Playtime - Recap

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The scene opens in the future. Lucas Ingram tests the latest in Sadtech technology, a control bar that forces someone to attack or hold off. Kiera and other members of the CPS are there to monitor. They show that a known killer can be controlled. The technology malfunctions and the killer goes after the creator of it. However, he stops after throwing him on the ground. Ingram says that there are still a few bugs, but it is clear to Kiera that Ingram and the killer are in on it. The scene changes to the year 2012. A man walks into a game of paintball and addresses Greg Morris. He then shoots him and then himself. Kiera visits Kellogg on his houseboat. She asks why he is there. He says that he wanted to get to know the woman he is partnered up with. She asks about the time travel piece and Kellogg realizes that it is a reminder of hope. Kiera gets a call from Carlos and has to go.

She arrives at the scene of the crime where CEO Greg Morris was shot. The witness says that the company is a Tech company and says that the killer just came up and shot him. Meanwhile, a woman goes up to a man named Cole Barley and throws herself and him in front of a moving train. Carlos and Kiera are at the station when they get information of another. Both killer/suicide individuals were Beta-Testers for Tendyne. Betty volunteers to go and Kiera allows it. Alec tries to get Kiera’s suit back in order and is running into issues. Mark and Yvonne, the killers, were Beta-Testers and Fred Nedinger, their direct supervisor, tells the detectives that the game was not the problem because he has over a dozen testers on it. Kiera picks up that Fred is anxious about something and he says that two Beta-Testers are dead. She tells Carlos that he is hiding something. Carlos says that he is going to hang back and see what he can find out.

Fred takes Kiera and Betty into a new program that they are running and testing. The programmer says that the system is not 100% great, but Fred assures that it is great for a demo. Kiera and Betty put on helmets and they are transported to a virtual world. They shoot at virtual enemies and when a bullet comes toward Kiera, she faints. She comes to and assures everyone that she is fine and that she just needs some air. She finds out that her CMR is damaged. Alec realizes this too and calls her phone. He tells her that her CMR is damaged. She says that there was a jolt of pain. Carlos says that both killers had anphedamies in their system. This is because of Torsion, a drink that gamers us and it can cause everything that the killers were on. Kellogg waits in a taxi and sees Ingram walking into an Underground Fighting ring. He pretends to have been followed and Ingram says that he comes there all the time. Ingram offers him a drink. Alec tells Kiera that he hacked into the CMR, but is going to have to reboot her physically. She asks him to figure it out. He finds what he was looking for. It asks for a password and Alec puts it in and it is right.

Back at the Fight Club, Ingram says that he misses Kellogg and says that the gang is working on something that is a game changer. Ingram gets a call and says that he will be right there. They go to their cabs and Kellogg has the taxi driver follow Ingram. At the police station, Betty says that Torsion was supposed to be destroyed and the remaining inventory was bought up by Gabriel Cogsgrove, the owner of Tendyne. At the moment, Fred meets with Ingram and says that he has the code that belongs to Kiera’s CMR and gives it to Ingram. In turn, Ingram gives him the design to the chip to be able to control people to do his bidding. Ingram tells him that they are going to hack into her and says that they are going to kill her.

Kellogg tries to contact Kiera while she and Carlos are questioning Gabriel. Afterward, Carlos says that it is not what they think. Alec contacts Kiera and says that they need to meet up. She excuses herself. Betty comes up and says that Gabriel has things in common business wise with Gabriel and the victims. Kiera and Alec work to reboot her CMR. She tells him that in the future, they invent a neurological system that highjack the brain. Carlos calls Kiera and tells her that he is headed back to Tendyne. Alec gets done and tells her that it should be up in an hour. Alec says that he should tell her something and decides not to do it. Carlos sees Kellogg in a cab and asks if he knows him. He says that he doesn’t know him and says that he is Section Six and is working with Kiera. Meanwhile, Ingram tells Kegame that Kiera’s system will be up in an hour and then her mind is his.

Carlos arrives at Tendyne and Gabriel tells him that the death of Greg Morriss was bad because they were about to buy the company and not this changes the entire deal costing her millions. Alec hacks into Tendyne and looks at the codes. However, when inside, he has the same flash that Kiera had and knows exactly what is going on when he loses 27 minutes of time. On the road, Kiera gets a big headache and stops her car. She asks for Alec and he realizes that she is back online. Ingram hacks the CMR. Kiera calls Carlos and he says that he is at Tendyne. She talks to Carlos and Ingram and Kegame wonder if another Protector came through. She tells Carlos about Fred. Kegame tells Ingram to program Kiera to kill Fred, Carlos and then herself. She goes into a trance. Alec has alarms go off and starts to find out what is going on.

Carlos and Kiera go inside and Alec tries to get through to her. He starts trying to stop the hacking. Kiera sees Fred and tries to shoot him. Alec realizes that he is being hacked too. Carlos tries to stop Kiera and Kellogg asks if Fred can stop it and he says that he can’t. Carlos continues to try to stop Kiera and it is no use. Kegame and Ingram wonder why Kellogg is there and Ingram says that he doesn’t know. Alec works hard to get back online. Ingram programs her to kill Carlos. However, both Alec and Ingram are trying to tell her conflicting things. Kellogg tells her not to do it and Alec turns off her CMR. Kiera faints and when she comes to, she doesn’t know what happened. Ingram says that someone is more advanced than him and Kegame has an idea as to who it could be.

At the station, Carlos says that Fred admitted to writing a code that can control people and suggests that is what happened to Kiera. He asks when she was afflicted with it. She says that it was when she was in the demo room. Carlos tells her to thank her friend from Section Six for him and says that she needs to get checked out. She tells him that she has the right person to go to. Alec calls her and says that they’re going to have to upgrade her firewalls so no one can hack her. He says that he found a hidden file that she thought that she deleted. She says that she can be filled in tomorrow. Alec looks at the file and finds a “Read First” file from 2069. The episode ends.