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Which cast member is also an Oscar winner Medium msd85• Chevy Chase
• Ken Jeong
• Jim Rash
• Joel McHale
What cast member will appear in only five episodes of season five Medium msd85• Yvette Nicole Brown
• Jim Rash
• Donald Glover
• Allison Brie
What cast member will not appear in season five Easy msd85• Joel McHale
• Chevy Chase
• Danny Pudi
• Gillian Jacobs
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2007
• 2008
• 2009
• 2010
On what network does the show air Medium msd85• ABC
Annie broke Abed's signed special edition DVD of what movie in season 3 Medium msd85• Batman Begins
• The Dark Knight
• Superman II
• Spider-Man
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
• 25
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
• 25
How many timelines were created in the episode Remedial Chaos Theory Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
Who does no one want as their lab partner in the episode Competitive Ecology Medium msd85• Star Burns
• Todd
• Magnitude
• Fat Neil
What is the cause of the "zombie" outbreak during the episode Epidemiology Medium msd85• Tainted Food
• Drugs
• Poison Gas
• An STD
Who really stole Annie's pen in the episode Cooperative Calligraphy Medium msd85• Pierce
• A Ghost
• Senor Chang
• Annie's Boobs
What former sitcom dad joined the cast as Vice Dean in season 3 Easy msd85• Tim Allen
• Ed O'Neill
• John Goodman
• John Lithgow
Who gets a job as a security guard in season 3 Easy msd85• Jeff
• Senor Chang
• Troy
• Britta
What does Abed say a DVD set of the first season of Lost represents Hard msd85• Lack Of Payoff
• Mystery And Wonder
• Confusion
• An Alternate Timeline
What is Abed's favorite show Medium msd85• The Big Bang Theory
• The Office
• Two And A Half Men
• Cougar Town
What is the slogan on the Greendale school flag Medium msd85• The Home Of Human Beings
• E Pluribus Jackass
• E Pluribus Anus
• The Best Community College In Town
Who is revealed by Britta's psych test to be the most sane of the group at the end of "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" Hard msd85• Jeff
• Abed
• Annie
• Pierce
Where does Britta's hearing for cheating take place Easy bl2y4n• Gymnasium
• Athletic Field
• Indoor Swimming Pool
• Cafeteria
Where does the debate competition take place Easy bl2y4n• Gymnasium
• Athletic Field
• Indoor Swimming Pool
• Cafeteria
What is the Greendale athletic field used for other than school sports Hard bl2y4n• A series of high profile rock and pop concerts.
• Parking for the local megachurch.
• Debate competitions.
• Bi-weekly dog shows.
Why does Jeff drop his billiards class Easy bl2y4n• He thinks he looks dumb in P.E. shorts.
• He dislikes the teacher.
• He already knows how to play.
• He wants to take Beginner Pottery instead.
Why do Jeff and Britta try to stop Annie from dating Vaughn Easy bl2y4n• They think that by dating him, she'll attract the attention of even creepier guys.
• They see themselves as the parents of the group and are trying to protect her.
• Neither
• Both
What is the topic of the debate competition between Greendale and City College Easy bl2y4n• Co-habitation before Marriage
• Freedom of Speech and the Press versus National Security
• A Corporation's responsibility to Society or to itself
• Inherent goodness or evilness of Human Beings
How does Annie seal the win for the debate team Easy bl2y4n• Mention Jesus
• Kiss Jeff
• Flirt with a judge
• Let her hair down.
Who is very likely in a cult Easy bl2y4n• Abed
• Shirley
• Troy
• Pierce
What religion is Annie Easy bl2y4n• Jewish
• Christian
• Muslim
• Buddhist
What is Britta's religious philosophy Medium bl2y4n• Atheism
• Agnostiism
• Absurdism
• Nihilism
What is Jeff's religious philosophy Medium bl2y4n• Atheism
• Agnosticism
• Absurdism
• Nihilism
To whom does Jeff compare religion Medium bl2y4n• Larry King
• Jim Jones
• Paul Rudd
• Joe Biden
What subject does Professor Whitman teach Medium bl2y4n• Finance
• Accounting
• Economics
• Entrepreneurship
What is the name of Vaughn's Band Hard bl2y4n• Some Worries
• Not Small Nipples
• The Exact Opposite of an Antioxidant
• Lates
Which of these songs did Vaughn write Easy bl2y4n• Getting Rid of Britta
• Pierce, You're a B
• Annie's Song
• All of the above
Which of these character-costume pairings in the halloween episode is NOT correct Easy bl2y4n• Abed - Batman
• Shirley - Steve Urkel
• Jeff - No costume / Cowboy
• Professor Slater - Robin Hood
Which of these character-costume pairings at Annie's Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party is NOT correct Easy bl2y4n• Britta - Squirrel
• Annie - Skeleton
• Señor Chang - Matador
• Pierce - Conan the Barbarian
Why does Professor Slater initially refuse to date Jeff Easy bl2y4n• She isn't attracted to him.
• He's a student.
• He drives a Lexus
• He's older than her.
Professor Slater teaches what class at Greendale Easy bl2y4n• European History.
• Chemistry.
• Statistics.
• Pottery.
What is Britta not good at doing Easy bl2y4n• Going to the bathroom with other women.
• Understanding feminism.
• Staying awake in class.
• Hitting a piñata.
Why did Annie not tell Troy that she liked him in highschool Medium bl2y4n• Her parents are bigots.
• She was afraid of rejection.
• Troy always had a girlfriend.
• Whenever she tried to, Troy always had to leave.
Why did Dean Pelton change the Greendale mascot from the Grizzlies to the Human Being Medium bl2y4n• Grizzly Man was more of a human being than a grizzly.
• Dean Pelton was mauled by a grizzly as he picnicked in the Alaskan wilderness
• Many of the students have been called animals their whole lives.
• Dean Pelton absolutely abhors aliteration.
Why does Vaughn break up with Britta Easy bl2y4n• He catches Jeff and Britta kissing.
• Jeff tells him about his feelings for her.
• He wants to date Annie instead.
• Jeff and Shirley show the group the poem he wrote her.
Who is the first subject to break in the social psychology study Easy bl2y4n• Troy
• Abed
• Starburns
• Señor Chang
Who does Annie recruit for the social psychology study Easy bl2y4n• Abed and Shirley
• Abed and Troy
• Troy and Shirley
• Shirley and Britta
On what does Pierce accidentally base the Greendale school song Hard bl2y4n• "Piano Man" by Billy Joel
• "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John
• "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
• "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby
Abed tries to mess with Troy by doing what Easy bl2y4n• Claiming that he's related to President Obama.
• Dressing up as Batman.
• Pretending to be an alien.
• Complaining that no one remembered his birthday.
How does Jeff convince the tribunal to not penalize Britta for cheating Easy bl2y4n• He claims that she's insane.
• He suggests that she only said she cheated to keep the rest of the class from failing.
• He references September 11th.
How does Jeff ultimately seize the day and ace Professor Whitman's class Easy bl2y4n• He runs around campus with a kite.
• He dresses up in crazy clothes.
• He helps Abed with his movie for film class.
• He and Britta kiss
What does Abed's family own Easy bl2y4n• A Vegetarian Meatshop
• A Falafel Restaurant
• An East Asian Importing Business
• A Production Company
Who wins the Spring Fair paintball competition Easy bl2y4n• Britta
• Jeff
• Señor Chang
• None of the above
What is the prize for the winner of the Spring Fair paintball competition Easy bl2y4n• Priority Registration
• One Class Credit
• Decreased Tuition
• A Date with the Dean.
During the Transfer Dance, Dean Pelton dances with whom Easy bl2y4n• Britta, dressed in her squirrel costume
• A dalmatian
• The Human Being
• Batman
What is Greendale's current mascot Easy bl2y4n• The Grizzly Bear
• The Goldfish
• The Guinea Pig
• The Human Being
Jeff ends up working on his Spanish project with whom Easy bl2y4n• Britta
• Pierce
• Abed
• Starburns
What product is Pierce's business known for Easy bl2y4n• Musical Instruments
• A safer packing peanut
• Seaweed-based alternative fuels
• Moist Towelettes
Why is Alex Osbourne known as Starburns Easy bl2y4n• His sideburns are in the shape of stars.
• He has a sunburn on his face in the shape of a star.
• He has tattoos of several burning stars.
• He is known for his clever "roasting" of celebrities.
What is Señor Chang's nickname Medium bl2y4n• El Leoncito
• El Tigre
• El Burrito
• El Lobo
Why did Annie drop out of highschool Medium bl2y4n• She became depressed after losing a close family member.
• She wanted to follow Radiohead around the country.
• She joined the Peace Corps after feeling useless in the educational system.
• She developed an addiction to a prescription drug.
Why is Troy at Greendale Easy bl2y4n• Greendale offered him a full scholarship after scouting him for his quarterback skills.
• He dropped out of highschool after learning he'd have to repeat his senior year.
• He lost his football scholarship after dislocating both shoulders while doing a keg flip.
• He followed Annie after graduation.
Why is Annie pursuing her degree at Greendale Easy bl2y4n• She dropped out of highschool.
• She followed Troy after graduation
• Greendale offered her a scholarship to join the debate team.
• Her boyfriend also attends Greendale.
Troy and Annie attended which high school Hard bl2y4n• Skyland
• Riverside
• Greendale
• Sheridan
What problem does Shirley have with Pierce Easy bl2y4n• His company's moist towelettes are not very moist.
• He sexually harasses her.
• He's too rich, which goes against her religious beliefs.
• He tries too hard to fit in with a different generation.
The study group is likened to what coming of age movie both in and outside of the show Easy bl2y4n• National Lampoon's Barely Legal
• An Education
• Persepolis
• The Breakfast Club
How does Greendale differ from a traditional community college Medium bl2y4n• Four year degrees are available.
• Sports, Clubs, and other activities are available, and participation is encouraged.
• Some students live in dorms.
• All of the above.
Jeff creates the Spanish study group originally for what purpose Easy bl2y4n• To meet new people and invite them to his party.
• To do well in Spanish 101.
• To get into Britta's pants.
• To sabotage other students by providing them with wrong information.
In the pilot, Jeff wants Dr. Ian Duncan to do what Easy bl2y4n• Give him answers to tests.
• Sign him up for Psychology 101.
• Get him priority registration.
• Make sure he gets chicken fingers at lunch.
Jeff's law degree was Easy bl2y4n• handwritten on sheepskin
• never conferred
• bound in leather
• an email attachment
From where did Jeff receive his law degree Medium bl2y4n• Columbia University in New York City
• Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, British Columbia
• The Republic of Colombia
• Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina
How did Jeff help Dr. Ian Duncan before coming to Greendale Hard bl2y4n• Represented him in a DUI case.
• Helped him fix a flat tire.
• Recommended actions in his recent divorce.
• Obtained a list of answers to his final exam as a doctoral candidate.
Abed's dad is Easy bl2y4n• Palestinian .
• a ctizen of the U.S.A.
• angry, but not at everyone. Just at his ex-wife.
• all of the above.
Where does the series take place Easy bl2y4n• Oakdale Community Center
• Greendale Community College
• Farmdale Community Workshop
• Riverdale Community Church
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Tuesdays at 12:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 2009
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