Jacksonville, FL #1 - Cops & AMW Crossover - Recap

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(12:49 AM, Zone 1, Searching for Robbery Suspect, Officer Russell Johnson) A person has flagged down officers and told them he was just robbed. Officers are following a car with the victim in a search for the suspect. Once found, officers apprehend the suspect who says the victim wanted cocaine with the $10 that was stolen. The victim maintains that he was robbed and that the suspect told him he had a gun. Upon further investigation, it is verified that the victim was robbed.

(7:28 PM, Jacksonville Beach, Fight in Progress, FTO Eric Shaughnessy) Officer Shaughnessy is responding to a fight in progress involving a large number of juveniles in a parking lot. It is the 54th annual opening of the beaches. Officers have all surrounding agencies en route for assistance. They plan to clear the lot and close it for the night. Officers estimate over 300 people are there and have made 6 arrests. At the station, officers begin to process the individuals arrested.

(10:46 PM, Zone 1, Suspicious Activity, Officer Russell Johnson) Officer Johnson responds to a call of a man dressed in camouflage jumping over a fence. The fence secures a parking lot of a nursing home which has been robbed before. Upon arrival, the suspect is found stuck on the fence he was trying to jump. Officer Johnson and John Walsh cut the man down and he is arrested. The suspect says he was visiting a friend. While being searched, the man says he has been stuck on the fence for about 45 minutes and thanks them for rescuing him. A man comes out of the nursing home and says he knows the man and he's a drunk. He tells the police that he doesn't want him to come back and they issue a trespass warrant. The suspect is taken to jail for disorderly intoxication.