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The Empty Locket - Recap

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The scene opens with O’Brian talking about how Maguire is going to ask Molly to marry him and says that Molly is not the married type. Suddenly a prosthetic leg flies through the whorehouse window. It is Robert who is in an argument. Molly goes up to Eva and tells her that she needs to give the locket to Corcoran. Eva tells her that she knows that Molly lied to her about Madam Grendle. She tells her to not tell Corcoran that she ever had it. She tells her that she won’t. Corcoran is drinking when Molly comes in and Corcoran says that they can’t do this again. He sees that she has the locket. She tells him that she got it from Schwarz. She tells him that he can relax now that he has the locket and proceeds to undress. The next day, Corcoran tells Maguire that Molly gave him the locket and says that he wants to know what Schwartz knows.

Matthew has his Uncle Marcus come visit him. Marcus says that Sarah is beautiful and Matthew says that Marcus was undefeated in Boxing. Marcus says that he is going back to Africa, the Promised Land. He says that he is going to Liberia to create a name for him. Annie is trying to behave like a lady with Elizabeth’s help, but says that she wants to go back to Eva’s. She says that is the last place she will go. Corcoran talks to the townspeople and asks about Madame Grendle’s death. A woman says that she went to see her and asks for money. She tells them that Grendle had a ledger. Every man is in that book. O’Brian says that Mary Lockwood, Grendle’s sister is in town. At Matthew’s, Marcus says that Jasper can be a Boxer, but Sarah says that he needs to leave Jasper be. Corcoran and Maguire go see Mary and she tells them that she doesn’t have any ledger and says she works too much at the Mission and had no time. She asks why it is such an important case. Corcoran says that he is interested in more than the murder.

At the church, the Bishop tells the Morehouses that he heard from Winnie that Robert and Norton are planning to buy up all the land in Five Points. He says that he will keep quiet if they agree to level Five Points Dims. Robert gets irritated and says that is extortion. Norbert tells him that he will fix the problem. Robert can’t believe that Norton is going to give up on this and Norbert says that the Bishop is the problem, not the plan. At Elizabeth’s, Annie is eavesdropping and wonders who she is meeting. Corcoran looks through Grendle’s things and finds pieces of parchment in the fireplace. Annie runs up to Corcoran and tells him about scary men at Elizabeth’s. He goes with her to the house and Elizabeth says that the man was the man who is building Winfred’s tombstone. She tells him that Annie shouldn’t be in Five Points. Corcoran sees a chess board and Elizabeth offers to help. Corcoran goes to Matthew’s and Marcus talks about his boxing career. Matthew examines the note and reveals that the Bishop wrote a note to Grendle.

Corcoran takes the note to the Captain and tells him that the Bishop let the note burn. The Captain tells Corcoran to leave the case alone, but Corcoran says that it is murder and they can’t allow it to end. He tells him to go home and move on. However, he tells him that he can’t. Robert and Corcoran meet the next day and Corcoran says that the Bishop sent letters and money to Grendle. He says that someone from the church is hiding something. Norbert comes in and asks Corcoran about his case. Corcoran says that the Bishop has had rumors and says that he needs to start with him. Robert tells Corcoran to be careful and asks whose name Corcoran is looking for. Corcoran goes to the nun at the church and asks about the Bishop. She tells him that she can’t help him. However, he convinces her to tell the truth when he brings up the fact that she is working for Protestants. She says that a maid is involved.

Matthew checks out a kid and Marcus tells him that he is cruel. Marcus tells Matthew that he is going to be a King in Africa and asks him to swear on his father’s grave that he will allow him to meet with Robert Morehouse. Maguire waits in the alley for Molly. He questions her about the locket and she tells him that she should have given it to him. She tells him that she won’t hold the truth from him again and proceeds to pleasure him. At that moment, Mary Lockwood goes off wondering around the town. Corcoran and O’Brian go visit the Bishop and Corcoran hits him with his can. He asks about his relationship with Madame Grendle. He denies it as Corcoran beats him. O’Brien pulls Corcoran off of him when he doesn’t reveal anything about the ledger. They leave him there beaten. Corcoran tells him that everyone is going to know who he really is. Annie is over at Eva’s and tells her that Corcoran is smitten with Elizabeth. Annie says that Corcoran doesn’t care about the hair color of a woman and says that Molly’s hair is a different color. Eva is interested in that news.

Corcoran interrupts the editor for the Tribune while he is having his way with Molly and tells him that he has a story for him. Marcus meets with Robert and they talk about the boxing legend Marcus was. Marcus says that he has Jasper who can fight and says that he will train him. Robert says that he likes the idea and says that Jasper could lose the fight and line the pockets of Marcus. Corcoran meets with two suspects and tells them that he will start swinging if they don’t talk. Maguire follows Mary and eventually gets caught. He tells her that they are looking for the murderer of her sister. She bids him good day and walks into a store owner. She pulls out the ledger that Corcoran is looking for and extorts money from clients of her sister. At a bar, Corcoran and O’Brien drink when the now Senior Editor for the tribune walks in and offers to buy a round for them. Corcoran doesn’t like to celebrate because he still doesn’t have the ledger.

Corcoran goes see the Captain and Norbert and Robert Morehouse come in and congratulate Corcoran. Maguire asks Molly to marry him and gives her his mother’s bracelet. He tells her that she will pawn it to get her a proper ring. Maguire goes up to Corcoran and tells him that he is supposed to consider all the possibilities and that someone could have stolen the locket from his house. However, Corcoran doesn’t know where to start. However, Maguire does and they go to Schwartz. He tells him Ellen gave Madame Grendle the locket to buy food for Corcoran and her daughter.

In Eva’s room, Eva learns that Molly has no intention on marrying Maguire. She walks over and tells Molly that she knows about her pleasuring Corcoran. She slices her throat. Eva tells George that Molly cut her own throat. Maguire walks back with Corcoran and Corcoran throws the locket into the lake. O’Brien comes over and delivers the news to Maguire of Molly’s “suicide” and he breaks down. The episode ends.