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Better Times Are Coming - Recap

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The scene opens with a man standing outside a building announcing the elections are about to begin and for them to vote for Lincoln. A fight breaks out. O’Brien takes Byrnes out to a field and tells him to chase a sheep. He trips over a mound of dirt. However it is something else. Robert Morehouse and Elizabeth see each other in the streets and she tells him that she has an appointment for tea. He says that they can go back to his place, but she says that she has to keep her promise and Robert says that he will confront Corcoran about intimidating her. He invites her to dinner.

Corcoran sees Matthew why he is there at the station and Matthew says that Robert showed him Greek Fire and that Robert is into something and that he could be smuggling in something. He tells him that Sarah is pregnant and Corcoran says congratulations. He tells him to go home and enjoy the day, but O’Brien and Byrnes come in and tell them that they found a body. It is Mary Lockwood. Maguire says that Jeremiah McLean killed Mary. Corcoran says that Maguire needs to go home and realizes that Byrnes is to go with him. Annie talks to Eva and says that Corcoran bought her a dress and hints that she is sleeping with Corcoran to Eva. Corcoran and Byrnes visit Sim, the owner of the hardware shop where McLean co-owns. He says that he hasn’t seen McLean and doesn’t care. Sim says that Maguire was there a half an hour ago.

Maguire goes to the Coroner and says that he needs the bullet from Mary’s body. He tells him go find a salon. Maguire stick his gun in the doctor’s mouth and says that he will be back tomorrow for it. Later, Kennedy comes over to Robert’s and tells him that he needs the money for their associates. He tells him to come back later for it. The voting continues and O’Brien gives free drinks to rig the votes. Eva tells Corcoran that Annie has some strange ideas in her head. Robert gets to his office and Corcoran is there. He asks about the business venture involving Greek Fire. Robert brings up how Corcoran intimidating Elizabeth and says that Elizabeth cares for Annie just like he does and says that he can’t threaten an innocent woman. He tells he understands and then asks about the Greek Fire. Robert tells him that he is involved with people and tells him that he will wait to know more and will give it a consideration to tell him.

Byrnes and Corcoran go to the place where Mary’s body was and then go to the doctor. He gives him the bullet that Maguire threatened him about. McLean’s wife gets back and Maguire is about to take her gunpoint, but sees an officer. He retreats. Corcoran goes to Sim and asks about McLean’s gun. Corcoran goes to up to Maguire and says that he has been lying to him. Maguire says that he is taking too long. Corcoran restrains him and Maguire says that he needs to see the man who killed Mary. Corcoran allows it. They see McLean and Maguire catches him first and kills him. Corcoran asks why he did that and he says that he ran. Maguire says that they solved the case. Corcoran tells O’Brien that something doesn’t sit right with him and says that he will have to talk to McLean’s wife about this. She tells Corcoran that McLean has been up in Buffalo for a while. She tells Corcoran that Mary had a ledger and that she was blackmailing him.

Sybil asks O’Brien about the telegram and O’Brien says that it is nothing. However, she is not convinced. Norbert talks with Elizabeth and they get the news that Lincoln won the election. Elizabeth thanks Norbert for his hospitality and says that despite making Slavery abolished, the people won’t think so. Robert tells Elizabeth that he talked to Corcoran for her. Kennedy comes over and Robert tells Elizabeth that he won’t take long. Kennedy tells Robert that New York will burn. They travel to the associates who have the Greek Fire and they load up wagon.

Eva tells Corcoran to come dancing, but Corcoran says that Maguire lied to him about McLean running off with Mary. Eva says that Molly was afraid of Maguire because he was abusive. She also tells him that Annie confided in her that Corcoran sleeps with her and tells him that he should give Annie to the nuns. Back with the wagon, Robert takes off the horse’s horseshoe partially and walks back to the wagon as if nothing was done. He gives the money to the men and Kennedy and Robert ride off. Sarah is cooking and Matthew wonders where she learned a song. She laughs. Corcoran goes to Matthew and asks him to give his opinion. He takes him to the body of McLean and asks if the same bullet that killed Mary killed McLean. Matthew takes out the bullet in McLean and finds it broken. However, it is a match nonetheless. Corcoran watches Maguire’s place and leaves Byrnes to be a lookout.

On the road, the wagon carrying the Greek Fire has to stop. Robert stabs the wagon and points it out to Kennedy. They run off and the wagon explodes. The next day in the New York, the city is desolate. Annie tells Corcoran that she added Rose Water to Corcoran’s clothes. He tells her to get out of his wife’s clothes and says that she is to go to school. Byrnes goes up to Corcoran and tells him that Maguire went to Earle House, the home for Batty women. Corcoran asks the front desk where Maguire went to and she is not willing to give information. He fights off the guard and asks the woman why Maguire was there. She says that he was there to see his wife, Mrs. Maguire. She shows Corcoran to her, but Corcoran recognizes her. It is his Ellen! He asks her if she recognizes him. She doesn’t say anything and he shows her the musical pocket watch. He tells her to remember him and she turns her head away. Corcoran puts his head on her lap and cries. The episode ends.