Jacksonville, FL #4 - Recap

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(11:58 PM, Zone 1, Robbery in Progress, Officer Linda Morgan) A robbery stakeout has identified a robbery in progress. Upon arrival, Officer Morgan sees a man attempting to rob another man in the bushes. The victim says he was just sitting there and the man came up to rob him. The victim claims the suspect had a pipe he was trying to swing at the him. The suspect says the man was talking about his mom and had the pipe first. The suspect is arrested for armed robbery and aggravated battery.

(5:22 PM, Zone 3, Assistance Call, Officer Bill Dobscha) Officer Dobscha responds to a call about an alligator in a backyard. The resident was on the phone and noticed his cat was acting weird. He looked out the window and saw the alligator at the door nose to nose with the cat. A group of men come to remove the alligator which is about six feet long and six years old.

(12:03 AM, Zone 4, Open Car Sting, Officer Scott McNeil) Officers in a sting operation are waiting for suspects to steal a decoy vehicle. A female enters the vehicle and officers begin the takedown. The woman maintains that she never touched the vehicle and has never seen it before. She later admits that she was going to take the change out of the console.