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In the Hands of an Angry God - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth thanking Corcoran for helping her husband and is sad that Winfred is dead. Later, Robert says that they have to get Corcoran back into the ring. Elizabeth shows Corcoran a painting and he is clearly embarrassed. Elizabeth says that Winfred wouldn’t allow her to hang it because it looked like her. Elizabeth asks why he didn’t kiss her hand. He says that he didn’t know that he was allowed to. She asks if he wants to kiss it and he says that he does. She leaves and Robert has Corcoran join them for drinks. Matthew meets with Reverend Garland and tells him that the children will be fine. Two men, Dermot and Jerry, shout from outside calling him a racial slur. Garland tells them that he wanted to rent a horse from them and they refused. He is told that they won’t rent to a colored man. They tell Garland that they burnt down the last orphanage and will do the same to this one. Matthew comes out with a shotgun and fires it into the air. He tells them not to harm the children.

Corcoran goes to see Eve and she asks what Elizabeth wanted. He says that it is nothing and says that she wanted him to kiss her hand. She asks him if he did and he says that he didn’t. She then proceeds to orally pleasure him. At that moment, the Sergeant gets escorted to Dermot O’Conner’s body. The next day, Corcoran says that Dermot was dead even before the noose was around his neck. Jerry comes up with Maguire and says that Garland is the culprit. The Captain tells Maguire to take Jerry to jail. Corcoran goes up to Garland and tells him that he is under arrest. At Matthew’s home, he is smiling and says that time has come to have a child. She says that she has Matthew to bring her happiness.

Corcoran comes up and tells him that he needs to know how Dermot died and says that Garland is arrested for the murder. A boy runs to Elizabeth’s home and tells her that Garland was arrested. Matthew examines Dermot’s body and says that he was killed by a needle. Corcoran says that Dermot was part of the mob that burned down the church and that Garland could have done it for revenge. Matthew tells him to be careful and blames Corcoran for being racist and he calls him on it.

Molly goes to Schwarz’s jewelry and sees the locket that Corcoran has been looking for. Dermot’s daughter yells in the streets and causes the crowd to agree with her. The Captain says that they need to do something. The Sergeant says that they should just hang Garland now. At the whorehouse, Eve sees the locket around Molly’s neck and tells her to give it to her. Molly says bought it for $7 from Schwarz. Eve rips it off her neck and tells her not to tell Corcoran about it. Corcoran, Maguire and O’Brian search Garland’s home and find a bloody rag. They go to visit him and Matthew is there. He tells him that he is trying to tell Garland not to take the blame. Corcoran shows the rag. They take it to Matthews and he shows Corcoran that the blood is Ox blood like Garland said it was.

Later, Maguire gets in to a emotional Molly and she tells him to hold her. Corcoran asks the masses about the locket and O’Brian says that he has a message with perfume. It is from Elizabeth. He goes to visit her and sees the painting that she showed him. It is a naked woman. Corcoran says that she needs to ease up on the rose water and she apologizes. She brings up that Garland needs to have fair treatment and he says that he will. She says that he is not what he seems and Corcoran is about to kiss her hand when Annie interrupts them claiming not being able to sleep because she keeps hearing men’s voices. Maguire meets with Robert and Robert tells him that Maguire is going to buy the stables with his money for a commission. He agrees. Maguire asks the butler how could it happen and he welcomes him. The next day, Jerry is interrogated and Corcoran questions him. He says that Dermot’s daughter could have killed him, but Jerry says that she wouldn’t do it. He gets the information he needs.

Corcoran goes to Dermot’s daughter and she tells him that Jerry and she were in bed with one another. Corcoran knows that she is lying. Schwartz tells Eve that the locket was originally pawned by Madam Grendle, the abortionist. Elizabeth meets with the elite and is told that she needs to stop supporting Garland. She excuses herself and tells the women to do the same. At the funeral home, Corcoran, Maguire and O’Brian are told that a black man tore Dermot’s clothes off. Matthew inspects a man named Jasper and Bessie asks if Garland will hang for this. She says that one Negro is better than the other. Matthew leaves and realizes that Bessie’s place is really close to the stables. Matthew goes up to Corcoran and tells him about Bessie and how he feels that she has something to do with Dermot’s murder. They go up to Jasper and find the needle that was used in the murder. Jasper tells Corcoran that Bessie will be mad like before. He says that Bessie was mad at Dermot for not paying for the tailoring that she did and says that Bessie ran and is not coming back.

They go to Garland and he tells them what Bessie did. He says that he told him that he was innocent and Corcoran says that they have to get Garland an alibi. At the whorehouse, Eve and Corcoran get “busy” and Eve asks him what he would do if he found the locket. Corcoran says that he would find Ellen. He says that he wants to know why if she says that she doesn’t want to be found. Corcoran goes up to Robert and tells him that he needs an alibi for Garland. Robert tells him that Garland was with him at the time of the murder. Corcoran pretends to have forgotten this and thanks him. The Captain, Sergeant, Maguire and Corcoran meet with Dermot’s daughter and tell her that her father hung himself. Maguire says that he is buying the stables from her and Jerry can live somewhere else. She agrees. Corcoran is shocked with Maguire’s offer. Jerry is released from jail and Garland walks into the church with Matthew.

Corcoran later goes to Elizabeth who claims to be reading Dicken’s latest novel. She says that she is most grateful for all that he has done. She kisses his cheek. Matthew takes Jasper to his home and tells Sarah that he is going to be living with them. She accepts the new guest and feed him some soup. Eve goes to see Madame Grendle and finds her dead. Corcoran and Maguire go to the scene and Eva says that one of her girls needed her service. Corcoran goes home and finds Annie there. She tells him that she is attracted to him and he tells her that she doesn’t need to offer herself to men anymore. She says that she understands. He takes her to the coachman and tells him never to bring her to him again. Annie apologizes and the episode ends.