Time's Up - Recap

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The scene opens in 2077. Mass amounts of looters in masks storm the city. Kiera and the rest of CPS are on the scene. Kiera wonders why the people were stealing provisions. One of the members says that it is best not to ask questions of what Piron is doing. Kiera wonders why not. The scene changes to Kiera in 2012. Her phone rings and Carlos asks her to coffee. Kiera hides the missing piece to the transporter. Meanwhile, Alec asks Julian where he is going. He doesn’t say anything and tells Alec to mind his own business. Kiera and Carlos go to a rally where people are protesting the transparency of a company. Kiera sees a horse and is fascinated. She says that she has never seen a horse before. Alec asks why not, but she says that it is a long story. At the same moment, Julian goes downstairs of a house and meets up with a guy. The guy asks if he is ready to make a change and Julian gets a text as he puts on a mask. Meanwhile, Kagame and Sonya are sitting down. It was Kagame who sent the text to the group of masked Hooligans.

Sonya asks if he can trust them and Kagame says that everyone needs their pawns. At that moment, the masked group of Hooligans storms the peaceful rally and starts to destroy things. Two men go up to a woman upstairs in the building and say that she has to go with them. As they make their decent, Travis is there to meet them and shoots the men. The woman says that she will do what he wants and Travis smiles. Carlos and Kiera get to the station and Becky comes up with a video feed. It is the woman Travis abducted. Her name is Henrietta Sherman, the Chief Executive Office of Exotrol. They go to Exotrol and meet with Mr. Chu. He leads them to Frank, Head of Security. Frank says that they have state of the art technology, but Carlos is not impressed. They look at the video feed and can’t see who killed the men. Liber8 puts up another video feed. They watch it and it is Henrietta again.

This time she says that Liber8 wants $20 Million. Kiera tells Mr. Chu that they better get it to them or she will die. Carlos says that it is pretty risky to give what they want and Kiera says that they have to be vulnerable to get what they want. Alec watches the news report of the Exotrol Riot and sees that one of them is Julian. At the station, Alec says that he has a face of the leader. He is Francis Hall. Alec lies to Kiera if that is all he identified. Carlos and Kiera get to the place where Francis is hiding out and find Frank with a gun to his head. They take both into custody. Alec gets into the house and Roland says that Alec should give up on his technology and take a page out of Julian’s book. Alec says that there is something that they need to know about Julian. At the station, Carlos and Kiera ask Frank why he was doing that and Frank says that he could have found out who hired him.

They go into the room and talk to Francis. He says that they are Anarchists. Kiera says that she will “keep Francis company”. She injects Francis with something that makes him cooperate. They get a mass text and it says that Exotrol steals from the people. They get a location for the drop and it is in front of Exotrol. They go there with the money and they get a text to give the money to the people or Henrietta dies. They do what the text says and Alec traces the texts to a tent. However, what Kiera finds is a mannequin dressed like Henrietta with a note that reads “Not Yet”. They realize that it is not over. Julian gets home and Roland asks him where he has been. He says that he knows about the riot and Julian says that he is moving the cause forward. Roland says that is not how it is supposed to be. He slams Julian against the wall and Julian urges him to hit him. However, he is stopped by Alec’s mother.

At the station, they get another feed. It is Henrietta again. Kagame voices over and says that the public will decide if she lives or dies. Betty tries to lock in the signal, but can’t. Kiera calls Kellogg and asks what Kagame is up to. He says that he wants to get the public involved. He suggests that they look at who has the most to gain from Henrietta’s death. Alec asks why Kiera trusts Kellogg and she says that she doesn’t. At the same moment, Kellogg is in Kiera’s apartment and finds the last piece to the transporter and pockets it. At the station, 63% want Henrietta dead. Betty says that the original text to hire Francis came from a Exotrol Work Station. Carlos and Kiera go and in the elevator, Kiera mentions that Frank’s gun had its safety off and says that she believe that he was going to kill Francis.

They find Frank and he runs away. Kiera catches up and tries to take him down, but fails. Luckily Carlos is there and takes Frank down. They take him into custody. At Liber8’s hideout, Kagame asks Sonya what she knows of the history of the past. Sonya says that it was erased. Kagame says that the banks went under in 2010 and the government bailed them out. Sonya says that they repeated history. Meanwhile, Carlos questions Frank and Kiera says that Frank like bad guys. She shows a picture to Frank of Travis and says that they are going to sell him out. Meanwhile, Kagame asks Sonya what is more important then money. She looks at him and Kagame asks how many people have clicked on the Manifesto. He says that it is at 68%. Kagame says that Knowledge is greater than money. At that moment, Alec locates the link and Kiera tells him to reroute it so that Betty finds it. He does and they find the location of Liber8.

They get there to find the place empty except for Henrietta. She has a bomb strapped to her and the phone attached to her says that “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Kiera is curious and has her tell the camera what truth needs to be told. She admits to using the pension and lining their own pockets. Kiera says that the bomb won’t go off now. She looks in the camera and talks directly to Kagame. He turns off the feed. Kiera and Carlos go to Mr. Chu and tell him that Frank gave him up. He admits to hiring Francis and says that things changed for him. They take him into custody. At the Barn, Alec is cleaning up when Julian comes up and says that he is done with him and his family. He walks off. Alec calls Kiera and says that Liber8 profited big time with this and took $20 Million. He also tells her that he left out that Julian was in the riot and she tells him not to do that anymore. She remembers when she talked to Greg about the provisions being stolen. He says that he knew about it and says that she is starting to sound like Liber8. At the same moment in 2012, someone is spray painting the logo of Liber8. The episode ends.