Split Second - Recap

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The scene opens with Travis getting injected with the CMR in the year 2077. Sonya, who is a doctor at that time, finds out that the project is going to be shut down. She goes into see Travis. She cries and injects him with something. She kisses him and he asks if everything is alright. Back in 2012, Ingram sees the footage of the hospital cameras when Travis was shot. He realizes that Sonya shot Travis. Sonya comes up and says he needs to keep this between them and not to tell Garza about it.

Alec is on his way to work when Kiera comes up and tells him he doesn’t have to work at a computer store. He says he has to look at his options. Kiera says he has to follow the path of the future she knows so she can get home. Alec brings up the tower explosion and says she made the choice to try to save people regardless of what happens to the future. Alec leaves to go to work. At Thesis, Agent Gardiner goes up to Lewis, his superior. He says he is still around because of Kiera. Lewis says that she is cleared by Esher. However, Gardiner doesn’t think Section 6 exists and says he won’t let this go. Lewis says that she will make some exceptions. She tells him not to mess up. At the hideout, Garza tells Ingram they need to get Travis out and says Sonya hasn’t been telling them everything. Sonya says that they have a plan to get Travis out.

In prison, Julian is approached by an inmate who tells him he can offer him protection. Julian tells him that he is fine. Travis comes up to the inmate and tells him to leave. Travis tells Julian to stay close until he breaks them out of prison. He tells Julian he has already made contact to the outside. The same inmate comes back with reinforcements and tells Travis that it is time he taught him a lesson. Travis gets up and kills the inmate and the others. Julian is clearly upset. At the station, Kiera and Carlos get information about Travis killing 6 members of the Arian Nation. Agent Gardiner is the liaison of the task force now and Kiera tells Gardiner to stay out of her way. Kiera tells Dillon and Carlos she has a plan.

At work, Alec is yelled at by his boss, Duncan, for rerouting the networks. Duncan tells Alec he needs to only do the job he was hired for. Kellogg meets Alec in the store and tells him he is more than just a computer store employee. Kellogg tells him about the time when he was younger and how he had a job that payed him some money, but he decided to quit and start his own business because he didn't like it. He tells Alec he needs to get out of the job and work for him because he is a genius. Duncan comes up and tells Alec his printer is jammed. Kellogg tells Alec he needs to give it some thought. At the hideout, Ingram goes up to Sonya and tells her the contacts that they had in the prison, are all dead. Sonya tells Ingram she was the one who set up the prison fight because they need Travis as far away from Thesis as possible.

Travis is getting transported and Kiera tells him she can cut him a deal. She says he can tell her where the others are and she will put him out of his misery. Travis is not interested. Carlos gets in the back of the truck and Kiera gets into the passenger seat. Betty, Dillon and Gardiner are watching via surveillance. In the truck, Travis starts to tell Carlos about how it is bad that CEOs make more money than other people. Alec goes to Kellogg’s and Kellogg welcomes him. Kellogg says he is sure he is getting into something that is good.

Back in the truck, Travis starts to hint that Kiera is different. Alec asks Kellogg what type of person he is in 2077. Kellogg says that he has epic wealth and it doesn’t matter what type of person he was. Alec says he sent them back and needs to know why. Kellogg says he thinks Alec’s destiny is to be bigger than CEO. Alec says he needs to get back to work. In the truck, Travis says Carlos needs to quit his job and prepare for the war. Travis says Carlos is delusional and hints that Kiera is more than an Agent. Ingram hacks into the surveillance and shoots at the convoy. Betty, Dillon and Gardiner watch as the team find out it is not a person shooting. It is diversion.

Betty looses signal and can’t contact Carlos or Kiera. A truck pulls up beside Carlos and Kiera and shoots at it. The driver is killed and Kiera takes the wheel. Ingram watches from the dashboard of the truck. Inside, Travis manages to free one restraint as the truck bashes into Kiera. Travis and Carlos fight in the back. Carlos tries to use a taser on Travis, but it doesn’t work. Kiera narrowly misses getting hit by a train. Carlos shoots Travis in the leg and tries to strangle him. Kiera pushes a button that triggers a sedative in Travis's leg and it causes Travis to fall asleep.

At the station, Betty gets the signal back and Dillon realizes they have a mole inside the police department. Dillon suspects Gardniner is the mole. On the road, a helicopter shoots at the truck and Kiera and Carlos attempt to escape. Gardiner goes up to Dillon and tells him he needs to take a closer look at Kiera. On the road, Kiera drives the truck into a tunnel and is blocked by the helicopter. The truck from earlier is back and blocks them in. The helicopter shoots a rocket at the truck behind Kiera and Carlos. Shocked, Kiera and Carlos realize it wasn’t a mistake and the helicopter is a second team trying to free Travis. Kiera activates her CMR and has a forcefield suround Carlos and her to protect them as they run away from the team. Travis is taken and he sees the team was run by Garza.

At the hideout, Ingram tells Sonya he lost contact and she realizes Garza is gone. They find the guns and ammunition missing. At the computer store, Alec tries to help a customer and the customer’s kid spills his drink. The customer asks if Alec is going to get it. At the station, Gardiner wants to know how Kiera and Carlos escaped the crossfire. Gardiner questions Kiera’s alliances and Dillon tells Gardiner not to question the loyalty of his officers. Dillon says it was the right call. Gardiner says he will be watching Kiera.

Sonya gets a call from Travis and he tells her she doesn’t have much time. Sonya remembers when she injected Travis with something and how she told him they don’t have much time before shooting the person who told her the project is being shut down. Kiera and Carlos meet for drinks and Kiera says Gardiner may be the mole. At the boat house, Kellogg gives a speech. Alec is there and he tells him he is ready to get started.