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Fast Times - Recap

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The scene opens with Kiera getting scanned in on her first day for the CPS. She gets her service weapon. However, this was a memory and she is back in 2012 again. Meanwhile, Travis and the rest of Liber8 get ready to move on. Kiera gets into the station and Carlos says that Dillon put together a tasks force. Betty, another Detective, sizes Kiera up and leaves. She tells Carlos that he can tell Betty that she has nothing to worry about. Back at the house, Matthew Kellogg says that he is not going with them and says that Ingram can get them back to 2077. Ingram says that he hasn’t tested it all the way, but is certain that it will work. Kellogg suggests that they stay where they are and tell people now about the corruption of the government. However, none of the other members of Liber8 agree with him. Back at the station, Dillon introduces Sgt. Dan Barlow of Portland PD. He says that he doesn’t know Kiera and that she is not who she says she is. Dillon arrests her and she says that she can explain.

In the integration room, Carlos asks her who she is. She asks if she is under arrest and he says that they need to process her. Alec is listening and tells her that this means that they are going to run her prints and realize that she is not who she says that she is. Kiera talks to Alec through her pants using her installed chat interface. She tells him that he needs to get her an ID and make it legit. Dillon asks Carlos if there is a conflict of interest with her. He says that there isn’t. He tells him to process her. The members of Liber8 pull up to a parking garage and attack a security guard. They make their way into a facility and Ingram takes out a sphere looking device and it causes an electronic pulse. At the same moment, Kiera is in the elevator with Carlos and it shuts down. She talks with Alec and he pulls up the footage of the area of the pulse. She sees that Travis and the rest of Liber8 are there. When the elevator comes back on, she tells Carlos that she is sorry and has to leave. She tases him and leaves the elevator.

She goes outside to find a mode of transportation. She uses her wrist control to unlock them. Alec says that one of them is a keyless engine and tells her to get that one. She gets inside and has trouble getting started. Alec gets an alert of something and tells her that he will be right back. He runs to the house and finds his mom and Julian there. He grabs breakfast and returns to his work. Meanwhile, Kellogg goes to a bank and throws a duffel bag full of money on the table. He says that he wants it all deposited. At the station, Dillon finds Carlos in the elevator handcuffed. Kiera goes to the scene of the crime. She asks the coroner what happened and he says that they came in and out.

The police take an interest in Kiera and she asks Alec why. He says that there is a search for her. She goes back to the hotel and Alec sends a picture of Frasier and says that he is a scientist. She connects his work with Rockets to the possibility of time travel. She says that they have to get to him first. However, Travis gets there first. At the station, Dillon tells Carlos that he needs to find Kiera because it was he who put himself out there for her. He says that he is on it. Betty comes up and tells him that there was a hacker who hacked into the Portland database. She says that she is going to find him/her. She tells Carlos that Kiera is making him look like a fool and he says that he needs her to find the hacker for him.

Kiera goes up to the home of Frasier and his wife answers the door. She says that they told her not to tell anyone where they took him. She says that they took him to the University. Kiera calls up Carlos and tells him that she has something that Carlos is going to want more than her. Carlos tells Dillon that she is going to text them where the gang is and says that she has been working undercover in the gang. At the same moment, Kellogg sees a house and says that his family used to live there. A girl comes up and says that they live there now. Kiera gets to the University where the gang is. Ingram places the teleporting device into the fusion generator and Frasier tells him to be careful. Garza smacks Frasier and tells him that Ingram is a scientist. Travis comes up and asks if he is done with Frasier and Ingram says that he still has to test it. Kiera enters the compound and puts the cell phone on a container. She tries to get a hold of Alec, but he is in the process of returning to the barn. He gets in his seat and sees the phone. She didn’t text Carlos the address.

He gets contact to Kiera once again and asks why she didn’t inform Carlos. She says that she wants to go home to her time. Alec is a little torn from this. Kiera goes up to Liber8 and takes Sonya at gunpoint. She tells Travis to let Frasier go and that she just wants to go with them. They allow it and as Ingram places the device into the generator, Kiera thinks of her son and how she will be able to tuck him in at night again. However, the blast doesn’t transport them back to 2077, but instead keeps them in 2012. Kiera stands up and says that the cease fire is over. She starts shooting at Liber8 and Carlos and his team enter. However, Liber8 sees them and escapes. Ingram tells Travis that they are missing a piece to the device. They are not happy.

Carlos takes Kiera into custody. Frasier says that she is a hero and that she saved him. Carlos asks him what else happened in there, but he says that he will stand by with what he said about keeping her secret. She gets processed and Alec works on creating her an identity. At the same moment, Betty is trying to locate the hacker. Kiera remembers the last time she tucked her son into bed and Greg comes up and tells her that she shouldn’t promise him that she will be right back because she never knows. Kiera sits on the chair and cries. Dillon comes up to her and addresses her as Agent Cameron. Her cover that Alec created for her is of the FBI. She thanks Alec through Dillon. He tells her that he is planning to establish a task force that will take the gang down. She agrees to join.

Carlos takes her on the tour and she sees that the missing piece of the device is getting logged into evidence. She walks outside and says that she has a family waiting for her and she says that she hopes that Alec is right when he says that it will be alright. The episode ends.