The Politics of Time - Recap

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The scene opens with Greg getting toasted to for getting the promotion by his best friend, Trevor. Kiera excuses herself and Trevor comes into the bathroom and feels Kiera up. She slams him against the wall. The scene changes to 2012. Kiera and Carlos are going home and he asks her to dinner. She declines. Alec tells her to go and be social. However, he gets a call and can’t make it because a friend needs him. Later, Carlos escorts his “friend”, Alesha, home and she tells Carlos that she was out as a reporter and not a social call. He asks her if she is alright and she straddles Carlos. He kisses her. The next morning, Kiera is walking when Kellogg drives up and gives her two coffees. She asks what he needs and he says that he has codes to satellites and with her help, will be able to stay ahead of Kegame and Liber8. Carlos pulls up and Kellogg leaves. Carlos and Kiera respond to a dead body report. It is Carlos’ friend.

Carlos talks to Dillon and says that he wants to take lead on this. He agrees. Kiera notices that Carlos is hiding something. Meanwhile, Alec is doing his chores and asks for Julian’s help. However, Julian calls him a traitor and tells him to do the chores himself. Carlos goes up to his friend Jim Martin and tells him that Alesha is dead and that he was arguing with her last night. Jim says that he didn’t kill her. Carlos says that he will try to protect him in this. Jim says that he is worried about the upcoming election. Carlos gets to the station and says that the woman is Alesha Fuentes and that the cause of death was strangulation. Betty says that Alesha was always criticizing Nelson Barnes, the Union President. Dillon says that Jim could lose the upcoming election if Ashley had any dirt on Jim. Carlos says that they should talk to Barnes. Dillon tries to pull Kiera off the case, but she says that Liber8 could be involved somehow. Alec tells Kiera that he is getting close to fixing her suit. She tells him not to break it. Alec sees that he is making even more progress then he had thought.

On the road, Kiera asks Carlos why he didn’t tell her that he knew the victim. He says that he knew Alesha since he can remember and says that she and her family were on the same boat as him and his family. Carlos thanks her for staying on the case and Kiera says that she may have stretched the truth a little bit. Carlos and Kiera get to Barnes’ office. He says that Alesha was trying to dig up dirt on his campaign finances. Barnes points the finger at Jim and says they should be looking at him. Carlos suggests that Barnes can make people go away and Kiera ends the meeting. Later, Alec tells Kiera that the suit is repairing and upgrading. He drops a substance on the suit and it absorbs it. Alec realizes that it fixed it. Betty comes up and shows Kiera that Alesha got in a car. They are waiting on the resolution of the picture. Alec works on it and she finds out that Carlos picked Alesha. She goes to Alesha’s apartment and uses a Bio-Scanner. She sees the prints that were caused by Carlos, including that of the bed frame. There is an unknown print on the desk.

Kiera gets into Carlos’ car and sees that he went to see Jim. She takes Carlos outside and questions him about it. Carlos says that he didn’t do anything and that Jim is a friend who can help the world and not destroy it. Kiera tells Carlos that he will keep Jim out of this. She goes over to Jim’s home and Sarah, his campaign secretary answers the door. Kiera asks to talk to Jim and he says that he hasn’t spoken to Alesha for months. Jim’s wife, Heather, comes up and Alec says that he doesn’t trust them. Kiera tells him that she knows that he was with her the night she was killed. Jim says that Ashley had financial fraud claims. Heather says that she was at a fundraiser. Kiera remembers when Trevor’s wife came in and told her that she and Greg had a fling before her wedding. Kiera is mortified and she says that she would never spy on Greg.

Back in 2012, Kiera notices that the print on the cup at Alesha’s and the print from Heather, are a match. She tries to question her, but Sarah tells her that she has to leave. Kiera tells Alec that Jim was having an affair with Alesha and Heather knows about it. She says that she might have a suspect to exonerate Carlos. However, at the same moment, Betty finds out that Carlos was the one who picked Alesha up that night. At Kiera’s place, Kiera finds out that the piece to the Transportation Device is missing. She knows that Kellogg took it so that he can hold it as leverage. She says that she is going to have to get it back. Betty goes up to Carlos and shows him the picture. He says that he didn’t kill her and Betty believes him. Carlos says that he will tell Dillon. He goes into Dillon’s office and tells him the news. Dillon gets angry and says that he wants his badge and gun. Carlos is suspended indefinitely. The next day, Kiera asks if Alec can analaze codes from a cellular array on the building. He says that he can simulate the data and hack satellites. Kellogg talks to Kiera and she asks for the satellite codes and he gives them to her. Carlos watches a news report of Jim hiding behind the fact that he is involved with Carlos at all to protect his campaign.

Alec works on getting the layout of the building so that Kiera can look at what happened. She sees Carlos leave when he said he left. However, she sees the figure of a woman sneak in and strangle Alesha. At the same moment, the same masked figure sneaks into Carlos in the shower. She tases him, but he manages to fight her off. He cuts her right arm and she runs off. Kiera comes over and Carlos is just recovering. They find that there is a noose in the living room. Whoever wanted Carlos dead, they were going to stage it as a suicide. They have an idea as to who the woman is. They go to Jim’s and ask Heather to show her right arm. She has no cut. Kiera looks at Sarah and Alec tells her to ask about the $10 Million that was added to Jim’s campaign. She says that she hired some investors in the campaign and says that she didn’t know that they were going to kill anyone. They try to get her to say who it was that she hired, but she says that they will kill her if she talks.

Kiera takes Sarah into custody and Jim and Heather go off to the results rally. Carlos tells Jim that they are done. Alec asks what is going to happen to Sarah and Kiera says that she is going to get away because there is no evidence tying her to the murder. Carlos comes up and tells Kiera that Jim won the election and that he got his badge back. Kiera remembers back when she told Greg that she knew about the affair. She says that they have the technology to know everything about a person. Greg tells her that he didn’t want to lose her and says that he loves her and swears that he will never keep a secret. Back in 2012, Kiera says that there is something about the killer and they realize that Liber8 could be involved. At the same moment, Jim is introduced to Heather’s “friend”. It is Kegame. The person who killed Alesha was Jasmine Garza. The episode ends.