A Stitch in Time - Recap

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The scene opens in Vancouver District, North American Union on November 5th, 2076. Edouard Kagame says that they will do anything to save liberty. He is talking to his revolution group, Liber8. Suddenly a team of Special OPS comes in and Kiera Cameron is leading the arrest. Edouard tells them that they are too late. Just then a bomb goes off at the Congress building. Six Months Later, Kiera is at home. Her team are there and they get an alert. Kiera’s son comes out and gives her a toy soldier and says that it is in case she needs backup. Later on a subway, Kiera is in uniform and her implanted computer tells her that two boys are wanted for a crime. She tells them to stop and they don’t listen. She attacks them and eventually tags them. She tells them to report to the prison or face the pain from the tag.

At the Vancouver District Prison, Edouard is being escorted along with others. Kiera and Elena are in the chamber. The members of Liber8 are lined up. They are Edouard Kagame, Lucas Ingram, Curtis Chen, Jasmine Garza, Mathew Kellogg and Sonya Valentine along with a few others. The remaining member of the Congress is there with his son and they agree that it is good to execute them all. As they are about to pull the switch, Kiera sees that the terrorists have something in their hand. Suddenly a light flashes and the terrorist group are transported along with Kiera. She sees Ingram running and tries to stop him. Ingram looks at the newspaper. They have been transported back to 2012. Kiera keeps trying to get a hold of her team and a guy picks up. His name is Alec Sadler. She tells him that she needs backup now. She chases Ingram into an alley and demands answers. He says that they must have miscalculated and were sent back in time 60 years instead of 6. He says that they need to blend in now. A police car pulls up and sees Ingram. He pretends to be drunk and is arrested. Kiera disappears.

Alec says that he was listening to her and wonders what he can do to help. Travis and the rest of Liber8 are in another area and Travis breaks into a store. Meanwhile, Kiera wonders how Alec is in her head and he says that it is an experimental program that he made and it shouldn’t be working. He tells her that she is in 2012. She says that she has a son with a dentist appointment and can’t be there. At the store, the terrorist group is getting their bearings and Curtis throws a knife next to Matthew’s head. He says that he missed. Kiera asks Alec where she is and he finds her location within seconds. She is shocked and realizes that she knows who Alec is. He suggests that they meet, but she says that she will manage. She walks up to an ATM and takes money out. Back at the store, Matthew talks to Travis about the plan and tells him that they can take it easy. However, Travis has a plan and says that they need to start a war.

Kiera checks into a hotel room and Alec tells her that it is possible that she could get back to 2077, but it is going to take a lot of work. She walks over to the mirror and Alex is able to see her. He compliments her looks and she tells him to turn off the camera. Suddenly her Cellular Memory Review goes to static and then clears up. She says that it is fine and then remembers what happened before the transport. She remembers seeing her husband, Greg. She tells Alec that is enough for the night. Alec sees a building with an S on it and looks at his notebook to see the same S with the name Saotech. The next morning he wakes up and goes out to the main house where his mother and step-dad are meeting with a group of people. He says that he needs to take a shower and leaves. Kiera gets up and goes to the scene of the transport. Police Detective Carlos Fonnegra shows up and tells her that she has to get away from the crime scene. She asks him about Ingram and he asks who she is. She lies and says that she is Lt. Williams from Oregon. Carlos invites Kiera to talk to Ingram.

They go to the station and Ingram is brought in. He says that he sees that she has adjusted to the new conditions. Kiera asks to have a minute with Ingram and he allows it. She blocks the video feed and asks where the other 6 members of Liber8 went off to. He says that he doesn’t know. She says that she is a protector and says that the proper person could find out information on him. Alec is listening and finds Ingram’s parents. He says that he will talk. Kiera talks to the Sergeant and he wants to know about the gang that they are after. Meanwhile, Travis and the other terrorists kill two police officers and strip the patrol car. The Sergeant wants to talk to Kiera’s supervisor, but he is interrupted by a call about how two officers are down. Alerts from banks go off, but Kiera tells them to focus on the last alarm tripped.

Carlos and Kiera get to the bank and Kiera says that she needs a weapon. However, Carlos says that there is no way. Liber8 come out and start firing. She runs after three of them and there is a gunfight in the warehouse. She is shot multiple times, but thanks to her bullet proof vest, she is alive. Kiera tells Alec that he needs to go to her hotel and get some documents that will prove that the terrorist group is going to start a war. Carlos comes in and shoots one of the men who was about to kill Kiera. She returns the favor for shooting at Curtis to save Carlos. He asks if she is hurt and she says that there are no marks on her. Kiera asks if there were more of the men, but he says that there weren’t. She fears the worst and tells Carlos that they need to get to the station.

When they get to the station, it has been attacked. The Sergeant tells Kiera to handle it and says that this means war. Carlos is clearly really upset and says that she should thank him for saving her. She says that she has lost friends too from the hands of this gang of people. She thanks Carlos for everything today and walks out. Alec talks to Kiera about the gang and she tells him what the gang of terrorist did to begin with. Alec takes a look at his notebook again and he asks what happens to him. She says that she can’t tell him about his future. Alec agrees and says that people shouldn’t know too much of where they are headed. Kiera remembers when she first met Alec Sadler. Except that he is older. The episode ends.