Jacksonville, FL #6 - Recap

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(3:31 PM, Organized Crime Unit, Sting Operation Briefing, Multiple Officers) The organized crime unit is setting up a sting operation to catch drug sales at a gas station. They then move locations and attempt to catch a seller at an apartment complex whose name is Champ.

(10:22 PM, Zone 2, Assistance Call, Officer Mickey Mitaly) Officer Mitaly is responding to a call to help assist a woman who has raccoons in her chimney. She has already tried to call wildlife control. The raccoons are trying to get through the flute, and the woman's Doberman is trying to get them. Officers are eventually able to get the raccoons out of the chimney.

(1:48 AM, Zone 1, Traffic Stop, Officer Russell Johnson) Officer Johnson spotted a man picking up a prostitute and pulled him over. The man says they have been friends for a while but he doesn't know her name. The woman admits to being a prostitute but tells the officer she just wanted a ride but didn't think he would give it to her because she didn't want to date. Since no deal was made and both parties corroborate stories, both parties are set free.