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La Tempête - Recap

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The scene opens with a fight between two men. Corcoran acts as referee as Marcus and Jasper watch on. Marcus tells him that they are going to show Jasper that he is more than what he thinks he is. Matthew shakes his head. After the fight, Robert says that that their man won. A man named Roderick comes up and tells Corcoran that he heard that Corcoran killed his brother. Corcoran tells him that Roderick’s brother was robbing a bank. The gang tries to beat up Corcoran, but he escapes. At the Morehouse’s place, Elizabeth reads the invitations to the Gala. Norbert doesn’t like that it is going to be in his home until Elizabeth tells him that his name is first on the invitations. Robert is impressed with Elizabeth. She leaves smiling.

Maguire and O’Brien are playing cards with Shamus, O’Brien’s brother-in-law. He loses his hand and asks O’Brien for a loan. He gives in. Annie puts make-up on her doll’s face and hears someone at the door. It is a Confederate Soldier and he is invited into Elizabeth’s home. O’Brien and Maguire search Shamus’ room and find an invitation to the Morehouse Gala. They find a map of the inside of the Morehouse home. They wake him up and Corcoran asks him if he is with the Roger Gang. They hold a kettle of hot water above him and Shamus tells them that he was asked if he knows the inside of the Morehouse home. Corcoran says that he has to warn Elizabeth. Maguire and Mary are walking and talking about what they should do. It is clear that they have history. Mary tells him that they should run away together and he kisses her.

Corcoran goes to Elizabeth and she tells him that she is going through with the Gala and that she is sure that everything will be alright. At Matthew and Sarah’s place, Marcus starts training Jasper and Sarah is not happy about it. Elizabeth goes over to the Captain and says that she needs security. The Captain tries to tell her that his men are not available when she doesn’t offer any money. She says that he has an invitation and he changes his tune. She says that Corcoran needs to be in charge of security. Corcoran and Maguire talk and they realize that the Roger Gang will be a lot. They go through the Morehouse home and Corcoran says that they will have enough to stop the Gang. Maguire reveals that he is engaged to Mary Lockwood and Corcoran asks about Molly. Maguire says that they all don’t dwell on the past and says that Corcoran shouldn’t judge. Corcoran says that they have to make the right choice and says that Maguire doesn’t know love. Maguire stands up and tells him to move on from Ellen.

The Sergeant tells Corcoran that he will be joining him. At Matthew and Sarah’s, Jasper is getting better when Marcus tells Sarah to come outside. He looks at Sarah and says that she looks like his wife. Sarah stands up and tells Marcus that he reeks of alcohol. He tries to kiss her and she smacks him. She runs and locks herself in the other room. Jasper comes in and starts to fight with Marcus. Later that night at the Gala, the Sergeant is standing out front when the Captain arrives. He tells the Captain that he wanted to keep a sharp eye out. Corcoran is inside watching the money box and making sure that it is always in his sight. Elizabeth comes up and welcomes Corcoran. Annie comes up and asks which is prettier on the inside and outside. Corcoran tells her to play with the other little girls and she tells him that there are only grown men. Maguire waits upstairs standing watch.

Downstairs, Eva tells Corcoran that no one will talk to her despite her being a business owner. She says that she bought her way in. She tells him that she can’t wait to pull his clothes off. Robert is approached by Annie and asked to dance. He obliges and then stops when she tests to see if his “thing” is standing at attention. She tells him that he was with her at the Brothel, but was too drunk to care. He tells her not to lie and Annie asks who he trusts more. Annie tells Robert that she doesn’t need a childhood. Annie tells him that Elizabeth was with a Confederate Soldier. The party continues and the Captain says that he is turning in. A young man comes up and says that there is a lot of money and Corcoran sees his boots. Robert vouches for him. Elizabeth tells Robert needs to dance. Eva goes up to the bank manager for a loan and uses her “charms” to persuade him. They go off to an empty room. Robert tells Elizabeth what Annie was saying and she tells Robert that she was meeting with a man to run a drive to help the Union. Robert says that she is playing both sides and she says that they just want the madness to stop.

A carriage approaches and the police stop it. However, it is just potatoes. They allow the cart to move on its way. Back inside, Eva tells Corcoran to come to bed once he is done. Elizabeth approaches and she pretends to be friendly. Elizabeth asks Corcoran to dance. Corcoran tries to dance with his hurt leg and tells her that he has been smelling her smell of fresh flowers all night. Annie watches them dance. After the Gala, O’Brien, Maguire, Corcoran and the Sergeant ride off to deposit the money. Matthew gets home to find Marcus in the corner. He has been beaten up. He blames Jasper and says that he went crazy. Matthew asks if Marcus touched Sarah. He says that he did and Matthew tells him to go find Jasper. Matthew convinces Sarah to open the door for him and he hugs her. Corcoran and the rest of the squad take fire and run around to avoid the Roger Gang. However, they are surrounded and the box is taken from a rival gang. He tells them that he is safe as long as they don’t fight him.

The Gang gets the box to Roderick and asks where the money is. He says that was lied to and stabs Roderick. Shamus is back home and O’Brien tells her all about what Shamus was doing. Later that evening, Robert is walking when Corcoran walks up to him. He asks where the money is and Robert gestures to his prosthetic leg. They deposit the money and meet for drinks.

Robert tells Corcoran that Irish McGinnis is all set for fighting Jasper. He says that Marcus already said that Jasper is going to take a dive. Corcoran tells him to be careful. Corcoran asks Robert what will happen if he dies before knowing who killed his girl and what happened to his wife. Robert says that he will be dead and won’t care at all. The episode ends.