Jacksonville, FL #3 - Recap

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(9:48 PM, Zone 5, Assistance Call, Officer George Daunhauer) While en route to a domestic assistance call, Officer Daunhauer spots a fight. One man has tried to break the window out of the other man's car with a brick. The two men are cousins, and one agreed to give the other a ride in exchange for $5. When he did not get the $5, he kept the other man's cell phone.

(10:16 PM, Zone 1, Assault in Progress, Officer Joseph Rusin) Officers have received a call about an assault in progress. Upon arrival at the scene, a man is observed pushing his girlfriend. The man says he is just trying to use the phone to find out if she is cheating on him. The female says he was pushing her because she was trying to get the phone. The man is arrested for domestic violence.

(9:52 PM, Zone 4, Shooting Call, Officer Attila R. Kocs) Officer Kocs is responding to a call in which a cab driver has been shot multiple times. The man has been shot in the neck and shoulder. He cannot feel his feet or legs but is conscious and talking to officers. Two men who fit the description of the perpetrator have been apprehended and tested for gun shot residue.