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The Hudson River School - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth humming. Corcoran is in her bed. He asks about Annie again and she tells him that she is back with her family. He tells her about Riley and how he forced Annie to be his wife. She realizes that she did a bad thing. Robert Morehouse finds out that the war is coming and says that there are Confederate spies in Cincinnati. Corcoran goes to town and a man in the crowd tells the gathered that there are spies. Sybil, O’Brien’s wife, is clearly scared. Elizabeth tries to go see Annie, but Riley wants nothing to do with it and tells her to leave his property.

At the Morehouse home, Norbert holds a meeting and a man named Kennedy says that New York has made itself a target. Robert takes an interest in him, but not for the right reasons. Maguire goes to see Mary and sees that she was hit. She tells him to leave her be. He asks a boy who hit Mary. He says that Jeremiah McLean hit her. He goes to a shop and asks for McLean, but he is gone. A new officer, nephew of the dead Sergeant, arrives at the precinct. His name is Byrns and O’Brien is training him. Corcoran tells him to be careful and O’Brian says that he smells of Rose Water and he realizes that Corcoran was with Elizabeth last night. Matthew asks Sarah if the mail came and he says that she looks ill. She vomits.

Riley gets to a barn where Annie is chained up. She tells him that she has learned a few things that will make him happy with her. He unchains her and she grabs a sickle and kills Riley. She goes to Five Points and wakes Corcoran. She says that she killed Riley and says that she is going to hang. He reassures her that she is not. Annie says that Elizabeth gave her to Riley. Matthew tells Sarah that she is pregnant. They are happy. Later that night, Maguire goes to see McLean and he says that Mary has Grendle’s ledger and she is blackmailing everyone who paid for abortions. Maguire goes to the house of Mary’s, but she isn’t there. Elizabeth goes to see Robert and she tells him that she needs to have him talk to Corcoran and tells Robert she lied to him about where Annie went and Robert tells her that she has to tell Corcoran right away.

The next day, Elizabeth tries to go to Corcoran’s, but he is gone. Sybil storms into the police station and tells O’Brian that she heard of a telegram that said that there are spies among them. He tells her that he can’t do that and she tells him that he needs to do some detective work. Eva is in charge of Cosette’s old brothel and Kennedy is with Robert there and he is clearly drunk. Robert says that he blames Lincoln for his leg missing. Kennedy’s associate watches and he says that it is fine. Later, Corcoran is at Riley’s and he throws his body to the pigs. Matthew says goodbye to Sarah and she tells him to go to work. A message boy comes and gives Sarah a note. She is affected by it and brings the boy inside. O’Brian goes to the Captain and asks him if there is anything that is true of the telegram. He says that he needs not to worry about that and to be quite.

Sarah shows the letter to Matthew when he returns and it is pictures of blacks being beaten. She says that it is a warning for them to go back. However, she doesn’t know where to go back to. He reassures her that it will be alright. Robert gives Kennedy some Opium and says that he knows that there isn’t a brothel where he says. Kennedy’s French accent goes away and he shows his true intentions. He says that there are associates that will burn New York. He shows Robert that they have liquid when exposed to air, ignites. They call it Greek Fire. He is clearly scared of such a thing. Corcoran goes to Elizabeth’s and asks which is more expensive and he cuts it. He tells her that he will cut her if she ever lies to her again. She tells him that she understands.

Corcoran goes to Eva and says that Elizabeth gave Annie back to Riley and therefore, not a friend. Eva says that society women don’t concern themselves with things like that. She says that she would have slit Elizabeth’s throat. They kiss and Corcoran says that he doesn’t want Annie home alone. Eva says that Maguire is there drunk and that he needs to be taken home. Corcoran gets in to find Maguire naked with a bottle in his hand. He says that something’s not right with the way Molly died. Corcoran asks about Mary and Maguire says that she is dead to him. He says that she ran off to England. Robert takes the Greek Fire to Matthew and he is told that is some dangerous business.

Later in the evening, Corcoran gives Annie a bath and she thanks for the dress afterward. He kisses her head goodnight. Eva comes over and they get busy. Annie watches from the stairwell. Elizabeth goes to see Robert and tells him that Annie has Corcoran possessed. Robert tells her that they have a lot in common while Corcoran and her do not. He has her try some Opium and it calms her down. They look at one another and she kisses him. He kisses back. At the same moment, Maguire waits outside a building and watches a light turn out. The episode ends.