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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Nick Potter joins the New York District Attorney's Office after leaving a private firm. Alexandra Cabot leads the firm and is in the middle of prosecuting drug dealers. The Assistant D.A.s are stunned to find out that one of their own has been gunned down and one them might be the one who caused it.
Special Guest Stars: Elias Koteas as Mike Randolph | Doug E. Doug as Toby Janes |
Guest Stars: Mark Bush as Tim the Secretary | Jeremy Rishe as Transvestite | Jennifer Regan as Jane Ritchie's Mother | John Konvalin as Bagpiper | Craig Walker as Tough-Looking Guy | David Zayas as Hernan | Merritt Wever as Bridget Kellner | Jene Hernandez as Gloria | Joe Grifasi as Judge Harrigan | Darrell Larson as Professor | Matt Servitto as Gelman | David Fonteno as Judge | Angel David as guest star | Quentin Mare as Kenny | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Charlie Caliendo as Detective #2 | Brad Lee Wind as Detective #1 | Matthew Stocke as Detective Terry Ryan | Curtis Mark Williams as Jack Brady | Fred Dalton Thompson as District Attorney Arthur Branch | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Joel Marsh Garland as Officer Martin Kelly | John Bolger as Bridget Kellner's Father | Joe Forbrich as Detective Joshua Berner | Jim Coope (1) as Detective Cavell Jones | Michael Mosley as Detective Calloway | Kim Yancey-Moore as Female Detective | Tim Peper as Luke Taylor | Robert Emmet Lunney as David Greene | Jill Flint as Lisa Sandorff | Andrew Dolan as Jane Ritchie's Father | Jeffrey V. Thompson as Bailiff | Tibor Feldman as Max Breitman | Alexandra Daddario as Vanessa
Director: Matt Reeves (1)

2 :01x02 - Denial

Deputy DA Steele prosecutes Evan, a 14-year-old who murdered his older brother with a baseball bat, as an adult. But the teen's father takes a stance in court that could cost his son dearly.

Meanwhile, ADA Peluso looks into a case in which a high school athlete, Rashard, was arrested for a hate crime against a gay man who was blackmailing him. Rossi tries to convince a prostitute to testify in her own rape trial.

Elsewhere, a jealous Steele checks up on Rossi's romantic life; Finn preps for a blind date; and Peluso tries to help out a loan shark to whom he's in debt.
Guest Stars: Robert Clohessy as guest star | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Edwina Findley as Tina Brock | Jayne Houdyshell as Judge Roberta Palski | Roderick Pannell as Rashard Wiggins | Stephanie Berry (1) as Judge Karen Schnell | John Lordan as Judge Michaels | Stewart Steinberg as Judge Randall Hellman | Gerry Vichi as Herb McEvilly | Brigid Brady as Foreman | Rob Falcone as Cop #1 | Richard Byrne as Clerk #2 | Paul Coughlan as Cop #3 | Chris Bauer as guest star | Jordan Burt as Evan Foye | John Magaro as Jiggy | Devin Ratray as Pete Garrison | Tim Ransom as Attorney | Pun Bandhu as Attorney Ken Duggan | E.J. Carroll as Al Stultz | Hudson Cooper as Arraignment Clerk | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Gabe Hernandez as Cop #2 | Quentin Mare as Kenny | Jarret Sumers as Defense Attorney | Will Poston as Michael | John Palumbo as Detective Molt | Alex Kaluzhsky as Quinn Benton | Mason Pettit as Cop #4
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Rick Eid

3 :01x03 - Breakup

At a birthday party, Potter witnesses his friend take out cocaine. Potter leaves the party immediately, but when his friend is later arrested, he asks Potter for help. Potter turns the case over to Desmond, but fails to tell him the whole story about the night. Meanwhile, Cabot goes on an anti-drug campaign and Peluso prosecutes a grandmother for heroine possession.
Guest Stars: Ray Wills as Judge Brandon Fitzmartin | Maximiliano Hernandez as Bernard Acosia | Kit Flanagan as Judge Cicily Barnes | Janet Sarno as Aunt Renee | Ray Demattis as Uncle Frank | Greg McFadden as Dr. Emmet Mills | Jason Pugatch as Brad Sizemore | Marya Grandy as Anna Packer | Millie Tirelli as Morena Rijo | Chuck Lewkowicz as Clerk | Steven William as Jury Foreman | Paul Urcioli as Russell Albright | Kristine Nielsen as Victoria Copeland | Jon Budinoff as Felix Rojo | Daniel Cantor as Robert Schwartz | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Rebecca Mader as Hannah | Tricia Paoluccio as Heather Casey | Tim Peper as Luke Taylor | Teagle F. Bougere as guest star | Mary Testa as guest star | Liza Colon-Zayas as Dr. Muldoon, M.E. | Henry Stram as guest star | Liz Larsen as Brenda Randolph
Director: Randall Zisk

4 :01x04 - Indebted

Nick goes on a ride-along with two cops, which lands Potter in a meeting with Internal Affairs. Rossi prosecutes a wife beater, but the case hits close to home when she learns that her mother is leaving her father due to abuse.
Guest Stars: Seth Barrish as Max Levitt | Danny Johnson as guest star | Juan Carlos Hernandez as guest star | John Douglas Thompson as Councillor John Jenkins | Priscilla Lopez as guest star | Becky London as Judge Evelyn Hastings | Jodi Stevens as Alana Weston | Todd Susman as Judge Flintock | Mark Zimmerman as Judge Rodney Furman | Heidi James as Jean Tuccio | Andrew Weems as Clay Dalton | Bonnie Rose as Arraignment Clerk | Arianne Recto as Mrs. Maglaban | Ray Weiderhold as Detective Strick | Stephanie Darakjian as Cassie Fowler | Ato Essandoh as Byron "B-Fly" Stuart | Will Chase (1) as Detective Dave Lemanski | Alice Barrett Mitchell as Kathleen Perry | Luther Creek as Dealer | Michael Ray Escamilla as Johnny Guero | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Alexie Gilmore as Kelly Kovacs | Marc Grapey as Max Griggs | Craig Walker as Jason Rossi | Rodney To as James Maglaban | George R. Sheffey as William Stern | Alex Manette as Jeff Lloyd | Damon Gupton as Keith Watts
Director: Vincent Misiano
Songs: K.T. Tunstall -- Other Side Of The World

5 :01x05 - Savasana

Against orders, Potter refuses to settle on a case, but ends up winning. Desmond keeps up his undefeated streak and later has a one-night-stand with a woman who works for the courthouse. Meanwhile, Steele cancels his date with Rossi and ends up hooking up with Cabot.
Guest Stars: Allen Jared as Anthony Scaretta | Brent Langdon as Bill Eason | Philip Levy as Bud Lowry | John Rothman as Martin Bernip | Mark Kenneth Smaltz as Steve Bertaya | Allan Miller (1) as guest star | Randy Danson as guest star | Danny Burstein as guest star | Amy Delucia as Yoga Instructor | Juani Feliz as Vida Diletez | Charles Dumas as Judge Alden Murray | Gráinne De Buitléar as Nurse | Jack Gwaltney as Robert | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Irene Glezos as Judge Marie Celzic | Zachary Knower as Dr. Senkovich | Rene Rosado as Alonzo Gueterez | Samantha Shelton as Diane Kastle | Diane Bradley as Jane Banks | Aliya Campbell as Tanya | Sara Contreras as Sylvia Diletez
Director: Caleb Deschanel
Songs: James Blunt -- No Bravery, Starsailor -- Some of Us

6 :01x06 - Madness

Peluso is pressued by his girlfriend that he recently got back together with. When Christina is low on case work, she is sent to help out a mean prosecutor. Meanwhile, Cabot debates hiring an image consultant; Potter fills in for Desmond on a case that has tragic consequences; and Rossi is put in the middle of a family problem while prosecuting a deaf girl's boyfriend for stabbing the girl's father.
Guest Stars: Sally Mae Dunn as Annabella | Paul L. Francis as Arlen Hargatay | Steve Kazee as Dumas Shepherd | Joseph LaRocca as Detective Meagher | Karen Ludwig as Judge Sylvia George | Eddie Martinez as Detective Ortolani | Kristen Schaal as Allie Rubinoff | Maria Smith as Judge Rita Palladino | Mary Catherine Wright as Bernice Kornzaler | Marlyne N. Afflack as guest star | Felix Solis as guest star | Jonathan Teague Cook as C.T. Howell | Deborah J. Collins as Mother Trimble | Candace Brecker Penn as Mavis Richter | Alexandria Wailes as Leticia Diaz | Rosa Arredondo as Ana Mendez | Frank Bonsangue as Riley | Wilbur Fitzgerald as Dr. Berwyn | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Andrew Garman as Kyle Paulette | Maurice Jones as Raymond Trumble | Samantha Shelton as Diane Kastle | Jill Flint as Lisa Sandorff | Timothy Adams as Bob the Beast | Luisray Aguilar as Tobias Trujillo
Director: Caleb Deschanel
Writer: Walon Green
Songs: K.T. Tunstall -- Universe and U

7 :01x07 - True Love

Potter is mugged when he tries to make contact with a witness to his latest case. Peluso finds out that his girlfriend cheated on him right before they plan to move in together. Rossi is able to strike a deal in a case involving a model who claims to have been raped by a business executive. Steele works on a case dealing with a suspicious suicide.
Guest Stars: Jill Flint as Lisa Sandorff | Ed Mitchell (3) as Foreman | Jeremy Beiler as Gregg Carlson | Laurie J. Williams as Allison Cross | Jas Anderson as Young Black Man | Howard W. Overshown as Detective Frank Cosgrove | Dylan Chalfy as Tim Knight | Cornell Womack as Detective Ray Holliston | Burke Stuart as Zach Millburn | Cameron Folmar as Peter Salem | Jeff Blumenkrantz as Dr. Lloyd Brem | Chloe Whiteford as Leslie Goldsmith | Gregory Weinberg as Bartender | Gregory Jbara as Judge Herman Zemit | Nick Chinlund as Boyd | Shirley Rumierk as Sonia | Greg Naughton as Dr. Grant Lucas | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Sanjiv Jhaveri as Doctor | Amy Landecker as Donna Thatcher | Doan Ly as Dr. Linda Culp | Lionel Pina as Luis Morales | Dan Remmes as Neil Kornfeld | Michelle Six as Serena Lyons
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Writer: Rick Eid

8 :01x08 - Downhill

Potter takes on a case that seems to be an easy win, but it becomes more complex when a priest demands that all charges be dropped. Rossi works on a rape case; Desmond gets together with a group of high-powered black men to network; and Finn works on a lawsuit.
Guest Stars: Linda Miller (1) as Foreperson | Bill Kocis as Judge Stanley Osinski | Ty Jones (1) as Keith Bell | Gustave Johnson as Judge Horace Whiting | Rochelle Hogue as Cynthia Carter | Europe Harmon as Jackson Hollins | Remi Sandri as Dr. Steven Klein | John Douglas Thompson as Councillor John Jenkins | Becky Ann Baker as guest star | Mimi Lieber as guest star | Jim Bracchitta as guest star | Sam Freed as guest star | T. Ryder Smith as guest star | William Clemente as Detective | Deidre Goodwin as Detective in Video | William H. Burns (2) as Uniform Cop | Buzz Bovshow as Michael Levine | Peter Gerety as Father McMillan | Greg Naughton as Dr. Grant Lucas | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Tijuana Ricks as Mrs. Mosley | Timmy Mitchum as Jamal Mosley | Christine Sang as Young Woman | James Fly Williams III as Adrien | Adeel Akhtar as Dr. Darpan Banerjee | Lou Bonacki as Mr. Collins | Thomas Benton as Defense Counsel | Terrence Bae as Judge Peter Tung | Joe Bacino (1) as Detective Leo Marquez | Kerrell Antonio as D'Angelo Bennett | Jas Anderson as Young Black Man
Director: Michael Fresco
Writer: David Mills
Songs: Caleb Kane -- In Your Own Way

9 :01x09 - The Wall

Peluso runs into a "wall of blue" as he prosecutes a cop-shooter. Finn and Potter are called into Cabot's office where she informs them that they will be taking acting classes to improve on their court appearance.
Guest Stars: Craig Walker as Jason Rossi | Connie Winston as Judge Shirley Taylor | Priscilla Lopez as guest star | Greg Cook (1) as Cop #2 | Peter Onorati as guest star | Robert Lupone as guest star | Stephen Bogardus as guest star | Gerardo Rodriguez as guest star | Andrew Jade Williams as Zach Rothman | T.D. White as Foreperson | Max Vogler as Dr. Daniel Selinsky | Sonya Tsuchigane as CSU McDaniel | Teddy Cañez as George Hernandez | Ken Howard as Judge Hanford | Christine Evangelista as Alyssa Burnside | Santo Fazio as Sonny Villanueva | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Michael Hayward-Jones as Headmaster Reynolds | Miriam Hyman as Mavis Connery | Michael Jannetta as Cop #1 | Lou Martini, Jr. as Officer Ernie Marks | George Palermo as Detective Tom Gordon
Director: Steven DePaul
Songs: Holly Brook -- Still Love

10 :01x10 - Deliverance

A well-known female attorney is accused of murdering her husband and opts to represent herself as she goes up against Steele.
Guest Stars: Tibor Feldman as Max Breitman | Jayne Houdyshell as Judge Roberta Palski | Erik Martin (1) as Norman Bigler | Bridget Moloney as Amanda Steiner | Selena Nelson as Forewoman | Mason Pettit as Detective #2 | Stephen Rowe as Judge Coffey | Trace Turville as Ursula Thorne | Richard Duva as Detective | Dan Da Silva as Detective Dave Liggett | Reiko Aylesworth as Julie Phelps | Jeremy Allen White as Jack Phelps | Chris Bowers (1) as Henry Morris | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Amber McDonald as guest star | Cal Robertson as Hollis Phelps | Myra Lucretia Taylor as Judge Suzanne Michaels | Roy Thinnes as Ralph Hanlon
Director: Vincent Misiano
Songs: Anna Nalick -- Catalyst, James Blunt -- Cry

11 :01x11 - Indiscretion

Potter takes over a drug case from Rossi, and though it is an easy win, he manages to screw it up badly. For Desmond's latest case, he's forced to deal with an Upper West Side couple and a fortune teller. Meanwhile, Cabot has a lavish engagement party and Finn and Peluso have an "almost" date.
Guest Stars: Joan Rosenfels as Adele Feinberg | Michael Rivera as Hugo Enriquez | Eileen Rivera as Reporter #1 | John Ramsey as Judge Morris Rhodes | Linda Powell as Angela Crews | George Palermo as Detective Tom Gordon | James Saba as Defense Lawyer | Chris Stack as Darryl Hastings | Connie Winston as Judge Shirley Taylor | Murphy Guyer as guest star | Tamara Jenkins as Woman at Party | Mia Katigbak as Judge Cicily Mauer | Tony Nation as Reporter #2 | Robby Smith as Danny Peters | Michael Soloway as Jimmy Brennan | Edward D. Murphy (1) as Arraignment Clerk #2 | Michael McCartney as Detetective Lenny Bates | Marty Grabstein as Saul Mincheff | Jerry Shulman as Herman Feinberg | Jack Gwaltney as Robert | Emma Myles as Kim Scanton | Celia Schaefer as Mrs. Mary Shannon | Samantha Shelton as Diane Kastle | Jas Anderson as Young Black Man | George Bartenieff as Judge Nelson Beckman | Patrick Boll as Man at Party | Lisa Bostnar as Irina Balacova | Peter Gerety as Father McMillan | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Mark H. Dold as John Raskin | Timothy Devlin as Shaun Brennan | Christopher Daftsios as Phil Winkler | Hudson Cooper as Arraignment Clerk
Director: Elodie Keene
Writer: Laurie Arent

12 :01x12 - 180.80 (Part 1)

The DAs are under mounting pressure when a congressman's daughter is murdered. Now they must race to indict the suspect -- the bouncer at the club where she was last seen.
Guest Stars: Keith Patterson as Hot Dog Kid | Anne O'Sullivan as Judy "Jinksy" Collier | Jack O'Connell (1) as Court Officer Lou | Jadon Munroe as Rudy Wade | Marcus Mitchell (1) as Male Juror | Edelen McWilliams as Dr. Jenel Mertz, M.E. | Zoe Perry as Audrey Knowles | Johnny Solo as Hostage | Nancy Ticotin as Detective Maggie Reyes | Nik Tyler as Andy Rodriguez | Adam Rothenberg as guest star | Marc Aden as Phil Cower | Jesus Ruiz as Detective Carlos Tavarez | Karen Olivo as Norma Pimental | Raymond Anthony Thomas as Garcia | Nina Lisandrello as Serena Mallory | Kevin Hagan as Earl "Smitty" Smith | Dave Greenfield as Reporter #2 | Gbenga Akinnagbe as Calvin Wade | Mike Pniewski as Congressman Knowles | Stephen McKinley Henderson as Judge | Susan Misner as Alexis Bennet | Bruce Kirkpatrick as Detective O'Rourke | Dorian Missick as Frank Jeffers | Sara Kathryn Bakker as Renee Ballas | David Wilson Barnes as Thomas Searl | Jennifer Rae Beck (1) as Reporter #1 | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Shanara Gabrielle as R.A. | Bruce Faulk as Guard #3 | Alix Elias as Stenographer Martha | Victor Cruz as Officer Madrid | Hudson Cooper as Arraignment Clerk
Director: Norberto Barba

13 :01x13 - Hostage (Part 2)

The two murder suspects take over the courthouse, holding several members of the DA's office hostage as they try to negotiate a way out.
Guest Stars: Jadon Munroe as Rudy Wade | Tia Dionne Hodge as Rita Stern | Dave Greenfield as Reporter #2 | Rick Gifford as Uniform #2 | James Georgiades as Chief INS Agent Constantine | Catrina Ganey as Cheryl | Jack O'Connell (1) as Court Officer Lou | Karen Olivo as Norma Pimental | Derrick LeMont Sanders as Tactical Uniform #2 | Johnny Solo as Hostage | David Spearman as Uniform | Adam Rothenberg as guest star | Guy Boyd as guest star | Raymond Anthony Thomas as Garcia | Bruce Faulk as Guard #3 | Alix Elias as Stenographer Martha | Mike Pniewski as Congressman Knowles | Wass M. Stevens as Officer Coggins | Stephen McKinley Henderson as Judge | Susan Misner as Alexis Bennet | James McDaniel as Tony Murno | Dorian Missick as Frank Jeffers | Sara Kathryn Bakker as Renee Ballas | David Wilson Barnes as Thomas Searl | Jennifer Rae Beck (1) as Reporter #1 | William H. Burns (2) as Uniform Cop | Kent Cassella as Major | Brendan M. Connolly as Tactical Uniform #1 | Hudson Cooper as Arraignment Clerk | Gbenga Akinnagbe as Calvin Wade
Warning: Conviction (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 03, 2006
Ended: May 19, 2006
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