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A Vast and Fiendish Plot - Recap

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The scene opens with Robert telling Corcoran that he is going to meet Kennedy. Corcoran tells Robert that he has to take care of Ellen. Corcoran goes up to Eva and asks Eva a favor. He asks her to watch over Ellen and she agrees reluctantly again. The next day, Robert goes up to the men with the Greek Fire. Kennedy isn’t there. The police show up to the meeting place and Byrnes hits one of the men with his gun. Corcoran asks why Kennedy didn’t show up. Meanwhile, Kennedy and Norbert are in a basement somewhere and a chemist has made the Greek Fire for them. He tells him that they can make it right in New York. Kennedy is pleased and says that they are going to be able to kill around 10,000 people.

Eva takes care of Ellen and Annie says that Ellen just sits there twitching. Eva tells her that she needs to stop acting like an adult and that Ellen is Corcoan’s wife. She tells him that she has a chance at a real life and tells her that she will find herself alone if she continues. O’Brien and Corcoran arrest the men and Robert says that it is great and O’Brien tells him to enjoy it. Corcoran doesn’t agree with the celebration. Matthew tries to take care of Sarah and says that she may be sick, but it is a good sign. John Wilkes Booth meets with Elizabeth and asks about Robert and she tells him that she is not going to talk about intimate feelings with an actor. Elizabeth talks about John’s love for Lucy Hale. He says that her father is an abolitionist and it is not going to work. Elizabeth says that the war is ridiculous. O’Brien talks to the men they captured. He tells them that they will execute everybody of them until they get answers. When they bring in one of them, they get the answers that Kennedy has a rich man to make Greek Fire in New York. They show that they didn’t kill anyone.

Ellen comes downstairs and Eva asks how she feels. Ellen tells Eva that Corcoran is fortunate to have a friend like Eva. Matthew tells Sarah that she is going to check on a patient and Sarah tells him that she needs another cure and Matthew tells her that she will get better and that it is natural. He tells her that she will make the tea and she tells him to go to his appointment. Kennedy has the Greek Fire and they split up. Robert and Corcoran go to Robert’s home and they ask Adam, the secretary, if Norbert has been home. He says that he hasn’t. Corcoran asks about the message that Adam sent and he tells Robert that he knows that Adam is sending a message that at 8:30, there is going to have everything to start. Corcoran hits Adam’s fingers and Robert tells Corcoran to stop. He says that Adam will tell him everything he knows. At the hotel, one of Kennedy’s men gets a room with the Greek Fire. At Matthew’s, Sarah gets sick and sees a man in a wagon. On the wagon it reads “Miracle for All”. She runs off to catch him. Norbert gets home to find Adam’s hand hurt. Robert says that Norbert is a traitor. Kennedy comes up with a gun on Robert and says that he should shoot him.

Sarah takes the cure that she got from the man in the wagon and at Corcoran’s, Eva takes care of Ellen. She tells Annie to clean and she does. Eva tells Ellen that Corcoran stormed in like the devil last night. Ellen says that Corcoran found out some horrible things and Eva tells her that Corcoran never gives up. Ellen asks if Corcoran was happy and she tells her that he wasn’t. Corcoran goes into a hotel room to find nothing. Elizabeth gets ready for a night out and asks her butler if Robert is there. He tells her that he is not. She wonders what is keeping Robert. Norbert puts Robert in the carriage and tells him that the city will survive and it will be the good of New York. Robert asks when Norbert lost his humanity when Corcoran comes up and arrests Norbert and Adam. Later that night, Elizabeth is still waiting for Robert and decides to go without.

Matthew gets home to find Sarah on the floor unconscious. He finds the bottle. At the station, Byrnes comes in and Corcoran makes the plan. Maguire comes in and Robert leads the men. Corcoran tells him to leave and Maguire says that Corcoran needs him. He says that he has always been by Corcoran’s side. At the theater, the Captain goes up to Elizabeth and offers to escort her to her seat, but she tells him that she has a special seat. In the hotel, Kennedy starts to spread the Greek Fire around. Robert finds him and tries to stop him, but he escapes. Maguire tries to stop one man, but gets shot. Corcoran sees Maguire and Corcoran carries him out. The firemen manage to put out the fires. Kennedy goes to see Elizabeth and she tells him that he lied and tells him to run.

Robert talks to Norbert later in jail and tells him that Lincoln is not going to kill Norbert, but he is going to have to loose his business and relocate in the South. Matthew tends to Sarah when she wakes up. He reassures her that the baby is fine and that the miracle cure was 90% Water and 10% alcohol. Matthew goes up to the man selling the “cure” and punches him. He forces the man to drink his own “medicine”. He tells him to get out and destroys his stock. Elizabeth goes to Robert and tells him that she is her first hero. They embrace. Corcoran is told that Maguire tried to get the ledger from Grendle and he ended up killing her. He says that he went crazy at Mary when he found out about the ledger and he killed her. He says that he ends up killing the things he loves and says that he wanted him to know the entire truth. Corcoran says that they have all committed their amount of sins and says that it doesn’t go away.

Corcoran gets home and thanks Eva again. She tells him that she has grown accustomed. She tells him that he needs to tell his family that she is a whore. She says that she needs to find a man though. She kisses him and leaves. Corcoran goes in to check on Annie and Ellen. Both are asleep. Corcoran turns off the light and goes downstairs to tend to the fire. He has a lot on his mind. He pulls out the morphine from the drawer and shoots up. He hallucinates that his daughter Maggie is there again. She walks out the door and leaves Corcoran alone. The season ends.