Family Time - Recap

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The scene opens in the future. Kiera is searching for two runners. It is Kellogg and a friend. She shows him that she stole thearmite detonators. She says that Kegame is going to meet them. Kiera shoots at them and the girl is pinned by falling concrete. She tells him to get the detonators to Kegame. He runs off as she dies. The scene changes to 2012. Kiera and Carlos are responding to a large amount of fertilizer being purchased. Roland turns around and they tell him that they have enough land to warrant the sale. Alec comes out with the horse’s blanket and Kiera recognizes his voice. He asks what she is doing there and Roland asks if he knows Kiera. He quickly changes his tune and says that he saw Carlos on the news. Kiera asks for the invoices.

Kiera talks to Alec and tells him that she didn’t know that this was his home. He offers to take her back to his set up. She says that it is impressive. She sees her suit and he says that he is almost done fixing her suit. She asks if Roland is involved in anything and brings up Julian. However, Alec says that there is nothing. She scans him and tells her that it is nothing. Carlos asks to see where they see the fertilizer. Julian sees Roland and Carlos going to the barn. A car pulls up to the property. They get the bolt cutters and Roland tells Kiera to drop the matter of the riots that Julian was involved in when she brings it up. He opens the barn to reveal a van with a homemade bomb inside. Roland is confused and Carlos is about to call it in when Julian’s friends show up with guns telling them to drop their guns.

They talk to the boys and Kiera manages to get a gun from one of the boys. However, Julian shoots Carlos and tells Roland that they are in control now. They put a wounded Carlos in the cellar with Kiera and lock the door. She looks around for things to help Carlos and Alec comes in and tells Kiera that they have the place surrounded. Alec comes out and knocks one of the kids on the head. They get him in the cellar and Kiera helps Carlos out. Roland tries to talk sense in the boys, but they are not listening. They say that this is the next step. Kiera and Carlos are about to escape, but are caught. Alec’s mother grabs the phone and dials 911. Outside, Julian tells Kiera that the sooner they cooperate, the sooner they can leave. Amy comes into Dillon’s office and tells him about the hostage situation. He realizes that Kiera and Carlos are there.

They arrive at the barn and Hoyt, the leader of the gang, doesn’t know what to do. Kiera tells them to give themselves up, but he says that they are going to start the revolution now. Kiera tells the boys that the activists in the revolution are always called murderers. Julian says that they can do this. Dillon moves in and the SWAT team commander is in charge of it. Alec tells the boys that he has a pistol and goes with another guy to get it. The SWAT team leader thinks that Roland is the leader of the hostage taking and thinks that the kids are innocent. Carlos is in bad shape. Kiera manages to call Dillon and tells them that they are planning to use the propane tank as a diversion. However, before she can tell them that Roland is innocent, the phone cuts out.

Alec goes back to the house with the pistol. In the cellar, Kiera tells Carlos that everything is going to be alright. However, it is clear that everything is not. She tells him that he is her friend and gets emotional.

Alec gives the towels to Kiera and she finds that he put her suit in the bag as well. Julian pretends to be Roland while Kiera suits up. Hoyt talks to the SWAT leader and tells him that they are going to kill everyone if he sees a cop. They run out and the team moves in. Kegame watches the news and tells Sonja that this is all part of the plan to all he has and will become.

Kiera takes out a couple of the kids and goes out to the propane tank. However, Julian explodes it and Kiera is shot back. She comes to and runs after Hoyt and the other kids. The team moves toward the house to check the hostages. Julian aims a gun on his family and tells them to get out of there. Roland tells him to give him the gun. Outside, Kiera reaches the barn and is stopped by one of them men. He shoots her, but her suit absorbs the bullet. Inside the house, Julian gives Roland the gun and he is shot. The SWAT team gets in and Alec tells them that is her mother. They confirm that the “target” is down, but she tells him that he is her husband. Kiera runs to the barn and tells Hoyt to drop his gun. However, he says that he will be a martyr. He raises his gun and Kiera shoots him. In the aftermath, Alec tells Kiera that Roland was his stepdad and that was all. However, he is clearly hurt.

Dillon tells Kiera that Carlos will be taken care of and that Roland is dead. Later at the office, Dillon tells Kiera that Carlos is going to make a full recovery. Kiera goes to see Kellogg at the houseboat and tells him that she was there when Kellogg’s sister was killed. The girl at the beginning turns out to be the sister of Kellogg. In a flashback they show Kellogg watching his sister die and Kiera arresting Kellogg. He is shocked, but understands. He says that they may need to start to live like the future is not going to happen the way they want. Julian walks up to a ringing payphone. It is Kegame. He tells him that they will pick him up. He pulls out the drawing of the Liber8 symbol and walks toward the tattoo parlor. The episode ends.