A Matter of Time - Recap

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The scene opens with Kiera remembering again. Greg got a promotion. Sam is a little baby. There is a blackout and Greg says that it will be right back. Kiera is in 2012 again trying on mascara. Alec feels for her and she says that in the future the mascara is pre-programmed for women. The power goes out and Alec says that a Garbage Truck hit a pole. Her phone goes off. It is Carlos. She goes to a scene of a crime where a professor, Martin Aimes, was shot with something that went through him. They realize that the object went through the entire building. Kiera’s database cannot find the weapon that did this. Meanwhile elsewhere, there is a plasma blast and a body falls through a portal. It is Edouard Kagame, the leader of Liber8.

Alec and Kiera talk and she tells him that she couldn’t tell exactly what weapon did it and he says that he can look at her suit. He says that it is his father’s theory that he knows how to do it. Carlos comes up and tells Kiera that they have someone to talk to who has a thing in technology, a student named Shane Mathers. Meanwhile, Kellogg goes up to his future family home and buys it for them. Carlos talks to the student and he says that something must have gone wrong with Calisco. At the same moment, Sonya and Jasmine distract a guard and Liber8 comes in and beats up a gang that is working on something. They find marijuana amongst their things. Shane tells Carlos and Kiera that they had threats and that the government wanted to work with the professor. However, he didn’t want to. Kiera asks to see the research that Aimes was working on. He says that the files have been erased. He thinks that they could be after him next.

Outside the station, Carlos tells Kiera that the student is hiding something. Kiera says that he is and Carlos tells her that she needs to rely on her gut and not to analyze everything. She says that he may be right. He asks her why she asked about the research and says that she has to look at it from his perspective. She says that he is smart and secretive. Meanwhile at the hospital, the nurse tells Edouard that it will be alright and gets the doctor. Edouard gets up and leaves. Kellogg takes his future grandmother out and she says that he is old enough to be her dad. Kellogg says that he was close to her father and says that he is just trying to pay it forward. Carlos and Kiera visit Vincent, the threat that Sean mentioned. He says that he wanted to burn down Aimes’ lab and someone beat him to it. He says that there is no such thing as clean energy. He says that their group is about stopping the research not the person. He points the finger at Melissa Dobak, Aimes’ former partner. The nurse gets back to Edouard’s bed to find it empty.

Kiera gets information on Melissa Dobec and they go see her. She says that she wanted to take the tests slowly, but Aimes wanted more. Kiera goes off her scans and presses Melissa. Carlos gets a call saying that Dillon wants to see him. Carlos goes into to find General Rogers from the government. He says that their investigation is over. He is not happy that his case is taken away and gives Kiera a dirty look. Meanwhile, Kellogg buys a boat house. At the office, Kiera asks Carlos what is wrong and Carlos says that she is the one who knew about this and Kiera sees that the government moving in upset Carlos. She says that they have to talk to Shane again. He says that they need to find another angle. Edouard walks the streets and builds the future city in his mind. The next day, Kiera asks Shane about the research when he gets a text. Alec looks it up and it was from Melissa. She tells Carlos and tells him that they have to talk to Melissa again. Becky comes up and shows that Edouard is wondering about. Kiera says that Liber8 is going to find him.

Meanwhile, Travis and Sonya are smoking marijuana when they see the broadcast. Carlos and Kiera go out looking for Edouard, but no luck. Alec tells Kiera about Melissa and that they need to pay her a visit. They ask about the work and Kiera says that Melissa had a patent lawsuit and she tells her that she can believe what she wants. Kiera asks about the text. They find out that Melissa and Shane had a fling and Melissa says that she is engaged. She tells them not to come back without a warrant. Edouard is at a Japaneze Garden. He remembers when he met with a group to tell them about liberation. A team swoops in and takes the people away.

Carlos and Kiera go into Dillon’s office and tell him about their plan of getting Melissa and Shane on Paten Infringement. He says that if it works, he wants to be the one to tell the military. They bring in Shane again and tell him that Melissa played him and asks about the data. He says that he deleted it and worked alone on killing Aimes. He is clearly lying, but they have the confession and will hand it back to the military. Kiera wants to get Melissa, but they get a call about a sighting of Edouard. Kiera sees Liber8 coming up. She catches Edouard and he holds her. She says that she won’t let him take over. Travis has a child in his hands and tells Kiera to let him go. She agrees to save the blood bath. Carlos comes up and Kiera says that she had to let Edouard go. Back at the station, Dillon says that Kiera made the right choice to let him go to avoid the blood bath and says that it is something. Alec tells Kiera that he took care of the footage of Kiera having the talk with Edouard. He tells her that Melissa is on a flight to Costa Rica and has the research.

Kiera goes up to Melissa and tells her that they know that she has the research. She gives it to her. Melissa’s finance, Drew Larouche comes up and Kiera’s memory is triggered. She realizes that Melissa is going to be important. She hands back Aime’s research. Back in the future, the power is back and Greggs says that thanks to Larouche Industries, the clean energy helps. He says that Kiera should join the CPS are recruiting. She says that she will be a mother first. Edouard and the members of Liber8 meet and he says that they are going to start a war. Kiera gets to her apartment and finds Alec inside. He says that he can try to fix her suit and Kiera says that she has to rely on her instincts more like Carlos does. Alec asks why she allowed Melissa to go. Kiera says that she will do many great things in the future. Alec says that the scientists they are trying to get are playing God, but says that she is as well. He says that it is messed up. The episode ends.