Second Degree - Recap

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The episode begins in a jail cell, with Julian being cuffed and brought out of the cell by guards. The timeline flashes between the present Julian (2013) and the future Julian (known as Theseus) (2077) as they are led through their respective jails. Other prisoners bang on their cell walls and chant Theseus as he walks by.

Kiera and Carlos are at a graveyard, placing flowers onto Elena’s plot. Kiera kneels down and notices fresh lines in the grass around the plot. She uses a device to determine that the coffin underneath the ground is empty, and someone has removed Elena’s body. They both don’t know that they are being watched by Agent Gardner, who is sitting in his car outside of the graveyard.

A man is setting up instruments in an autopsy room in the morgue when Kiera walks in and surprises him; he drops the tray he is holding. He tells her that the paperwork for Jaworski and Chen has already been taken care of by Agent Warren. Kiera is informed that the bodies were shipped out the day before by Agent Warren. The man tells Kiera that Warren is from Section Six, the made up government task force that Alec came up with as a cover for Kiera.

Alec is working on a repair when Kiera interrupts him to tell him about the agent claiming to be from Section Six. While she is walking through a hallway talking to Alec she is interrupted by Gardner, who tells her that he saw her and Carlos at the grave earlier that day. Alec is listening to their conversation. Gardner says he is going to have Elena’s casket recovered. Kiera tells him that she thinks it is a good idea and that she has caught someone impersonating an agent from Section Six. She asks him to help her with finding out the identity of the impersonator is so that he will become distracted from everything else.

Kiera then goes to the courthouse where she sees Liber8 member Sonya at the end of the hallway. She chases after her, but Sonya slips away and Kiera is unable to find her. Kiera enters the court room where the trial is under way and Carlos is on the stand. They are asking him about what happened the day he was shot by Julian. Kiera notices a man on the jury whose heart rate is elevated and who looks exceptionally nervous. All at once, a row of individuals pull up the fabric of their shirts to cover their mouths and noses, and then stand up and shout “Free Julian Randall”. The court room erupts in yells and Julian is escorted out of the room.

Jim is walking through a parking garage and talking on his cell phone when he is attacked from behind by Travis. Travis attempts to threaten and blackmail Jim into working on his side, telling him that if he does not do as they say that they will kill him. Travis walks away, leaving Jim standing alone by his car.

Kiera and Carlos meet outside the room of the courthouse where she tells him she saw Sonya in the courthouse. They both believe that she is planning to do something at the courthouse. Kiera tells Carlos that she thinks Sonya got to the anxious looking juror before the trial began and that it is all a plot to make Julian get free.

Gardner is sitting in his office watching security footage from the morgue. He watches as a man wearing a dark coat and baseball hat takes the two bodies away into a truck, but the man does not turn around and he cannot tell who it is at first. He gets a clear image of the man’s face in the reflection of the side view mirror of the truck as he opens the door. It looks like it could be Travis. He picks up the phone to call Kiera.

At her desk in the office Kiera ignores a phone call from Gardner as Carlos walks up to her. Kiera found out the name of the juror from the trial, Carson, but there is nothing suspicious in his history so she calls Alec for help. Alec finds out that there has been no internet, telephone or electrical use in the man’s house in the last 48 hours, nor has he used his cell phone or bank cards. Kiera and Carlos think that Carson’s family may have been kidnapped and that Sonya is setting up Julian’s trial to fail. Carlos finds out that Carlos checked his email before the trial, and Alec hacks into Carson’s email account. They find an email containing a video of Carson’s wife and child tied up in a room. Alec cannot track the location of the video feed. Carlos thinks that they are being held in a fishing boat, so he asks Betty to get a list of all the marinas and dry docks in Vancouver.

Kiera and Carlos tell their boss that they think the trial and the jury is being compromised, but that they cannot say anything because they do not want Carson’s wife and daughter to be killed. She tells them that they must find her before the trial is over or she will have to choice but to report their findings to the judge.

In court Julian’s mother is on the stand, explaining her point of view, in which she insists that Julian was only using self defense and has done nothing wrong. Alec angrily leaves the courtroom because he knows that his mother is lying. His mother catches up with him outside and they argue over her not telling the truth. Alec has to testify against his brother the next day and he doesn’t know what to do.

In Alec’s lab, Kiera and Carlos are shown what Alec has been working on with the slice that Kiera gave him. Alec hooks up a machine to the back of Kiera’s head and into her CMR so that they can go through millions of images and blueprints of boats on the web all at once. The device is turned on and Kiera begins to go through images rapidly. Alec gets a text from Emily asking if they are going to be meeting later that night, but he ignores it. Kiera quickly finds the boat that they are looking for and the blueprints.

Travis approaches a woman standing on the stairs outside, her name is Rebecca and she is one of the protestors from the court room. He tells her that they are going to need to step up their game of she really believes in the movement and in Theseus. Travis tells her that the movement may require sacrifice from her, and walks her away while holding her arm.

Alec wakes up in bed with Emily and they have a discussion about what he will say at court later that day. If he tells the truth then his mother will go to jail for perjury and if he lies then his brother might go free. Emily tells him that she will support him no matter what he does, and Alec gets agitated and leaves in a hurry. Emily is still upstairs when she hears a door open. She runs down to see if Alec has come back and sees the door is ajar. There is noise coming from the other room and she thinks it might be Ricky. When she rounds the corner and man approaches her from behind and asks her where Alec is. When he tried to attack her she knocks him to the ground and forces him to tell her his name. He doesn’t say anything and so she steps violently on the man’s neck. Emily takes the man’s weapon and walks to the phone and makes a call, saying that she “needs a cleanup on location 1, stat”.

At the office again, Carlos and Kiera are working again on the case. Kiera contacts Alec but he has not found any records on the boat they are looking for. Kiera finds a document that contains the location of the boat they are looking for, and the two of them leave to go find it. Kiera can see heat signatures under the deck and on the bow of the fishing boat. Kiera and Carlos are walking towards the boat when a man surprises them from behind and points a gun at them. Kiera uses her suit to go invisible; distracted, the man looks around for Kiera while Carlos knocks out and handcuffs the man. They pair approach the boat where two men confront them with guns. Still invisible, Kiera knocks both men out, and they enter the boat to find Carson’s wife and daughter tied up inside.

Alec is in court testifying, he begins to tell his point of view of the day, clearly struggling through the words. He tells the court that his brother knew that Carlos was a cop but shot him anyways. A man enters the courtroom and whispers something in the judge’s ear. The court goes into recess.

Carlos and Kiera are in a room speaking with the judge where they tell him the reason for their interruption and the situation with the juror. The judge says that he will have to oversee the remainder of the trial as a bench trial.

Alec tells his mother that he had to tell the truth and she admits that it was wrong for her to expect him to lie. She says that she lied because she feels like she is losing all of her sons and didn’t want to lose Julian too. A man announces that the trial will resume in five minutes. Alec’s mother leaves, and Emily approaches Alec in the hallways where they embrace.

Back in court again, Julian is told to stand. The timeline begins to flash back and forth again between the present time and the future (2077). Julian and his future self, Theseus, are both in court facing their sentences. They are each read their charges, each of whose actions have resulted in death. In 2013, Julian is not charged with murder in the second degree because Carlos did not properly identify himself as a cop. Julian is found to have been acting in self-defence, and is not guilty. In 2077, the court does not have the final authority in the case against Theseus, and he is told that his sentence is to be staid. He is to be transferred to corporate detention. Theseus, however, speaks out and says “no, that is not the plan”.

Outside the courthouse Jim is approached by media, telling them that the citizens should be outraged by the sentence. Carlos walks by and Jim catches up, telling him that he will find out what happened. They both feel that Liber8 has someone inside the system, and that that is why Julian was able to walk free. Jim gets inside a car and leaves. Inside the car is Sonia. It is revealed that they are working together, including the judge, to get Julian free and back within their ranks.

Back at their desks in the office, Carlos and Kiera both know that Sonia must be behind everything that happened at the courthouse, because they saw her there that day. Kiera receives an email from Gardner with the image of the man who took the bodies from the morgue. She meets Gardner downstairs in his car, where Gardner tells her that he knows the name and address of the man who took the bodies. They agree to work together to find the man.

The episode ends with the judge leaving the courthouse. He is approached by Rebecca, who thanks him for his sacrifice to the movement. He calls over a guard to have her removed, but when he turns around he sees that the guard is Travis in disguise. Travis grabs the judge by the throat and forces him back into the room he came from. Rebecca stands guard outside the door while sounds of struggle can be heard from inside.

Written by: Rachel Anne