Jacksonville, FL #2 - Recap

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(10:23 PM, Zone 4, Assistance Call, Officer Shawn Pringle) Officer Pringle assists on a call where a woman has been beating a man. The officers get stories from both sides and the female is given a trespass warrant. After the formalities, the man goes on to show Officer Pringle his snake collection.

(10:46 PM, Zone 1, Street Patrol, Officer Russell Johnson) Officer Johnson spots a disturbance and stops to see what is happening. When he starts to ask questions, one of the men starts to act funny and tense up. The other man tells the officer that he paid the man $10 to buy some marijuana, but the man told him he only has crack cocaine. The officers find the cocaine but not the $10, and the man is taken to jail for possession.

(7:50 PM, Zone 1, Assistance Call, Officer Patrick J. Meyer) A woman has placed a call to 911 to tell them she is locked inside of a bank. The bank had closed at 5:00 PM but she fell asleep drunk in the restroom. Officers are unable to locate a bank worker who can let them in, but a man from the cleaning crew eventually shows up to let the woman out.