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Husbands and Fathers - Recap

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The scene opens with Corcoran and Maguire asking the townspeople about the locket that Corcoran is looking for. He asks them about Tangos McCarthy. Corcoran exits the place and finds Julian, the Morehouse servant waiting for him. He says that Robert is looking for him. Meanwhile Robert and Winnie Haverford are talking about the Irish and how the emancipated slaves are going to flock there. Robert brings up his father being a tyrant. Corcoran gets there to find Winnie Haverford meeting with Robert there. However, it turns out that Winnie invited him. Winnie asks about Annie and Corcoran doesn’t say anything. Winnie tells Corcoran that they are not done, but he says that they are. He leaves and goes to Annie, who is in the hotel with Molly and Maguire. He tells Annie that they will guard her until they could find another place to hide her. He leaves and Maguire tries to get fresh with Molly. She tells him that she will “reward” him later and says that they have to keep Annie safe first.

Corcoran goes to the Nunnery and Sister Agnes Clare tells him that he needs to pray for help. He ignores that and leaves. At the Morehouse home, Robert tells Winnie that they will do something. Norton, Robert’s father comes in and finds out that Robert cut his profit by thirds. He tells Winnie that he wants to buy Five Points and leaves. Robert tells him that Norton feels that they are going to have a benefit to buy Five Points and put who they want to live there. Robert says that they need someone else to buy the properties with their money. In another town, Mathew Freeman calls out to his wife Sarah and tells her that she needs to be able to go outside. She says that she saw a white man and got scared. He sees that she has a gun and tells her that she can protect him with her pistol. She hugs him. At the church, the reverend thanks the Haverfords for rebuilding the church for the many black children. Winnie tells the Reverend that he feels good helping. Elizabeth doesn’t see it that way.

Later, Molly goes up to Corcoran and tells him that Tangos is in town. That night, Corcoran sees someone breaking into Tangos’ home. His wife yells at him and Corcoran is there to beat him up. They fight and his wife yells for Corcoran to kill him. Corcoran asks about his wife and he says that he didn’t do anything with it. He says that Helen, Corcoran’s wife, left with a man. He says that he would have killed his wife too if he had killed Maggie, Corcoran’s daughter. The next day, Maguire asks Corcoran if he believes Tangos. He says that he does and that he made sense. Norton meets with Winnie and asks about the progress of the purchase of the church. He tells Norton that he is close and will buy it for $100,000. Robert comes in drunk and asks Winnie how the search for Annie is going. Winnie tells him that he would give him a beating if he wasn’t Norton’s son. At the bar, a man comes up to Molly asking for Corcoran. She has him pay her for information, but tells him that she doesn’t know where he went to. She asks if he wants a kiss and he tells her that he doesn’t want one.

Robert and Elizabeth talk in the hall and she asks about Corcoran’s past. Robert tells her that he lost his wife and daughter. He is still searching for his wife. Robert suggests that Elizabeth buy the church under the nose of his father and her husband. She likes the idea. Corcoran is reading a letter when three men come into his room. They ask where Annie is and he doesn’t tell. They beat him up and break his leg. Corcoran manages to stab the leader in the thigh. He grabs the gun and tells them to get out. The next morning, O’Brian and Maguire get to Corcoran’s and he calls for Freeman. Maguire goes to his home and breaks in. Sarah hides behind the curtain and is ready to shoot when Freeman comes in. He tells him that Corcoran needs him. He gets there and helps him with his leg.

The man who asked Molly where Corcoran was comes up and introduces himself as John Riley, Annie’s father. He comes in and Corcoran doesn’t give him correct information on where Annie by telling him that he doesn’t know where she is. He tells O’Brian that he could take him to his grave. Maguire points out that Riley is a liar from the drink he took of the alcohol that he has never had before. Elizabeth goes to the Reverend and says that she wants to surprise her husband. He agrees. Corcoran asks Annie about Riley and she tells him that Riley is her husband and says that when she was 10-years-old, Riley says that he can marry her. She says that the Contessa said that the men would be nice. She cries and tells him that she doesn’t want to go back to Riley. He says that he promises that he won’t. Corcoran says that they need to move Annie. She says that she will help him and tells him that he needs to kill Winnie. She reaches on his private parts and he says that he doesn’t want her to do that, but doesn’t tell her to stop.

Later, O’Brian tells Riley that he is her husband and that he forced her to marry him. They tell him to get out of town. At the Contessa, Molly tells her that Corcoran told her to send her there. The Contessa pays Molly $100 for Annie. At the Morehouse home, Norton tells Winnie that he failed him. He tells him to leave. Robert asks him if he is having a bad night. Robert goes into his father’s office and tells him that he was the one who bought the church for only $90,000. He offers him a cigar. Freeman gives Corcoran some medicine for his broken leg. At the Contessa, she gets Annie ready to “service” a man. Maguire tells the police sergeant that there is a death of a rich woman. Winnie gets to the Contessa’s and enters the room where Annie is. He starts to undress when suddenly, Corcoran tackles him. He tells Annie to kill Winnie. She does. Annie gets the Contessa and Corcoran stabs her too. He tells Annie that this will all be in the past. He jumps in the back of a cart where Freeman is there. He takes Corcoran home.

The Sergeant and Maguire are going to the home when they hear Annie crying. They find Winnie and the Contessa dead. Freeman gives Corcoran more medicine and leaves. Corcoran hallucinates Maggie is in front of him. The Sergeant comes to Corcoran’s home with the doctor and says that the Captain believes that someone had to do something with the death of Winnie and the Contessa. However, they rule out Corcoran when the doctor says that he wouldn’t be walking. They leave and Maguire and O’Brian dance. They laugh. Elizabeth is in mourning and Robert tells Corcoran that Winnie is dead. He says that Elizabeth is going to adopt Annie. Maguire says that he needs a “proper” place in society and gestures to his privates. They leave Robert and Corcoran alone and Robert says that he knows that Corcoran killed Winnie, but he won’t tell. However, he warns him that Norton thinks that Corcoran is too smart. He tells him that Freeman, Corcoran and he need to be careful. Corcoran hallucinates that his daughter is there by his side. The episode ends.