis shouting out aloud; a part of therapy. It is Wes’ turn and Wes cannot do it. Their new therapist is trying some new techniques and Wes and Travis are not able to co-operate. The therapist then cuts a deal with them; he tells them that their presence is bringing down the energy of the class and so he wants them to stop coming to therapy. Couple of months later he would call their Captain and tell him that they have improved and are doing better because of the therapy. They take the deal. Next, Wes and Travis are at a stakeout and Travis mentions that Pacman’s birthday is coming up. Their suspects arrive. As they are about to announce themselves and arrest the two, some other guys from their department suddenly spring up and take the suspects down.

Next time, a little heads up will be appreciated! One of the guys tells them that Pacman’s birthday is coming up and that they should stop by for some beer. Travis is agitated and is about to charge on the cop; but Wes stops him. The two then go to Ryan and ask her to take them back. Travis tells her that if she takes them back, they would tell her the reason they have been sent for therapy; why Wes pulled his gun on Travis. They begin their story by telling her about Pacman. The story begins with Pacman and Travis practicing at the shooting range. Just then they hear an irritated voice. Pacman asks Travis if he is still working the theory that someone is killing those working girls. He is asking because the guy from the task force from the missing person’s department is saying the same thing.

He introduces Travis to Wes; the irritated voice. Pacman introduces the two of them and he recalls the line from a movie; “this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”. So they teamed up to find the guy who was killing all those prostitutes. After a few successful cases, they got promoted to Homicide. Initially, they did enjoy each other’s company but then Pacman was the one who helped them get along. They decided to help Pacman as the duo had made progress and Pacman was stuck behind. So they decided to give some of their victory to Pacman to help boost his profile. This paid off and Pacman was selected for SIS; Special Investigations by John Crowell; the same guy who busted in on the duo’s operation earlier in the beginning of the episode.

They didn’t hear much from Pacman as he seemed pretty tied up with work and they thought that he was doing fine. This was until six months ago, when one day they receive a call from Pacman. He tells them that these guys are bad news. He feels that the whole department is corrupt and they are filling their pockets through embezzlement. He also says that they are planning something big. He heard them saying: We bought off Henry and a date, 22nd August. Pacman feels that his superiors doubt him. They ask him to calm down and that they will reach in sometime. But when they reach the place, the find Luke with the rest of the department; they have surrounded the area. They learn that Pacman is dead; he got killed and also that he was tracking down some robberies and was running surveillance when he got killed.

They then started to look into SIS; the more they looked, the less they liked these guys. They go to Sutton with this case. Sutton tells them that before they could make accusations on highly decorated cops, they better have evidence. Just then Travis gets a call from the hospital; the witness who was at the hospital was mumbling something about the shooting. They arrive at the hospital and see that the SIS is already in the witness’ room. Wes tells Ryan that the witness did tell them that he did see a man who shot Pacman and the description matched John Crowell. They were going to start a formal inquiry. But the case got dismissed as they were unable to find the witness. But John Crowell did not only want to win, but he also wanted to gloat about it. Crowell arrives at the office with few of his guys.

He whispers something into Travis’ ears and leaves. Just then Wes arrives. He sees that Travis is about to lose his control; he is shivering with rage. Travis takes is gun and is about to follow Crowell and Wes tries to stop him. But Travis pushes him aside. Wes had no other options; he pulled his gun on Travis saying that if he moved another inch, he will shoot him. The entire office witnessed this. Sutton arrives and orders Wes to stand down. Travis is devastated when his partner drew his gun on him. Ryan is shocked. She wants to know what Crowell whispered in his ears. Travis tells her that Crowell told him that he killed Pacman. Continuing with the story, Wes tells Ryan that he was suspended and was put on administration. He then told the board that he drew his gun on Travis to stop him as he knew that there was no stopping Travis.

The board ordered both of them to stay away from Crowell. They also had two conditions; one they go into therapy and two, neither one of them is to go near SIS. This worked perfectly for Crowell. And now that they know that Crowell is about to do something big; they aren’t even able to sniff around. Wes and Travis start arguing once again. Travis thanks him for saving his career and life. But he also tells him that he is a different person now and that he can handle his anger. He promises Wes that he is not going to shoot Crowell. Wes states that he believes in Travis. Ryan tells them to go kick some SIS butts. Next, the duo arrives at a expo center. Wes has been following the case since Pacman’s death. He tells Travis that Crowell and his guys come to this center and click pictures.

It appears that there is a gemstones jewel convention coming up; they infer that Crowell and his men are going to steal the gemstones. They meet Sutton who spent the night in the office, and tell him about the upcoming heist. Sutton tells them that if they go behind SIS, they will be rolling a dice with their careers. But he also wants them to do what is right! In the parking lot, Crowell and his men suit up for the heist. At the same time, Wes and Travis brief the team. The duo is at the scene. They hear the alarm go off and they rush inside the center; there is chaos. They announce themselves and ask the men to drop their weapons. One of the masked guys opens fire at them. A gun fight ensues and one of the SIS guys is shot. Another masked man arrives and drags his shot buddy along with him and they run up a flight of stairs.

The duo follows them. They go inside the warehouse and see a trail of blood on the floor. They follow the trail and see a man sitting against a pillar. Wes follows the other guy. Travis pulls off the mask from the man’s face and realizes that he is NOT SIS. Wes is still following the other guy and tries to shoot him. Just then Crowell and his men come in. Crowell yells at Wes for shooting at his man and trying to bust their operation. Crowell says that this is harassment and that the duo is not going to survive this. The SIS Chief confronts Sutton. Sutton then tells the duo that they have two choices; one get separated and go back to their respective departments where they came from and two, stay together and take a severe demotion. They go to Ryan and tell her what happened and also that they aren’t a couple anymore, so no more therapy.

But they still thank her for her help. Ryan wants to know what happened and Wes tells her that they were wrong about this one. Ryan tells them that she knows that they suck at therapy, but she also knows that they are never wrong about their work. At the office, Travis is looking at the note; the details that Pacman gave him over the phone about Henry and the date. Travis tells Wes it is possible that Crowell and his men planned to rob the evidence warehouse where the gems were stored, and not the museum. Also they always thought that Henry is the guy who worked at the museum, but he could be a guy from this department. They run a check and find out that Derek Henry works for evidence collection. Next, we see that Henry is working his shift and four men wearing masks walk in.

Henry offers no resistance and they take him and make him sit on one side. They then pull out a bag full of jewels and are about to leave. Wes and Travis arrive and the SIS guys open fire. The duo shoots one of them down. It is getting a little difficult for the duo to hold against those guys. Just then Wes sees that one of them is standing under bags of cocaine. They shoot at those bags, and a cloud of cocaine surrounds that man. He falls on the ground. The man with the bag tries to run and Travis follows him, while Wes runs towards the other guy and grabs him. Travis hits the man trying to escape, with a cylinder. Obviously, he is Crowell.

The cops arrive and the SIS team is arrested. Next, Wes and Travis declare their victory to Ryan and tell her that Crowell is going down as one of the guys is ready to testify. Their suspension has been lifted and they have been reinstated. And therapy is “no longer compulsory”. But they want to come back, as they feel it is working well for them. Yes, difficult to believe. The episode ends.