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A Day to Give Thanks - Recap

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The scene opens with a man singing in the streets. Corcoran watches as Matthew tends to Ellen. It has been two weeks and Matthew says that it was a tough drug that the Earle house had her on. Annie comes downstairs and asks Corcoran how things are. Corcoran gets to the station and O’Brien is not too happy to go hunt down Maguire. He says that he doesn’t want to be there when Corcoran finds him. At a church, the priest finds the badge of Maguire. Corcoran goes to Eva’s and asks about Maguire. She tells him that he is not there. She asks about Ellen and he says that she will come back to her senses. Eva starts to undo Corcoran’s pants and he tells her that he has to go. He apologizes to her and asks for her help to watch over Ellen. She agrees reluctantly.

Kennedy meets with Robert and says that they can strike again, but Robert says that they cannot strike until they have the backing of New York. Kennedy tells him that they can go after his father, Norbert, but Robert says that he stays out of it. At Eva’s it is dinner time and she proposes a toast. She says that it is good to have family there and that is far different then her life in Prussia. One of the men mentions Molly and they toast to her memory. Corcoran goes to see Maguire’s mother and she tells him that she hasn’t seen him. Norbert, Robert and Elizabeth meet and talk about the politics of the day when John, Edmond and Brutus Wilkes Booth come in. Elizabeth says that it is going to be great to see all three Booth brothers on stage performing Julius Caesar. At the station, the Captain meets with Corcoran and tells him that his men have better things to do and that it is enough. Corcoran tells him no and pins him against the wall. He tells him that the men are his and not the Captain’s. He tells him that he will find Maguire.

Corcoran goes home to find Ellen still in bed. At Matthew’s home, Matthew gets home to find a big feast. She says that she invited the neighbors over. She asks about Corcoran’s wife and he says that it is hard to know yet and that he doesn’t have the heart to tell Corcoran. At the Morehouse home, the men and Elizabeth talk about Lincoln and John is open with his disagreements. Norbert excuses himself and Robert asks him where he is going. Norbert tells him that it is a business matter. Robert says that it is rude to leave and Norbert tells him that it is rude to be drunk at a dinner party. Annie asks Corcoran why they can’t have a turkey for Thanksgiving. He says that this is as thankful as he feels. Annie prays for Ellen. Corcoran tells her that she is a good child. Norbert meets with Kennedy. He tells him that he knows about the activities that he is involved in and Kennedy tells him that he has the mind to expose Norbert and his trading to the Confederates, the enemy. They realize that they have a problem and Kennedy says that he needs cooperation from Norbert on this and money. Norbert agrees to the terms. He brings up Robert in the conversation too.

Corcoran plays the song from the locket and tells Ellen about it. She speaks and asks about the locket. She has a fit and Corcoran holds her down. Ellen speaks of a woman and says, “A locket for a life,” Corcoran wonders what she means. Eva comes in and says that she and Annie will keep an eye on Ellen. Norbert sends a telegram when Robert comes in and asks about the meeting. He tells Norbert that he knows that he met with Kennedy. Norbert excuses himself. Ellen gets downstairs and confuses Annie for Maggie. Eva corrects her and she apologizes. Ellen sits at the table and thanks them. Eva feeds Ellen. Robert visits Kennedy and tells him that he was supposed to leave his father alone. Kennedy says that it was business, but Robert tells him that he is lying. Kennedy tells Robert that he is blackmailing Norbert. Robert tells him that it was fun to see his father unnerved, but says that Kennedy needs to leave Norbert out of this and he will agree to help him. He agrees. Kennedy tells Robert that the meeting will be tomorrow.

Later that night, Corcoran goes to the jewelry shop and the owner says that Maguire came to him, but hasn’t seen him since. Corcoran pins him against the wall and the man start to call out to God. Corcoran gets the idea that the priest might have some information. Robert visits Elizabeth and tells her that she needs to forgive Corcoran because he is the only person he can trust. She tells him that he can trust her. Corcoran visits the priest and he talks about Maguire and where he could be. He tells the priest that he is hiding Maguire. The priest denies it. He puts his gun on the priest and demands answers. He tells him that he found Maguire’s badge. He says that Maguire comes in the evening and that if Corcoran wants to find him, then he will be around later.

That night, Corcoran finds Maguire and sits down beside him. He talks to Maguire about what church taught them and then brings up that Maguire needs to confess. He points his gun on Maguire and Maguire says that he killed his daughter and slept with his wife. However, that was just to get him some quick answers. Maguire says that Corcoran left his family. Maguire says that Corcoran and he are not that different. Maguire tells Corcoran that he will never tell what happened to Maggie because he made a promise not to. Corcoran puts his gun to Maguire’s head and he begs for death. However, Corcoran tells him that he will live with his guilt. Corcoran gets home to find Ellen up and Eva and Annie asleep. He yells at them to get out.

Corcoran goes up to Ellen and asks her if she killed their Maggie. She throws a fit and tells Corcoran that the noise and crying needs to stop. Corcoran asks about the noise and tells her that he can help make the noise and crying stop. Ellen says that she heard the cry of the baby that she aborted and that even though it was impossible, she still did. She eventually realizes that she killed Maggie when she walked in on her and Maguire having sex. She tells him that she pushed her over and she hit her head. Corcoran is crushed. He cries and wishes that he was dead. Ellen goes up to Corcoran and tries to console him. However, he pushes her aside. He hears knocking and the episode ends.