Jacksonville, FL #5 - Recap

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(1:49 AM, Zone 2, Burglary in Progress, Officer Robert Adams) Officer Adams responds to assist another officer on a burglary call. The owner of the location was going in to put up some lights and saw a man and woman trying to leave. He used his truck to try to block them in and they ran into the front of it trying to get away. Another officer saw it happen and called it in. He then apprehended the male suspect. A K-9 unit was used to apprehend the female, who was still on the property hiding in a van.

(8:45 PM, Zone 4, Street Patrol, Officer Scott McNeil) Officer McNeil has spotted a vehicle that is believed to have been used in a string of armed robberies. When he attempts to stop the vehicle, a chase ensues. The suspect bails out of the vehicle and a foot chase begins. The man tries to change clothes but a woman who lives in the apartment complex sees him and identifies him to officers.

(7:56 PM, Zone 4, Disturbance Call,Officer Scott McNeil) Officer McNeil responds to a call to assist another officer with a disturbance at a gas station. The man claims the other man sold his girlfriend a fake gold necklace for $40 a few days ago. He then tried to sell him a gold necklace, so he called the police. The man said he only wants him to understand that he shouldn't be lying to people like that.