Second Thoughts - Recap

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The scene opens in 2077 where Kiera is surveying an area. She lands the helicopter and enters the slums. She walks up to a girl named Hannah. Kiera smashes the drugs she got from the dealer. Hannah is Kiera’s sister and Kiera says she wants to help. Hannah says she doesn’t need her help. Back in 2012, Sonya has Ingram pull up next to the Coalition Kings. She gives them a package. Travis is there. He shoots at Sonya, but kills one of the Coalition Kings instead. They drive off. Elsewhere, Jason is talking to himself when he hears something. Jason goes to the station and tells Carlos he is looking for Kiera. He tells Carlos to tell Kiera they might have freelancers running around. Carlos is confused so Jason writes it down for him.

Alec, Ricky and a couple girls are hanging out. Ricky gives everyone a new drug called Flash, which allows for anyone to see either a flashback or glimpse into the future. Ricky gets in and drives, claiming he has laser vision. Halfway down the road, Ricky crashes the car. Alec gets a ride back from Kiera and she lectures him. He tells her he didn’t take Flash. Kiera says she knows of Flash and says it is in the future as well. She says she needs everything he can find out about Flash. Kiera tells Alec she is really glad he is all right. Alec’s mother comes in and sees Julian in the prison. She shows Julian there were CEOs meeting in the building that was blown up who were stopping cures to diseases. She says Julian helped stop the men. Julian thanks her for bringing him the information.

At the station, Kiera tells Dillon and Carlos that Flash could be related to Liber8. She says they have to find out where the supplier is coming from. In the prison, Gus, a member of the Coalition Kings, tells Julian that he is going to be safe. Kiera goes to see Kellogg and asks him about Flash. She asks if he is the supplier. He says it is not him and that he was hoping to have a fresh start with Kiera. Kellogg says he and Alec are in the process of starting a business venture. She tells Kellogg not to mess with Alec’s future. Alec alerts Kiera of a shooting which took place in a hanger.

Carlos, Kiera and Dillon get there and find a bunch of Coalition Kings members dead. Kiera looks around and sees, through her CMR, that there was a single gunman. She says Travis and Sonya are at war with one another and there will be more dead bodies. At their hideout, Sonya tells Ingram to relax. He says he feels Sonya isn’t taking the issue with Travis seriously. Sonya says she was hoping to have a non-violent way of getting through. Ingram says she needs to protect herself or else, they are going to lose.

Kiera goes up to Jason and asks what he needed and tells Alec that Jason is a little skittish. Alec leaves and Jason tells Kiera the freelancers, time travelers who control time travelers, are running around. He says they are going to be a problem. Kiera sees this as an opportunity and says the longer she stays, the more the future starts to slip away. At the station, Dillon tells Carlos and Kiera they need to find out more about Flash. Betty comes in tells Carlos that Gabriel, the new head of the Coalition Kings is out of hiding.

Garza tells Travis the war is not going to end until he or Sonya is dead. Travis says he will find a way to build their ranks. He opens the door to reveal Raul Wolford waiting for them. Alec goes to the hospital and meets Nadia, one of the girls in the car accident. He asks what the effects were with Flash. She says she was in the ambulance, but she felt she was body surfing in Hawaii. Alec says he needs to remember what his father said to him before he left. She tells him to be careful with Flash because she thinks the drug only shows what the person wants to be true. Kellogg meets Alec at the hospital and asks about their arrangement. He tells Kellogg he is going to have to think about it. Kellogg tells him to give him an answer soon.

Carlos and Kiera go up to Gabriel. Carlos asks why he is working with Liber8. Gabriel tells Carlos he has it wrong and tells him to leave. As they leave, Kiera puts a tracking device on Gabriel’s car. Later, they track the car to a warehouse. Inside they find Sonya meeting with the Coalition Kings. Fearful of losing Sonya, Kiera runs out and starts killing the Coalition King members, including Gabriel. At the end of it, Sonya gets away. Sonya goes back to the hideout and tells Ingram they are no longer dealing with criminals to send their message. Ingram says she sounds like Kegame and reminds her that Kegame killed himself. She tells Ingram he is not going to be able to take Travis down with just a gun.

At the same time, Travis meets with Wolford’s gang and tells them he wants to organize the gangs, rather than fight against them. He shows he means business when he produces the heads of the gang leaders, including Wolford. They agree to Travis’ terms. Alec is sitting at his computer staring down at the watch his father gave him. He takes Flash and instantly starts to remember the day his father left. He sees how his mother pushed him when he was trying to explain. When his father turns around, Alec sees it is Jason, the time traveler. He snaps back to reality.

The next day, he meets with Kiera. She tells Alec he should have told her about the business deal he has with Kellogg and says she needs to be informed about what he is going to do. He agrees to tell her. Alec sees a girl across the restaurant and Kiera tells him to ask her to sit with him. He says he can’t because she is there. Kiera smiles and leaves. Alec smiles at the girl and the girl smiles back. In the prison, Gus is stabbed by members of The Syndicate, Travis’s new gang. Back in 2077, Kiera goes up to Hannah and finds her standing over a ledge. She is on the drug from earlier. Hannah falls back off the building and dies. The episode ends.