Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x02 24/Sep/2009 Spanish 101 6
1x03 01/Oct/2009 Introduction to Film 7
1x05 15/Oct/2009 Advanced Criminal Law 4
1x07 29/Oct/2009 Introduction to Statistics 8
1x11 03/Dec/2009 The Politics of Human Sexuality 10
1x12 10/Dec/2009 Comparative Religion 6
1x13 14/Jan/2010 Investigative Journalism 8
1x16 11/Feb/2010 Communication Studies 4
1x18 11/Mar/2010 Basic Genealogy 10
1x22 29/Apr/2010 The Art of Discourse 2
1x23 06/May/2010 Modern Warfare 5
2x02 30/Sep/2010 Accounting for Lawyers 11
2x04 14/Oct/2010 Basic Rocket Science 8
2x05 21/Oct/2010 Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples 6
2x06 28/Oct/2010 Epidemiology 10
2x08 11/Nov/2010 Cooperative Calligraphy 7
2x10 02/Dec/2010 Mixology Certification 9
2x11 09/Dec/2010 Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas 10
2x12 20/Jan/2011 Asian Population Studies 7
2x14 03/Feb/2011 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 5
2x16 17/Feb/2011 Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking 9
2x17 24/Feb/2011 Intro to Political Science 6
2x18 17/Mar/2011 Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy 14
2x19 24/Mar/2011 Critical Film Studies 3
2x20 14/Apr/2011 Competitive Wine Tasting 8
2x21 21/Apr/2011 Paradigms of Human Memory 6
2x22 28/Apr/2011 Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts 3
2x23 05/May/2011 A Fistful of Paintballs (1) 13
2x24 12/May/2011 For a Few Paintballs More (2) 6
3x10 08/Dec/2011 Regional Holiday Music 2
3x21 17/May/2012 The First Chang Dynasty 2
4x02 14/Feb/2013 Paranormal Parentage 2
5x08 06/Mar/2014 App Development and Condiments 6
5x11 03/Apr/2014 G.I. Jeff 5

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