Wasting Time - Recap

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The scene opens with a team moving down a hall. They move upstairs and Kiera is leading the team. She says that she has a bad feeling about this. Suddenly there is a baby crying. They blast their way into a room and move in. They capture Sonya Valentine, the “Queen of Hearts”. The scene flash-forwards and Kiera talks about the gang to the detectives and what they are going up against. She goes through each of them and tell hem that they don’t have an image for Michael Kellogg, but say that he is dangerous. She says that Edouard Kagame is the leader and hasn’t been spotted amongst Liber8. She says that they are all ex-military and says that they are dangerous. Meanwhile, Sonya his using her “charms” to get what she wants and injects a stranger with something and kills him.

Travis is in bed and Kellogg tells Jasmine that if anything happens to Travis, the group is going to be turned inside out. He points the finger at Curtis who is going to try to take control. Kiera is in a café and Alec says that she needs to put a Bluetooth in her ear. Kellogg comes up and sits down with Kiera. He shows that he has a grenade in his hand, but says that he just wants to be able to live out his life in this time. She says that she can’t trust him. Kellogg says that they could be allies from time to time to get what they want. He sees that Carlos is coming and excuses himself. Carlos comes in and asks her if she is ready. He makes fun of her Bluetooth. They go to the morgue and Greg Dulin is the victim of Sonya’s. She asks how long they keep dead bodies and want to know if another is still there. Meanwhile, Ingram is looking at a machine to be delivered.

Back at the morgue, and the Medical Examiner says that they have another body. He too had something extracted. They talk to the head medical examiner and she says that a gland was removed because it will go for a lot of money on the Black Market. Carlos and Kiera get back to the station and Kiera tries to talk to Alec without calling. He says that she needs to pretend to call someone. She still doesn’t get it and he helps her. However, he is interrupted by Julian. He says that everyone is waiting. He goes inside and Rolan is giving another one of his speeches. Alec pretends to be interested. At the hideout of Liber8, Kellogg tells Curtis that he Travis is alive unlike some of the people around there. He asks if that is a threat and Kellogg says that it was. Curtis goes up to Travis and suggests that they kill Kellogg. Travis says that they would violate the oath. Kellogg gets on the computer and tells Ingram that he is setting Kiera up.

Alec helps his mom clean up and asks why she is always in there alone cleaning up. She tells him that Rolan believes in something just like Alec believes in something. He says that he will make an effort. Alec gets back and gives Kiera what she needs and says that it is all about sperm banks that have the victims connected. They go to Dr. Gibson, the doctor in charge of the clinic. He is not cooperating. Alec finds files that he did illegal activity back in 2002. He is surprised that the records were discovered. They get back to the station and the delivery man comes in with the files from the fertility clinic. They start going through files and Carlos says that this is going to take forever. Kiera asks for Alec’s help and she tells Carlos that they need to find any medical equipment that has been stolen recently. Meanwhile, Ingram is making the syrum that they are going to need to make Travis better and Curtis doesn’t like what Kellogg is doing. He follows him to the back room. At the station, Kiera starts going through possible matches to the victims to be able to find more information.

Curtis goes into find Kellogg getting a piece of paper from the printer. He grabs it. Kellogg pulls a gun on him, but Curtis is not scared because he knows that Kellogg won’t pull the trigger. Curtis sees that it is an address that he is leading Kiera to and says that they are going to go together. Carlos and Kiera go to Faber College and Carlos gets a call from the station with a location of Herbert George at the Campus Kitchen. He does “Paper, Rock, Scissors” with Kiera and Alec tells her what to do. She wins and Carlos goes to the Kitchen. Alec laughs that he taught her something for once. Carlos gets to the kitchen and at the same time, Kiera goes to the dorm. However, his roommate says that there is no Herbert George there. Kiera calls Carlos and says that it is a trap.

Kellogg and Curtis get through the back and see Carlos. He tells them to drop the gun. Kellogg makes a dive for it and a gun fight ensues. After running out of ammunition, Curtis and Carlos ensue in hand-to-hand combat. Kellogg goes outside where Kiera is there. He salutes her as a way of saying “You’re Welcome” and she shoots him in the neck with a dart. He is stunned and walks away. As Carlos is getting beaten up by Curtis, Kiera enters and starts fighting with him trying to kill him. Curtis manages to shock Kiera and grabs her gun. However, he has it backwards and shoots himself. She goes up to Carlos, who is still alive, and calls for help. Meanwhile, Sonya injects an almost dead Travis with the serum and it works. He comes back to full health.

Kellogg comes in the hideout and tells Travis that Curtis is dead and that he and him tried to take out Kiera by themselves to try to prove themselves. Sonya sees that the thing that Kiera shot him with was a tracking bug. He says that he didn’t know. Travis has an idea what to do with Kellogg now. Betty and Dillon get to the scene and ask Kiera what happened. Carlos steps in and says that it was all over when she came in and that it was him who killed Curtis Chen. He says that she doesn’t need that type of paperwork. He says that later she can tell him what actually happened. She says that she has some things to take care of first. She tells Alec that her suit is damaged and needs it fixed. She says that she needs to track Kellogg and Alec gives her the location. She goes to the house that Kellogg bought and finds him tied to the chair. He says that his team put him there so that he can keep her busy as they find another location.

She says that Kellogg’s reference of Herbert George Wells, H.G. Wells like the Time Machine. He says that he thought it was funny. He says that he can help her get the bad guys because he doesn’t want to have that bad life. She gets the knife to cut him free. He stands up and hears something. This makes her remember when they got Sonya, that the noise was a bomb. She tells Kellogg to run and they jump into the pool as the house explodes. She knows now that she can trust Kellogg because it is clear that her team doesn’t want him. Later, Kiera breaks into the evidence locker and tells Alec that her only hope to getting home is there. She gets the missing piece to the sphere and says that a girl needs her secrets. The episode ends.