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Arsenic and Old Cake - Recap

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The scene opens with O’Brien at the dentist’s office. Dr. Devry tells him to take a breath of the Ether. He calls in Ethel and she sees that he has been dipping into the Ether again. She asks him which tooth to pull and she does so. However, it is the wrong tooth. Devry smacks Ethel. At Eva’s Corcoran wakes up and meets with Maguire. He asks him about Mary and he says that they are good. Maguire tells Corcoran that they have a dead dentist. It turns out to be Devry. The Sergeant is there on scene first and robs the dead Devry. A woman found the body and tells the Sergeant that she was there for a filling. He realizes that she has no clothing under her rags and she tells him that she didn’t have any money to pay for it. He says that he can help her, but is interrupted by another officer. He tells her to get out of there.

The officer tells the Sergeant that Ethel, Devry’s wife, took the kids away and the Sergeant suspects that Ethel killed Devry. He takes some fruitcake and wine. He tells the officer to get Ethel and take her to the station. The Sergeant finds the Ether in the cupboard and then suddenly vomits. He has been poisoned from the fruitcake. He falls over and dies. At Elizabeth Hatherford’s home, she meets with a priest to teach Annie. Later, Marcus and Robert Morehouse wait for the fight between Jasper and the Irish man. Matthew goes into Jasper’s tent and tells Jasper that he is not to win this fight. Marcus overhears this and tells him that Jasper wasn’t supposed to know that yet. Marcus is told that he is not welcome and Matthew tells him that the people will kill Jasper if he wins this fight.

At the Coroner’s Office, O’Brien and Corcoran wait for the results. He says that it was arsenic. Corcoran doesn’t seem to have any remorse over the Sergeant’s death. At Elizabeth’s home, the priest comes out of the room and tells her that Annie cannot be taught. Annie comes out and quotes the scripture of Lot’s daughters and how they slept with their father. Elizabeth asks what Annie’s problem is. She wants to help her. However, Annie takes it as an insult and pushes her. She tells her that her husband seemed to like her just fine. At the fight, Matthew tells Robert that Marcus lied and that he has no intention of throwing the fight. Robert says that he will make it work for him. Marcus comes up and pretends that everything is fine. Corcoran meets with Katherine O’Casey and she tells him about how Devry cheated on his wife. He thanks her for the information. A man watches and than quickly closes the door. Corcoran sees the spilled Ether where the Sergeant threw up.

Annie is over at Eva’s place and she tells Annie that she has been given a great opportunity with Elizabeth, but Annie wants to learn only things that Eva can teach her. Corcoran continues searching around Devry’s home and finds rat poison in the food case. O’Brien and Maguire welcome Ethel. She runs for it and fights off O’Brien. They catch her and take her into the station. Corcoran visits Matthew and asks what compound is in the fruitcake compared to the rat poison. He asks for $5 and Corcoran asks for a free consultation. At the fight, Marcus asks for the payment that they agreed on and Robert says that there will be plenty of time later for that. Eva visits Corcoran and tells him that Annie is miserable at Elizabeth’s. Corcoran says that Annie is not going to get the right training from whores. She tells her that he will make this up to him. Corcoran goes in to interrogate Ethel. She tells him that she didn’t kill Devry and that the rat poisoning must have been a mistake. She says that she can’t lose her boys.

Back at the fight, Jasper continues to win the fight and Marcus sees the look in Jasper’s eyes. O’Brien says that he can hear Corcoran thinking over that Ethel is not their killer. Corcoran and O’Brien go to the Bakery and the Baker says that he has never seen Ethel. Maguire goes to meet Mary and finds a man leaving her house buttoning his shirt. He goes inside and questions Mary. She tells him that he was a delivery boy. Mary says that she thought that Maguire loved her and why can’t he trust her. He says that he trusts her. Corcoran goes to the building where Devry’s home is and has the tenants make their mark. They go to the landlord, Mr. Lungsford and he signs his name. Corcoran recognizes the handwriting and it is a match. He quickly slams the door and O’Brien kicks it in. At the station, Lungsford says that he gave Devry the cake but didn’t know that it was poisoned. He says that the butcher, Ellick, gave it to him after he yelled at him.

Corcoran and O’Brien visit Ellick and he tells them that he didn’t know that the fruitcake was poisoned. He says that he was given the fruitcake. He says that he has been fornicating with Ethel for months. It turns out that Devry gave him the cake. Back at the fight, Jasper continues to beat up the Irish man and Marcus is clearly scared as to what is going to happen if he wins. Annie is taken back to Elizabeth’s and she thanks Eva for bringing her back. Elizabeth tells Annie that she is done and says that she has called Annie’s father, Mr. Riley. However, she says that he is not her father. Annie cries and tells her that she will behave, but he takes her away. Back at the fight, Jasper is winning and Robert calls over someone. The referee knocks Jasper out when Jasper is about to win. Robert has Jake McGinnis win the fight. Maguire gets to the bar and O’Brien and Corcoran tell him that Devry poisoned himself. They laugh about it.

Later that night, Matthew sets Jasper’s jaw and says that he can rest now. Robert gives him a ticket so that the mob doesn’t kill Jasper. He tells him that he is going to be able to depart to Halifax in the morning. He gives Matthew the money that belonged to Marcus. Matthew gives it to Jasper. Corcoran goes over to Elizabeth’s and she tells Corcoran that she gave up Annie to her family in California. Corcoran gets up to leave and Elizabeth tells him that she didn’t mean to cause him pain and tells him that Annie isn’t his daughter. He realizes that she is right and says that he didn’t tell her goodbye though. Elizabeth kisses Corcoran and he and her start to get “busy”. The episode ends.