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A Test of Time - Recap

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The scene opens in 2077. The CPS is on the trail of Liber8. Kiera contacts Greg and tells him that Liber8 could target a high profile building. They watch as building after building explodes. The scene changes to 2012 where Edouard is meditating. Sonya walks up to him and tells him that they are ready. Edouard says that he forgives her for going with Travis. She tells him that she is with Travis, but has more loyalty to Edouard. Afterward, he goes up to the team and tells them that they are going to stop with the guns. They ask about Kiera and he says that they are going to attack her where she doesn’t expect it. Later that night, a woman walks to her car. Kiera is elsewhere and Jasmine is following her.

The woman looks for her keys. Suddenly, Travis asks if she is Lily Jones. He asks if Jasmine if the Protector is in sight. She says that she is and Travis kills her. Kiera sees Jasmine through the side mirror and is about to get Jasmine, but she leaves. The next day at the station, Carlos asks if Kiera did something with her hair. She says that she didn’t and Alec says that she has. He says that she has been acting differently ever since her suit got damaged. A report of Lily’s death comes in and Kiera has a look of shock on her face. They go to the crime scene and Kiera looks at the body. They are told that someone picked her up by the throat and dumped her body on the ground. Carlos realizes that the description of the killer matches that of Travis. Kiera says that Lily Jones was a witness that could have put Liber8 away, but recanted on her statement. She tells Carlos that she will get with her people and talk later.

She tells Alec that Lily Jones was the name of her Grandmother. Liber8 is targeting her family. Kellogg comes to the hideout and says that he was invited. The other members of Liber8 are surprised that he is alive. He sits down with Edouard and says that he forgives the team for trying to blow him up. Edouard says that they have more pressing duties to attend to. Meanwhile, Kiera talks to Alec and says that Lily Jones died when she was 50 and Kiera was only 4-years-old. She doesn’t know what she looked like back in 2012. She gets a text from Kellogg telling her to meet him. Edouard asks how they are coming on getting the right Lily Jones. Sonya says that they have a DNA scanner and they are going to need a tissue sample. Travis volunteers, but Edouard sends Sonya and Jasmine to take care of it. Kellogg meets with Kiera and tells her that they are going to be targeting her family because they want to see if one of their family members dies, then they do too.

Kiera doesn’t like that she is a guinea pig in this. Kiera calls Carlos and tells him that Liber8 is going to be killing off everyone with the name Lily Jones. Suddenly, Sonya runs up to Kiera and stabs her slightly. She gets the DNA that she needs and rides off with Jasmine. Later at the station, Carlos sees that Kiera is injured and she blames it on a bike messenger. She suggests that they go in separate vehicles to track down the right Lily Jones. Meanwhile, Sonya gives Jasmine the DNA scanner and tells her to see if it is the right girl. Kiera drives up to a University and says that she knows she has the right girl. Alec laughs and realizes that Kiera Googled her grandmother. Alec says that he has to go. Kiera goes up to Lily Jones and tells her that her life is in danger. Julian tells Alec that the meeting is about to begin. He tells Julian that he doesn’t want to be part of their conspiracy meetings and says that they are not his family.

Julian says that they are as close as he is ever going to get. Kiera tells her about Liber8 and she says that she might lose it. Kiera says that she is going to take her into custody to protect her. At the same time, Jasmine is watching the meeting. Carlos calls and tells Kiera about an assault that happened involving another Lily Jones. In the car, Kiera asks her parents’ names. Kiera arrives at the scene of the assault and gets who she thinks to be Lily. However, it is the assaulter who is Lily. Kiera sees that this Lily has the tattoo on her hand of a butterfly and realizes that this is her future Grandmother. She tells her to get in the car. In the car, butterfly tattoo Lily says that she doesn’t want to go to the station and Kiera tells her to stop behaving badly. Butterfly tattoo Lily says that she is going to be sick. Kiera runs her diagnostic through her suit and sees that she is pregnant.

They drive when suddenly, Jasmine hits Kiera’s car. They get out and a gunfight ensues. Kiera manages to shoot Jasmine in the shoulder. The Lily without the butterfly tattoo is injured. Carlos and his team arrive and Jasmine wipes the blood from the window. Later, Kiera takes Lily out to buy some food. Lily asks what her bossy attitude is all about. Kiera calls Alec and tells him to track some people down for her. Kellogg calls and Kiera tells him that she has her relative safe. He says that she can thank him later. Edouard calls Kellogg and tells him that they know that he has been medaling in things that he shouldn’t. He puts the phone to his future grandmother’s ear. He tries to call Kiera but she ignores it. She asks Lily how she feels and she says that she is too young to have a kid. Kiera remembers when she found out that she was pregnant and how happy she and Greg were. That was when Greg proposed to her.

Kiera says that having a baby could add to her life. She tells her that she needs to talk to the father before Lily thinks of getting rid of the baby. Kellogg calls again and says that Edouard took Maddy. They want a trade. Maddy for Lily. At the station, the other Lily’s mother wants to know more about things. Betty calms down the Lily’s and their parents. Kiera says that she has her Lily and says that he needs another name tracked down. Lily tells Kiera that she still hasn’t changed her mind. Kiera says that she told her boyfriend when she found out that she was pregnant. Kiera looks at her necklace. It is a butterfly. She tells Lily that she is going to have a baby and her baby will have one and she will be happy. Kiera says that she is going to have to do something dangerous. Edouard tells Ingram that Kellogg is really resourceful.

Kiera meets Carlos and takes his car. She tells him that she will take the heat if anything goes wrong. Kiera and Lily meet Kellogg and he asks if they are ready. Kellogg pulls up and brings up Lily. However, it is really Edouard’s mother that they have. Edouard tells Jasmine to give him what he wants. They give back Maddy. However, there is a gunshot from Travis and Maddy is shot. Lily calls for the ambulance, but it is too late. Kellogg and Kiera are surprised that Kellogg is still alive. Lily hugs Kiera and Kiera remembers when she didn’t know if Greg was alive or dead. However, he comes in and joins his family. Later, Kellogg takes Lily and her boyfriend Jake with him on his boat. She says that she appreciates this and Alec tells her that she is going to have to come through on her promise and help Kellogg out sometime. She says that she knows.

Kiera and Alec talk about that it is possible that they are on a different timeline or possibly that Maddy wasn’t Kellogg’s biological Grandmother. She says that hopefully Edouard knows that they can’t get to her through her family. At the hideout, Edouard says that Travis acted like a mad dog and says that he will put him down. Meanwhile, Kellogg is on the boat, Alec is looking at a picture of Lily and thinks of his own family. Kiera remembers when her son found Lily’s necklace and the episode ends.