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Surviving Death - Recap

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The scene opens in New York City in 1864. A man watches as he waits inside a shack for someone. A girl hears a revolver and wakes up. He gives her an egg. The stranger asks the girl’s name. She says that her name is Annie. She is on the run. A man watches and Annie asks if the stranger would like her to pleasure him. He tells her no and reminds the girl that she is only a child. Suddenly there is a gunshot and the man leaves the protection of the shack. He walks around and comes upon the bank robbers. He is joined by two other Coppers, as they are called. The man kills one of them and tells the others to drop their weapons because they are the police. However, they don’t and are killed. Corcoran tells O’Brian and Maguire to get as much as they can before the Sergeant gets there.

Sergeant Burns comes up and Corcoran gives him a nice new pocket watch. Burns dismisses Maguire and calls Corcoran, Boyle, a rude slur. The Captain comes and Burns says that Detective Corcoran stopped them. The Captain congratulates him and tells him to put the money in the wagon. Annie watches and can’t believe that Corcoran is a Copper. Later at a bar, it is full of men singing. Corcoran and Maguire go in. Corcoran comes in to visit Eva. He kisses her. In another room, Maguire is “busy” with a prostitute named Molly and afterward, Molly talks about Corcoran and Eva. She asks if she reminds Corcoran of his wife Ellen. She asks if she will come back to him and Maguire says that Corcoran is his friend and not to talk about his wife the way she is. Maguire apologizes for his behavior and tells her not to talk about Corcoran’s wife.

Back in Corcoron’s room, Eva gives money for Corcoran’s Captain. O’Brien goes into the room and tells them that they have a dead body. Corcoran and O’Brien go to find a dead body in the street. It is Annie. Corcoran takes Annie to Matthew and Sara’s house. Matthew is the coroner and a black man, which is bad at these times. Corcoran wants to know how she died. He says that it will cost and says that it will be ready tomorrow. Corcoran gives him $10 to rush it. Sarah comes out and they excuse themselves. Maguire says that they should go to the bar again, but Corcoran wants to go to the docks. The next day, Corcoran and Maguire go to the poor and tell them to alert them if they find a locket. One of the men says that it is the same old story. Julius, the servant, tells Corcoran that he is instructed to meet with Robert Morehouse. He meets him and Winfred, an acquaintance of Morehouse, is there. Morehouse brings up how Corcoran got himself a badge for saving his life. Winfred tells Corcoran that he knows him from boxing and would love to have him as a referee. Morehouse says that the ship that Corcoran always is asking for is docking any day soon.

Later at Matthew’s place, Mathew says that the girl raped after she was killed. Corcoran says that she offered to pleasure him the other day. Matthew says that someone cleaned her up and hit her in the head with a hard object. He tells Corcoran that it is moving day and that he can’t find out what killed Annie. He thanks Matthew and takes Annie’s body. He walks down the street to see Annie in front of his eyes. He looks at the dead body and it is an identical match. He chases her down and shows her the body of the girl. She screams and runs away. The guy who was trying to get with Annie asks him what he is doing. Corcoran says that he is a police officer. Later that evening, Morehouse goes to a whorehouse lead by Madam Contesa. Bill greets him at the door. He goes inside and is welcomed. Morehouse takes off his prosthetic leg.

The next day, O’Brian and Maguire are digging a grave for the girl and bury her. Corcoran says that they need to find Annie and he stops by the grave of his daughter. Corcoran finds Annie and she screams. He tells her that he is not there to hurt her. He takes her to Eva and Molly and she tells them that the girl was her sister, Kate. She says that she escaped from the Contesa and Corcoran asks who the man was. She cries and Eva tells him to leave it alone for now. Morehouse and Winfred talk politics and Winfred’s wife, Elizabeth knows what she is talking about. They joke and laugh. Eva tells Corcoran that she will be back in a week and he tells her that she is the only girl he wants. At Matthew’s and Sara’s house, Matthew says that he has to do something before they leave. He has to do something for Corcoran.

Later that night, Bill tells him that he has no need to come in. Corcoran says that he wants to question the death of a little girl. Bill tells him that she probably had it coming. Corcoran drags Bill’s body to an underground area while Matthew tries to find out what the girl was struck with. Corcoran strips Bill of his clothes and beats him for information. He tells him that he didn’t kill a girl. Matthew goes to Corcoran later and tells him that Kate was killed with a walking stick. He finds out that Bill is not his guy and apologizes to him. Bill says that they are going to hang him for it anyway. Corcoran goes up to the can maker and he doesn’t want to give names. However, when Corcoran puts a gun to his head, he says that it is Winfred’s cane. Corcoran gets the cane and Elizabeth sees him take it. Corcoran takes the information to the Captain and he tells him that he and Burns will take over the investigation from now. Burn makes a snide comment and uses the slur, Boyle again. Corcoran walks out thinking that justice has been served.

However, the next day, he gets into Morehouse’s place and the Captain says that Bill admitted to killing Kate. Corcoran laughs. Morehouse says that Winfred wanted Corcoran released, but his father saved him. Winfred asks of Annie and Corcoran lies and says that she is in the covenant with the nuns. Corcoran goes to Annie and tells Molly that he needs to be alerted of any interest into Annie. Corcoran goes to visit Bill and he says that it is alright that he is going to hang because he has Liver problems and only has a year to live. Corcoran says that he doesn’t like that the wrong man is hanging. He tells Corcoran that he is fine with this. Corcoran gets home to find Elizabeth there. She tells him to promise that Kate’s murder will be avenged. The episode ends.