Second Chances - Recap

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The scene opens with Kiera being transported on a cart. She falls off it and runs, but is injected with a sedative and dragged by to a cell. She gets up and looks around. She starts banging on the glass and screams. Kiera wakes up in 2077 from the nightmare. She says that something must be wrong with her CMR. Greg, her husband, looks outside and sees a satellite hovering over their window. Back in 2012, Travis tells Sonya that it can’t be right that she be in charge now. She shoots him. A nurse walks in and she knocks him out. An ER team is working on saving Travis. It is no use and they call it. However, Travis’ body starts to twitch and he gets up in anger and kills the hospital staff. He is eventually sedated and put under arrest.

Later in the evening, a man walks up to a Vancity Power Light garage with a team and the worker tells them that they can’t be there. However, they say that they can. Just as they are about to shoot the guy, they are attacked by an unknown source. After all the team is knocked out, Kiera appears. She tells the worker that he saw nothing and tells him to run. Elsewhere, Alec walks into his friend’s house and tells him that he needed a change. He gives him most of the rent money and tells him that he will get the rest tomorrow. Kiera calls him and gets Alec’s voicemail. Kellogg comes up to Kiera at the bar and asks her why she used him. She says that nothing happened and that she called him over to the bar because she needs money and that he is only rich because of her. She asks Kellogg of what Liber8 is planning and he says that Sonya is in charge and Travis is arrested so, they have to think on a long term scale. She takes the money and leaves.

The mayor walks into a press conference. As she is talking, she is shot in the head. Later, Dillon is on the phone when Carlos walks in. Dillon says that the City Manager is going to run the city for now. Dillon asks about Kiera and he says that he will see what he can do. Carlos meets with Kiera and she says that she is adjusting. Carlos tells her that he needs her help to bring down Liber8, find the mayor’s killer and save their jobs. She is not at all happy of working with the police department again and the fact that Agent Gardiner has an interest with her, but she will manage. At the Liber8 hideout, Jasmine tells Sonya that Travis is alive and that they need to organize a rescue. However, Sonya says that the Mayor was just gunned down and that they can’t do that. Ingram says that they still have half a dozen Liber8 cells out there. Sonya tells Jasmine that Travis is caught and that he can’t be of any use. She tells Ingram to give her any information on Travis.

Carlos and Kiera go to the crime scene and she scans the area with her CMR. Elsewhere, Alec is trying to get a job at a Retail Store. At the station, Agent Gardiner comes in and he says that he is looking for Kiera. Dillon tells him that he will not tell him if he finds Kiera. Carlos goes to Betty and asks her for the information that Kiera asks for. She asks what he is up to and Carlos says that he can’t talk about it. She tells him that she has him covered. Alec ignores Kiera’s call again and goes to his new room. He crumbles up an application for another shop. His friend comes in and says that a woman is there to see him. He goes downstairs and finds his mom there. She asks why he left and he says that he can’t explain. He says that he needs to go and she says that she understands. Afterwards, Alec realizes that his mom was really Kiera. He calls her up and she tells him that she only uploaded an update for her CMR. He offers to help her. They run a scan of the incident and eventually come up with an address.

Kiera goes to the place and finds a shell casing. Agent Gardiner comes up behind her and demands answers for what happened at the crime scene and what happened with the Mayor. She tells him that she is a Time Traveler sent to stop Liber8. Agent Gardiner doesn’t believe her. Before they can talk any further, Carlos comes up behind and asks what is going on. Kiera tells him that she and Agent Gardiner were having a conversation on possible suspects. Kiera tells Carlos that someone is framing Liber8 for this assassination. The Coalition Kings are working with Liber8 and that a rival gang could be at fault. Carlos suspects Raul Wolford and Kiera asks for a little time to do her tactics before the police are involved. He agrees. She tells him that she will signal him and he asks if it is going to be a light in the shape of a bat. Kiera is confused and misses the Batman reference.

Alec and Ricky are playing a game, when the manager at the Computer Store that Alec applied for calls. He says that Alec got the job. Kiera walks into a nightclub that Wolford owns and looks through drawers. She unlocks a closet and finds rifles. She calls Carlos and tells him that she may have found the murder weapon. She is caught by a guard and brought before Wolford. He tells her that he didn’t kill anyone and Kiera can tell that he is telling the truth. As the guards are about to take her out back and kill her, she tells him that the Coalition Kings framed them. Kiera tries to get information from Wolford, but Carlos busts in with his team. Wolford is taken to the station and Carlos gloats of the evidence they found. Wolford says that he didn’t do anything and that they are wrong on this. Alec calls up Kiera and tells her that she needs to see her. He says that it is serious. She tells him that she will, but she needs to take care of something. Kiera talks to Dillon and Carlos doesn’t like the idea that Wolford might walk away from this, but Kiera says that they need to think of the possibility that Wolford is innocent.

Candidate Martin walks into the Liber8 hideout and thanks them for their work with killing the Mayor. It is revealed that it was Martin who put out the hit for the Mayor so that he can become the new Mayor. Sonya tells Martin that Jasmine pulled the trigger and that they used gang members to plant the evidence. Martin collects his money for his support. In prison, Travis walks up to Julian and tells him that he looks as if he needs protection. Travis tells Julian what Sonya did. Agent Gardiner watches and tells the Warden that they need them together to get some information.

Alec meets with Kiera and Kiera tells him that he doesn’t know if the message was manipulation or genuine and that he can’t make assumptions. He has so many questions. Kiera gives him a piece of the transportation device and tells him to do something with it. She asks if they are good and Alec tells her that he’s got her back. The scene fast-forwards to 2077. Alec records the message that he sent to Alec back in 2012. He sits down and transmits data to Kiera’s CMR. This is what caused Kiera to wake up suddenly. The episode ends.