Endtimes - Recap

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The scene opens in the future. Travis and Chin call for help as they wait for their getaway ride. Gaza gets there and gets them out. Kiera watches from the building where Kegame is as the building explodes. Kegame is escorted to his cell. He is told that they wait until the opportunity presents itself. The scene changes to 2012 and Kegame gives Sonja a key. He tells her that her answers will be given to her with it. Kiera wakes up in Kellogg’s bed. She opens a safe next to the bed and retrieves something. She tells Kellogg that nothing happened and it isn’t going to happen again. However, he says that she will be back. Kiera gets outside and reveals that she took back the last piece to the teleporter. Carlos calls her and tells her to get into work.

There is a guy from a Federal Agency named Garder there because a lot of explosives went missing. Kiera is shocked that Carlos is back to work so soon. Kiera calls Alec and he tells her that they are dealing with water damage and that he has to reboot everything. He tells her that there is something he has to tell her, but the cell reception cuts out. It is because Kegame has Ingram hacking the cell phone reception. Kiera is walking to the station when a man stops her and says that he knows her from the execution. She is interested. He says that he thought that he was the only one who made it through. At their hideout, Travis asks about Sonja and Kegame asks if there is a problem. At the station, Gardner tells Carlos and Dillon that there was military grade explosive gel that was stolen. They get word of something going on and they leave. Kiera continues to talk to the time traveler and he tells her that she is a time jumper. He mentions a man named Esher as the person who knows all about it.

Kiera tells him that Liber8 are there and that they have stolen explosives. Alec manages to get the connection back and Kiera tells him that they need to get to Julian to be able to bring him in. However, Alec doesn’t like how the police killed Roland last time and pretends to lose her. The time traveler tells Kiera that he wants to take her to a working time machine. Sonja sits down with a box and inside there is a letter and money. Travis asks Ingram and Garza about Sonja and Ingram laughs that Travis is on the outs. They hear a knock on the door. It is Julian. Jason takes Kiera to his place and he tells her that there is one piece that he is missing. Kiera shows him the last piece from Ingram’s teleporting device. He is shocked. He asks where she got it and realizes that she is CPS. He questions her motive being there and she tells him that she just wants to go home. He says that he can help her. Carlos and the Gardner are still waiting for Kiera and Gardner wants to know what is going on. He calls his manager and asks about Section 6. Back at Jason’s place, Kiera decides that she has to try to stop Liber8 when she realizes that today is the day where thousands of people died.

Julian talks to Kegame and he says that they need to stop everyone and Julian says that he is willing to do anything. Kegame says that they need a sacrifice. Alec arrives at the location and wonders if Julian was in trouble. They take him in the back and tie him up. Julian gets in a truck that is loaded with explosives. Kegame gives him the trigger. Kiera tells Jason to stay back, but he is going to go with her. Kegame talks to Alec and says that it is amazing. He says that Alec spoke of this same moment years later. He says that he taught him that he could do anything and Alec tells him that he the wave will still hit and says that he can’t change anything. Kegame says that he is the one who convinced him that he could change it. Kiera and Jason get to a building they think Liber8 is going to attack. She tells the guard to call the police and gives her name. She talks to Dillon and tells him that Liber8 is going to attack the building. Gardner officially takes over the case.

Sonja gets back and Travis asks where she was. She says that she had business from Kegame. Alec manages to escape from his ties. Travis pins Sonja to the wall and Alec sees that West Tower is the target. He manages to escape. Kiera tries to tell the team what is going on and they see Julian pull up in the van. Gardner and his team move in on the van and he tells them to rot in hell. He tries to detonate, but it is not connected. He is arrested. The team regroups. Gardner says that he got a call saying that Kiera’s boss, Esher, has cleared her. Jason says that time is wasting and that they have a time machine. She says that she will meet him there. She walks off. Kegame is dressed like a police officer and says that Julian will meet with him again. Alec goes up to Kiera and says that the plan is the West Tower. Kiera sees Kegame walking into a building. She tries to stop him, but he shows her that he is a human bomb.

After telling her that this is supposed to happen, he walks into the elevator. Alec and Kiera run out and she protects Alec as the building explodes. Gardner sees Kiera as she and Alec walk away. Sonya is at the hospital and sees a woman with a baby. She addresses her as Mrs. Kegame. She gives her an envelope from “a friend” and walks out of the room. Travis sees her and Sonya says that Kegame was in the building when it exploded and had the plan all along. He says that Kegame was just born. She says that she was supposed to make arrangements and that she had to do something important. She points a gun on Travis. Kiera gets to Jason’s and he says that they are ready to go. She takes the piece to the transporter and walks off.

She goes to see Kellogg on his boat. He says that she must have a guardian angel who was saving her. Kellogg says that he will get them out of there. In 2077, Kegame meets with Alec and is told that Alec knew what was going to happen. He shows Kegame the culmination of his life’s work. He brings up the tsunami quote. Back in 2012, Alec opens the email that is addressed to him. Kegame, in 2077, talks to Julian and says that he will do his best to prepare Alec in everything. Alec calls Kiera and tells her that her journey to 2012 was no accident and says that the truth is that Alec was the one who sent her back in time and that she won’t believe why. The episode ends.